10 Unusual Sports in Indonesia (#6 is Unique)

Do you like sports? Whichever kind of sport that you like, if you done it regularly it will definitely have a positive impact for your physical and spiritual health. One of the most favorite sports in the world is football. Football will not only make you physically trained, it will also train your brain,  increase social interaction,  and can make […]

15 Popular Sports in Indonesia You Must Try

Sport is something eminent in our life and Indonesian are sport enthusiast even since 1960s. People have a high interest towards sport, either directly engage in sport activity or just watching it as a passive sport lover. From all of kinds of sport, there are some most loved sports by Indonesian assessed by the public […]

Camping in indonesia – Best Places to Camp

Indonesia is lucky to be a country that’s located on the Equator line, the wealth of the sea, the beauty of the beach, the tropical forests and the diverse animals that live here. So it would be nice to also get closer to nature with camping. Below will be explained the recommendations for camping that […]

Rafting in Bali – Best Places for Rafting

One of the most popular water sports for tourists from both foreign and domestic is the sports activity of Bali rafting. So many enthusiasts in rafting activity went to Bali to experience it for many things. Like guaranteed safety and security, service factors, the availability of instructors and river characters that are perfect for beginners. […]

Rafting in indonesia – Best Routes – Rules

For rafting enthusiast, a fast-flowing river is a challenge to be conquered. We all should be happy because Indonesia has a number of rivers that should be traced with a rubber boat. Despite the rainy season and many overflowing rivers many people still try to do rafting activity, and as a result, valuable information in […]

Badminton in Indonesia – History – Achievements

Badminton is a popular game in Indonesia. This game is very easy to play. Because we only have to hit the shuttlecock and drop it into our rival area to get a poin. You can play this game one on one or maybe in a team. Every team consist with two womans, two mans, or […]

15 The Biggest Stadiums in Indonesia (4# is Spectacular)

Stadium is a building generally uses to hold sport events and concerts. There are field or arena surrounded by standing and sitting places for spectators. Modern stadium often has no roofs on the tribunes. However, there is also the stadiums which still use roof above their tribunes. Its similar as stadium dome. On the other […]