15 Useful Guides to Do Scuba Diving in Bali – All You Need to Know

Hello everyone, back again to the island of Bali to talk some more about the wonderful attractions of interesting activities you can do on this very island. So, aside from telling you about some beautiful attractions on our previous lists like the must see things in East Bali, best attractions in Pandawa, and others, now we want to give you some tips about an interesting thing, the scuba diving.

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Bali is perfect location for that activity, especially because there are magnificent spots that you can not find in the other areas. But first, do you know the meaning of scuba diving? Scuba diving is different from diving (free diving). The main difference that can be seen from both of them are the use of diving equipment. In scuba diving, you require to use some additional equipments, but you don’t need one when you want to do the free diving.

All those equipment, the important ones will be mentioned in a section below. But before that, let’s take a closer look at the other tips in useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali as you can see below :

Best Places to Learn Scuba Diving

For the first one in useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali, we want to share the information about the places that you should visit if you interested to join in the scuba diving activity. There are some things that you should learn first like how to breath properly, how to float, and the others. So, these are the best ones on the list :

1 – Flying Fish

As the first place on the list of best place for learning how to scuba diving, we want to introduce you to the Flying fish. This place is really suitable for anyone who wants to learn about diving in the area of capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. They could find it easily  around the South Jakarta area.

In here, the customers will be guided with the dive course. They will get complete information from the class like complete training, starting from the theory that will be introduced, then the practice, and also the final “test” is diving into the real sea. About the price and additional info, you should check their official website.

2 – Matahari Tulamben Dive Center

The second location is the Matahari Tulamben Dive Center, which located on Bali island. It exists in a location that famous for underwater scenery, Tulamben. However, from the outside, you can see that this Matahari Tulamben Dive Center is actually a resort. But aside from enjoying the room services, you could also take some diving lesson.

This place offers classes that suitable for both people who are still new to diving to the pros. So even the pros still need some information for their greater diving experience. This location can also serve the diving equipment rental service, so the visitors don’t need to worry about them. You can also get some sertificates if you want.

3 – Belajar Diving.com

A place that uses the name of its website is the next place for learning one or two about scuba diving. You can find the Belajar Diving.com courses in two different locations. One in Bunaken and the other one in Bali. They picked those two places because they are famous for the wonderful corals that still look great in one piece under the sea.

Aside from being guided by the professionals in the world of free diving and scuba diving, the people can also get a place to rest in a resort-like location not far from the beach. Other than that, once you finished your lessons and master all of them, you can join in the alumni community where sometimes they held the random trip, tour dicing, to some popular spots in Indonesia.

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4 – Manta Dive

Besides Bali, the other place that looks so much greater for diving and scuba sport is Lombok. In this area, you can find a place for learning how to dive in a place called Manta Dive. Taking the name of one animal speciment in the sea, Manta Ray, this place is giving the people a lot of useful information about diving around exotic locations in Lombok.

They offer an helpful guidance even for the people who still have exactly zero information about swimming and diving. You can join the open water class if you’re included as one. If you want to partake into some serious session, you can join in the advanced class. However, the Manta Dive is location in both Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. So make sure to pick the nearest one.

Best Locations or Spots for Scuba Diving

After getting a decent skill or capabilities that required for doing scuba diving, then the next step is to look for the best locations to do it. In the useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali, we want to mention some locations, such as :

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1 – Tanjung Benoa

The first location on the list that we’re gonna mention is Tanjung Benoa. Of course everyone would be very familiar with this. Tanjung Benoa is considered to be one of the greatest location in Bali. Why? Because in this area you can find so many kinds of watersport like banana boat, flying fish, and many more.

Actually, the place is also good for diving. But, the pros may not like this because the variation of corals and underwater specimens are lesser than the other areas because of the existence of tourists that come to this place every single day. So, this place is rather suitable for newbies.

2 – Sanur Beach

Next place that suitable for newbies is the Sanur beach. Just like the other location already mentioned above, Sanur beach is also a very famous location in Bali. Some even said that you trip to Bali wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Sanur Beach. However, there’s a thing that you should notice.

First, usually the people are rather doing something different from diving, which is an activity called sea-walking. So they will be equipped with some kind of helmet, a big one, then they just walk on the bottom of the ocean. It’s a difference experience from diving for sure, because you ain’t free and can’t explore the ocean fully.

3 – Tulamben Beach

Now let’s talk about the real deal. From this point to the fifth one, we’re gonna mention some locations that are the most suitable for doing scuba diving or the free diving. Usually the pros are gonna love these. So, let’s start with this beach that catching the worlds eyes because of a documetary about its beauty, the Tulamben Beach.

Many people know about this location thanks to the documentary done by American photographer about the underwater life of Tulamben Beach. Now, any one would know that Tulamben beach is one of the best location, especially because of its Bali Reef Divers. Also, the Usat Liberty shrinking ship would also become a spectacular location to explore.

4 – Nusa Penida

For this location, not everyone can join in the diving to Nusa Penida. Only the people who have a diving sertificate are the ones who able to explore the the underwater gem of Nusa Penida. So, we can say that this place is most suitable for people who can be considered as advanced or pro divers.

So, when diving around the area of Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan, you can witness a group of endemic fishes called Manta and Mola-Mola. They usually swim around the corals that exist there. This garden underwater has about 5-35 meters of depth, that’s why not usual people can visit it.

5 – Menjangan

In this fifth location inside the useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali, we want to introduce to you the Menjangan area of Bali. Exploring this area is always a fun thing to do, especially because the view that you’ll get in there is not dissapointing. The Menjangan area is still included inside the West Bali National Park.

That National Park is mainly focused on developing and maintaining the underwater life, including the biotas that live within. So as you may expect, you can see how beautiful the colorful corals, fishes, and sea anemones in their natural condition. Also if you want to spend days here, you can start booking a very nice resort that they have here.

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Of course, as mentioned above, you need some important equipments before doing the scuba diving activity. Those are :

1. Regulator and Octo

2. Wetsuit

3. Tank

4. Mask

5. Fins

6. Snorkel

Plus the other stuff like bouyancy compensator, computer, boots, gloves, and also gauge.

So that’s the topic about useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali, hope all the information above can help you to do the activity on the island. Make sure to stay tune at Facts of Indonesia for some more exclusive information about traveling tips, list of locations, and the other unique information about Indonesia. See you later!