13 Romantic Wedding Venue in Bali to Complete your Happiest Day

Wedding is a sacred moment that happens in everyone’s life. And every couple certainly has a place and concept of marriage that was dreamed of before. Wedding is a process of embedding the sacred promises that will be made by the bride and groom. Therefore, some people might want different places and venues for their […]

All 50 Facts About Indonesian Wedding

A relationship, is one thing that every person in this world should have. One can claim that they can live alone without anyone in their life, even for accompany them to sleep. Well, you sure that they are not lying? Of course everyone in this world, in every corner of the world need a thing […]

10 Steps How to Get Married in Indonesia for Foreigners

For couples who will get married, various preparations related to the marriage will be very time-consuming them. There are many things that must be prepared from the beginning, including the fulfillment of various mandatory requirements for the marriage itself. Moreover, for special couple who has different citizenship. Here are some tips how to get married […]

13 Rules for Getting Married in Bali

Due to the huge amount of attention that Bali is receiving from the world, many people would like to make it into a part of their special moment in life. The island is surrounded by wonderful people, unique culture, beautiful locations and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder that there are couples all over the world who […]

Javanese Wedding Culture – Procession – Ceremonies

Around 40% of Indonesia inhibitants are Javanese. This ethnic came from cities like Yogyakarta, East Java, and Central Java. Javanese ethnic well-known with the prudishness. The way they spoke, walked, dressed, and sat is totally different. Especially when you make a comparison with Bataknese ethnic. Well, the volume while talking is different. Javanese sound more […]