All 50 Facts About Indonesian Wedding

A relationship, is one thing that every person in this world should have. One can claim that they can live alone without anyone in their life, even for accompany them to sleep. Well, you sure that they are not lying? Of course everyone in this world, in every corner of the world need a thing called love. It’s crazy indeed the love, but it’s also one thing that worth getting and fighting for.

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If you happen to already have a partner with you, you can make her more happy if you choose to make an honest woman of her. Of course, the plan will be completed after some pre wed and wedding sessions. In Indonesia, the wedding can be more complicated, because in Indonesia, there are so many culture that needed to be respect. That’s why, many areas in Indonesia have their own unique tradition of wedding. Aside from that, what is the other facts about Indonesia Wedding. Let’s see them below :

1. Meet with each other’s family

The first thing first here, if you want to build better relationship, is to meeting your other family-to be for yout future. This sesssion is essential, because it can make the relationship between the parents and the doughter or son in law more stronger. Also, it can be useful for knowing the charcaters of the family

2. The Lamaran Process or Wedding Proposal

And then, after spending more time in each other families, maybe it’s time to do the wedding propose. In Indonesia, there will be this procession of lamaran which is the formal form of wedding propose. But before that, you can arrange an event of your own romantic proposal for your parner. She’ll be happy about that.

3. Choosing the wedding date

This activity is actually included in the Lamaran session itself, which also considered an important event. In some cultures in Indonesia, thew wedding date is very important. That’s why, it requires some methods to choose the correct date for your wedding.

4. Preparing some stuff during Lamaran

Before lamaran, the husband to be should prepare some stuff for the Lamaran. Usually, the stuff are the jewelry, accesorries, and othe things. All this stuff called Hantaran, which will be given to the family of the bride.

5. Doing Akad (for Muslims) or other marriage ceremonies

The most important session of a wedding is Akad in Islam. In Islam, Akad is really important beacuse it’s like passing the responsibility from the parents to the newly husband. Usually this is like the most emotional procession of all activities in a wedding.

6. Weeding Reception

And after doing the wedding ceremonies like Akad, it’s time to celebrate it with other people. All the people that have been invited will come to the place and make it more crowder. It’s the day of relieve and excitement. So enjoy it.

7. Things in Javanese culture : Pingitan

Starting from this session, we will go through some informations that can be found inside so many cultures in Indonesia. Starting with the Javanese culture, there’s the thing called Pingitan. This thing is somewhat mythical but also beneficial in the same time.

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8. Midodareni

And then there’s this nigh procession called Midodareni. This word Midodareni besically means Angels in English. This night so emotional, because this is like the last night the girl spending time with her family. In a room, the girl will properly dressed, and then family members come in to the room and tell her some advice for her future.

9. Flower ornaments

During the wedding, there are so many applications of flower ornaments on every corner, including the dress. The ornaments will make the place looks more good, and also smells good too. And it’s one of Javanese culture that one should do.

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10. Yellow Janur

Janur is like the symbol that someone is getting married in that place. So, no wonder that if you’re strolling around in the city and there’s a yellow Janur on the street way, then you should known that  there’s wedding there.

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11. Clothing that can make both a King and Queen for a day

Yes, the clothing used for the bride and groom look majestic. The wife and husband will be dressed as a King and Queen for a day.

12. Weddding in Minang Culture : Really majestic wedding

Well, Minang culture is known for having like an expensive wedding. But, behind that fancy wedding procession, there are a lot of fun within.

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13. Head ornamnets for the Bride

The bride is also using some kind of head ornaments that looks really beautiful. The ornament itself looks so crowded with golden colours.

14. The Golden decorations

The golden colour can be found on ever corner of wedding procession, including the accesorries for bride. Maybe this one resembles the fancy wedding itself in a simple way.

15. Also include Islam traditions in it

Because many people in Minag are muslims, they can not separate Islam tradition inside the wedding, even though the procession itself is like the traditional way of Minag wedding.

16. Sunda culture : Seserahan

The culture between Javanese culture and also Sundanese is aqtually quite the same. There are also some procession inside the Javanese that applied to Sundanese Wedding as well. There’s also Sesrahan in Javanese tradition.

17. Crown for the bride

And also, there’s some kind of crown that used by the bride, made of silver that looks wonderful with the additional jasmine flowers.

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18. Tana Toraja Culture : Based on the status of the bride

And we are ow switching to other culture, the Tana Toraja. There are different level of wedding based on the bride’s social status. If she has high status, then the weddins should be more fancy.

19. Dances in the wedding

The procession always includeds some dances inside, which can increase the atmosphere around.

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20. Balinese culture : Golden Crowns

In the Balinese tradition, both the bride and the groom will wear this kind of golden crowns. Also, some clothings also decorated with golden colours.

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21. The White Cloth

Before actually going to the procession, the goorm should pick up the bride. And the bride will wear kind of white cloth.

22. Rituals

In Balinese traditions, there are some traditional rituals that will be held during the wedding procession. Some people really love this, and capture the moments with their own camera.

23. Sasak culture : “The Kidnapping”

In Sasak culture, there’s the tradition of Kidnapping. What? Kidnapping? It’s not criminal thing, it’s like the visual of the husband who will take the woman out of her house to be his wife. It’s basically the first process in the wedding.

24. Negotiation

After that, there’s the negotiation between the groom and bride family about some stuff like mas kawin, and the procession of the wedding itself.

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25. Nyongkolan

And also there’s Nyongkolan activity, which is so fun to see. The bride and groom will hop on the horses, that made out of woods.

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Well, don’t look away from here yet, there are others waiting on the list that will be mentioned right below. To make the list facts of Indonesia wedding more complete with 50 of them, we also provided these other half for you. Take a look!

  1. Betawi culture : Pantun
  2. Pencak Silat
  3. Golden crown for the bride
  4. Headwear for the groom
  5. The usage of jasmines on the head wears
  6. Batak culture : Many rituals or processions
  7. That’s why wedding in Batak takes a long time
  8. Red head accesories
  9. Nias Culture : Mahar
  10. Known for expensive wedding
  11. Daya Culture : The processions inside the wedding proposal or Lamaran
  12. Panai Money
  13. The Social Taboos
  14. the myths in Indonesian wedding culture :
  15. The ripped wedding dress
  16. Marriage between Sundanese and Javanese people
  17. Marry first before the older sister or brother
  18. Washing hair during Saturday
  19. Not buying the used stuff
  20. Things one should prepare before the wedding :
  21. The place for doing akad
  22. Place for doing reception
  23. Decorations
  24. Catering and Make up
  25. Invitation letters and souvenirs

And that is the 50 in total, facts about Indonesia wedding. If you happen to be a foreigner, they must be really unusual for you, right? The weeding itself way more complicated than the wedding in your country maybe.

But, those things show us once again that Indonesia is indeed a rich country. No other country has so much culture as Indonesia. And the duty of the next generations, is to save the culture of Indonesia, and maintained them. That way, Indonesian culture would never die.