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17 Public Behaviour in Indonesia

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There are many habits of Indonesian people who become the main attraction for others, especially foreigners who think it is strange and inappropriate. Herewith general attitudes in Indonesia.


If for ourselves it is an ordinary thing to do. In fact, it has become an activity or everyday behavior, but in this case good behavior and also useful. Of the many behaviors and habits of the Indonesian people, there are some who become question marks for foreigners or unusual things. To find out here are some public behaviors in Indonesia that can be traced:

1. The Indonesian is Famous Friendly

Indonesians are considered to be friendly to everyone, either between people or others. Because of the goodness of many foreigners who are impressed and confused as to why there are people in this country that are kind and friendly like that. Therefore, many foreigners who feel comfortable and lingering in Indonesia, and do not feel afraid of things that threaten them. You should know admirable moral education in Indonesia.

2. Eating Behavior by Using Hands

In other countries, almost no one eats by hand, surely they use full cutlery. While in Indonesia, a lot of people who eat using hands, especially when eating rice complete with spicy sauce. No wonder the stranger gets confused when he sees it and feels astonished at it. They may think it’s a dirty and unhealthy thing.

3. Behavior Likes to Come True

These habits and behaviors are sometimes inappropriate to imitate. In fact, it is clear there is a bridge crossing, and signs are written in full, clear and large. However, because behavior often takes a trivial rule then it becomes a bad culture.

In fact, not infrequently from these effects, the perpetrator gets caught like being hit or scolded by other road users ie motorists or police. Hence parenting styles in Indonesia characteristics.

4. Lazy Behavior For Queues

One more public behavior in Indonesia which again – needs to be changed that is culture queued. Many cases can be found in various public facilities where everyone has a low level of awareness of the culture of this line.

Everything is felt fast, concise and instant, but do not ignore this queued culture into a good culture and orderly. Because of the key to success of a country that is from the habits of people who want to queue and orderly. Moral values in Indonesia you must obey!.

5. Less Interest in Reading Culture

Reading world is very important as the window of the world in knowing various knowledge and also information. This should be a concern because the lack of ask on reading many people of Indonesia to be less understanding of certain things that should be a reference in life.

More hearing and seeing than reading, therefore this downturn makes many social imbalances among the people of Indonesia. Common habits top fascinating Indonesian behavior.

6. Behavior Kissing Hands or Hoping Before Going

This behavior has become a habit for the people of Indonesia. From small we have been taught by parents to kiss hands to people older than us, especially parents. It’s like asking for blessings to keep our activities outside running smoothly.

This behavior I have applied. Almost every outdoors to move, always kissing the hands of parents asking for blessings and prayers for the activity went well. Habits and unique eating customs in Indonesia.

7. Saying Greeting Before and After Exiting Home

In Indonesia, the majority of people are Muslim, this behavior must be done because as already taught in religion. And this behavior is also a courtesy. This greeting behavior is always done when you want to go out or enter the house. And when visiting other people’s homes also do it. Herewith cultural habits in Indonesia.

8. Smoking Habit Behind

Something like this often happens, in public places, people smoke carelessly and do not see the conditions around him. Though the behavior is disturbing others who do not like to smoke cigarettes. Not only annoying but also harmful if passive smokers inhaling cigarette smoke, it is very detrimental. Especially for small children or babies. Here they are reading habits in Indonesia.

9. The Trash Removal Habits are out of place

Lack of public awareness to throw garbage in place is what causes frequent flooding during the rainy season and the environment becomes dirty. Garbage scattered on the streets, rivers, and lakes that should be a reservoir of water when the rain in the disposal into a garbage by the community. Get used to throwing garbage in place to keep clean and healthy environment is also comfortable.

10. Burp Up Front Public

Belching is a natural thing done by humans, but if it is done in front of many people such behavior is not natural. Looks impolite, and impressed you do not understand the ethics in the common room. It is good to hold or try to burp in a hidden place so that this does not make you shy and not confident. Sample characteristics & habits amazing facts of Indonesian people.


Public Behavior in Indonesia other that can be observed in the activities and daily habits – namely:

  • Not talking when eating because it is less good in eating and drinking ethics. Although there are so many people who while they are eating they are talking, keep in mind that it is not good. Supposedly if we want to talk, finish first our food then just talk.
  • Praying before and after meals is an Indonesian people’s custom. As a Muslim, we are always taught to read a prayer before doing any activities including before meals. It has become a habit taught from childhood by parents, teachers, and families.
  • Respecting older people, as younger people, we have to respect the elderly. As taught from childhood, if we are talking to an older person language speech should be more polite than we are talking to peers.
  • Saying Thank you, this often forgets to say when we borrow goods or be given help by others. Maybe it’s a trivial thing but if we thank the person who helped us or we borrowed the goods, that person would be happy to give us his help and feel appreciated.
  • Religious, attitudes, and behaviors that are adherent in implementing religious teachings that are adhered to, tolerant of the implementation of other religious services, and always live in harmony with the followers of other religions.
  • Able to be tolerant and respect each other, to religion, race, and ethnicity. This became a habit of the people of Indonesia hang long believed to be a characteristic of a cultured and dignified nation.
  • Has a high patriot spirit and nationalism. So whatever the interests of the nation and state will be defended to the very end. That is one meaningful word of the nation of Indonesia nature to keep the peace and tranquility of the country.

Thus the explanation of public behavior in Indonesia, there is a good side and there is also a bad side. But all that remains a thing that should be a lesson to be better again. Might be useful.

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