13 Things You Can Only Find in Bali

Bali is indeed Indonesia’s paradise, there are many interesting things that are also fun to meet. You can do activities related to holidays, travel and other unique things.

In Bali, many local and foreign tourists feel a different aura, ranging from typical building shapes, delicious food, amazing tourist attractions and many more.

Apart from all that, in Bali, you will find many things that are not only interesting but also unique in ethnicity. Hence that things you should not miss in Bali.

For example, other temples from other buildings, beautiful Balinese souvenirs, and tourist attractions with exotic nature and several other things. To find out what things can make you curious, here are things you can only find in Bali:

1. Watch a fight Using Pandan Berduri Leaves in Tenganan Village

You can watch the holy ritual of fighting between young people in the village of Tenganan by using thorny pandan leaves, this event is held once a year, this ritual is known as the Pandan War. This ritual was held as a form of respect for Lord Indra, the god of War. And like the war in the kingdom, they also used shields made of woven bamboo.

This ritual is very much requested by many people, both local tourists, and foreign tourists. So, don’t miss this ceremony when you are in Bali. Some examples of things you can buy in Bali.

2. See the dead body lying on the ground in Trunyan village, Kintamani

Culture and customs of the people in Trunyan Village, Kintamani have a unique burial tradition, where they do not bury or burn corpses (Ngaben) in the style of Balinese Hindus in general.

However, the habit of the corpse was simply placed on the ground surrounded by Taru Menyan trees. Uniquely surprising, the bodies did not cause odor, even though they looked creepy. It is said that the fragrant Taru Menyan tree neutralizes the rancid smell of corpses there and becomes a unique attraction for foreigners.

3. Watch a mass kissing festival at Banjar Kaja Sesetan, Denpasar

Other things you can only find in Bali are habits and also a mass kissing tradition or more commonly known as Omed-omedan, delivered a day after Nyepi celebrations by Banjar Kaja villagers in Sesetan village, Denpasar. Local youth couples will take turns to go forward to kiss and other residents will try to attract and encourage.

Then there will be village elders who come to wash them with water until they are wet. This ritual is believed by local residents to be able to prevent their village from being attacked by an outbreak of disease with the aim of being a traditional tradition that must be done. Some important points about things you should never do in Bali Indonesia.

4. Mass Trance Ritual at Petilan Kesiman Temple, Denpasar

One more tense ritual is the Pengrebongan ritual held at the Petilan Kesiman Temple, a few days after the Kuningan celebration. This ritual is unique because during the procession many Penyungsung Pura (Hindus) experienced trance.

At the same time, dozens of people experienced trance and suddenly shouted hysterically, danced, and thrust kris into their chests, uniquely they were not hurt in the slightest. Almost the same as the Kuda lumping ritual, belief and mystical aura that follows the ritual.

5. The excitement of the Ogoh-ogoh Parade

The next thing you can only find in Bali is the Ogoh ogoh parade. Usually carried out the day before Nyepi Day or called Pengrupukan Day, Balinese Hindus will parade the giant scary-faced statues aka Ogoh-ogoh, surround the village and city streets.

Ogoh-ogoh is a representation of the character of Bhuta Kala or the evil giant. There are also “eccentric” Ogoh-ogoh creation forms, for example, cartoon characters that seem to be creepy but still smelled of customs and culture. Where should I stay in Bali Indonesia, following are recommendations for lodging places that are favorites?

6. Nyepi in Bali, Super Silence without Pollution

Only in Bali, all activities stop completely for one day to commemorate Nyepi Day. Hindus are forbidden to work, abstain from traveling or having fun, and are prohibited from lighting fires and lights. Making the streets very quiet when Nyepi.

You can enjoy the fresh air without pollution and the starry night sky only on Nyepi day, even on the lighting path, the lights look out.

7. Galungan day where Bali is decorated with thousands of Penjor

Generally, on Galungan Day, every road and building will be filled with various kinds of unique decorations using bamboo as the medium, commonly known as Penjor.

Penjor is interpreted as a form of expression of human gratitude for the welfare that has been given by the Creator. So do not be surprised if the ingredients used to decorate are produced from the produce of Balinese agriculture and plantations. Here there are facts and interesting culture in Bali you shouldn’t miss to see.

8. The religious ceremony for Hindus in Bali

One more thing you can only find in Bali is the religious ceremony that is practiced almost every day by the Hindus to organize religious holy rituals.

This ritual is filled with activities of Balinese women carrying offerings on their heads, listening to sacred songs from a number of temples around, and even seeing canang (offerings) decorating the front of their houses and even on the road. A unique and sacred ceremony has become a culture as well as a compulsory ceremony for Hindus in Bali, it looks attractive and also beautiful.

9. Watching the Ngaben cremation ceremony in Bali

An example of a form of ritual burning in Bali known as Ngaben is a form of liberating the human soul to return to the Creator. The Ngaben ritual is very unique with the existence of replicas of the Meru and the Ox buildings included in the cremation procession.

Even some of the Ngaben processions that were held were quite large by making them with dozens of meters high, with a large and luxurious cost.

Like one of them in the Puri Ubud family environment is often the center of attention of tourists in Bali, and very amazing. Next place and also fun and interesting activities in Bali mostly recommended.

10. Maintaining a cute Kintamani dog

One thing you can only find in Bali that is quite adorable is the Kintamani dog. This type of dog is one of the dog breeds that has been recognized by the world and has become an indigenous animal from Kintamani, Bali.

The characteristics of this dog are that it has thick fur and is easy to adapt to cold weather, this dog at a glance is similar to a typical dog in Japan or Hachiko.

There are many more about things you can only find in Bali, like some of the explanations below:

  • In Bali, you can see other uniqueness such as Mola Mola or Sunfish, which are in Crystal Bay, the most popular diving spot on Nusa Penida. These Mola-mola fish will usually appear between August and the end of October for sunbathing and foraging.
  • Lovina Beach is the only place in Bali that offers experience to witness dolphin attractions directly. If you want to see the attraction of this dolphin, then you must depart from Lovina beach from 06.00 – 07.30 WITA. Because if the sky is clear, dolphins will usually immediately move away from the shoreline and move to another location.
  • The next thing you can find in Bali is to do the ritual of purifying yourself in Tampak Siring, Tirta Empul Temple. You can pray and wash with water flowing from the 13 showers in the bath. Hence the most and top famous delicious food in Bali Indonesia, you must try it.

Thus an explanation of things you can only find in Bali, hopefully, be a recommendation for those of you who want to find something unique and also interesting in Bali.