13 Things You Should Not Miss in Bali

Before you will decide to go on holiday to Bali, it would be nice to know what fun places to be used as a place to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali. Make a list of places, locations, what types of activities you will do, so that your vacation can be spent on the right destination, so it is not monotonous and boring. You must pay attention to the following rules, are things you should never do in Bali.

There are lots of fun things and you can’t just miss it while you are on vacation in Bali. Things that are definitely interesting, fun and even test your adrenaline by doing fun activities.

Not just walking around, enjoying the beach or just on vacation, Bali has many cool places that can be used as objects to relax, relax and so on. So, for those of you who want an atmosphere of calm, tense, or cheerful then don’t miss the following. To find out what it is, here it is things you should not miss in Bali that you must do:

1. See the sunset

One example of activities you don’t miss while on vacation in Bali is to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Moreover, seeing it directly from the scenery on the beach, there are many beaches that can be used as a place to see the sunset.

Very beautiful of course, especially accompanied by dear people, family, and friends. So, don’t miss to spend your vacation enjoying the sunset while enjoying other available facilities. Hence the following about interesting things to buy in Bali souvenir recommendations.

2. Activities on the beach

Things you should not miss in Bali next is that you can walk around enjoying the scenery and also the beauty of the beach in Bali. Many beautiful beach recommendations also have amazing white sand.

When you walk and walk around the beach don’t forget to use sunblock and glasses, you can also use the view on the beach to take pictures. Capture the moment of your vacation while visiting the beach in Bali.

3. Traveling around Bali with a motorbike

The next activity you can do in Bali is to drive around the city using a motorbike. You can rent a motorbike offered at each hotel, or you can get it through the rental place. While you are traveling on a motorbike, do not forget to use a helmet and also carry motorbike documents.

You can enjoy the beauty of the city of Bali, or also tour the villages in Bali. Of course, this is very pleasant, knowing the culture, habits and also the form of the Balinese house that is amazing. Know some interesting culture in Bali you shouldn’t miss seeing.

4. Do Yoga

If you are going to Bali to relax and relax, then you can try doing yoga. There are many types of yoga that you can get in Bali, with professional instructors.

You can do yoga in a place that is quite beautiful, comfortable, quiet, like in the open, on the beach, in a hotel that provides a special room to do yoga. Yoga does have many benefits for your physical health as well as your soul, so it is perfect for you who do need peace and comfort. A brief description of the amazing history of Yoga in Bali you have to know.

5. Enjoy Balinese specialties

Following this, things you should not miss in Bali are by trying the food as well as typical Balinese island menus. There are many types of Balinese food, beverages, and snacks that are delicious, healthy and unique to try.

You can try it in a restaurant, on the roadside, or in a place that does provide a special Balinese menu. Guaranteed you will feel happy to try it again, there are many foods like betutu chicken, satay, rice dishes and side dishes and so on. So it’s suitable for those of you who like archipelago culinary tours. You can try all the fun and interesting activities in Bali mostly recommended.

6. Do water sports

In order for your vacation in Bali to be memorable, then you should try to water sports. Because Bali has a beautiful beach, of course, there are lots of water games that can be done, ranging from the usual to the unusual. You can try snorkeling, diving, surfing and so on, of course, you can order several packages to do the activity. And it is definitely done with expert and trusted instructors.

7. Enjoy a Balinese massage

After you walk around, take a walk, also play on the beach, of course, you feel your body needs special care. There are several body treatments that you can do, such as a Balinese massage.

Besides being healthy, massage by experts will make you relaxed, and also comfortable. You can even move the next day with enthusiasm and a fit body. You can do this treatment at the hotel where you are staying, or you come directly to some spa and massage treatments in the city of Bali.

8. Enjoy the beauty of the Balinese temple

Things you should not miss in Bali next is that you can walk around to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the temples in Bali.

There are several places in Bali that have beautiful temple buildings which are also impressive, examples such as the Uluwatu temple, the Tirta Empul temple, and many others.

In that place, you can see many forms of worship buildings as well as temples which are quite historic for the Balinese people. In addition, you can take beautiful photos in every corner of the amazing temple. Here are the recommendations for menu choices and also top famous delicious food in Bali Indonesia.

9. Shop for Balinese souvenirs

Once satisfied to enjoy all the beauty of the city of Bali, then don’t forget to buy some souvenirs as memories for friends, relatives.

There are a lot of souvenirs in Bali that are unique, beautiful, attractive and also very cheap prices. You will be guaranteed to be satisfied and want to buy it again, there are many souvenirs that can be bought either at the sales center, in the shop, and also merchandise vendors on the beach or the road.

10. See dolphins on Dolvina beach

Not complete if you are on vacation in Bali if you don’t see dolphins directly on Lovina beach. One activity that things you should not miss in Bali, you can rent a fishing boat to be able to see dolphins swimming around Lovina beach, the ticket price is quite affordable.

It’s great if you can interact and take pictures with a group of dolphins, the more interesting it is not vacationing on the island of Bali?. You know the history of surfing in Bali, of course, this is important.


Apart from the explanation above, there are things you should not miss in Bali that you can do while on vacation in Bali:

  • You can visit parks in Bali such as safari parks, Tirta Gangga parks, and many others. A beautiful and fitting park for those of you who want to spend a vacation in a cool place.
  • Trying the hair braid treatment, there are many services that offer to do hair braids with cute models. You can try it at an affordable rate, usually, workers do hair braids on the beach, while relaxing and also sunbathing.
  • Furthermore, things that you can enjoy in Bali, namely watching the Kecak dance performance, are very beautiful and also interesting because the scenery that is served together with sunset. Very cool and amazing.

So some examples are also explanations about things you should not miss in Bali, hopefully, useful and be your reference while in Bali.