Top 13 Popular Celebration in Indonesia

Each year, Indonesia has its own special occasions that call for massive celebration. Due to the diversity that exists in Indonesia, there are many popular things that Indonesians are eager to celebrate. These celebrations have been around for years. Here are the 13 Popular Celebration in Indonesia which Indonesians love to celebrate every year.

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1. Independence Day

The Independence day in Indonesia is widely celebrated by everyone in Indonesia. It takes place on every 17th of August. From the beginning of the month throughout the end, there are so many activities that the citizens participate in. There is a march line, a marching band and most importantly the flag raising ceremony in the morning. Moreover, there are also games and contests that people can join in to earn prizes. You may read about Indonesian Independence Day Celebrations

2. New Year

New Year marks the beginning of a new life. Indonesians also like to celebrate the New Year. Weeks before the celebration begins, one might find so many street vendors beside the main roads. They would sell different varieties of fireworks and firecrackers. Children are fans of these things. For the young adults, they enjoy having parties with their friends at midnight. They also count down the minutes for when the clock strikes midnight. When New Year comes, fireworks are seen exploding in the sky everywhere. Read more on how they celebrate it in New Year celebration in Indonesia.

3. Eid al-Fitr

Another popular celebration in Indonesia is Eid. Muslim celebrate the end of the holy month greatly. Those who live in the city will pack up their bags and head home in the village. They go by public or private transportation. Traffic jams are quite terrible during the pilgrimage but people are happy because they are going to meet their family in the village. Moreover, people hold feast and visit each other’s house during the celebration. Read more about Eid in Indonesia

4. Christmas

Christmas is also celebrated in Indonesia. When December hits, most stores or buildings in Indonesia would get their decorations out. They would decorate their places with Christmas ornaments and fake Christmas trees to thicken the festivity atmosphere. When Christmas comes, the Christians would go to church for their service. There are choirs and live music performances everywhere. You may want to know about Christmas in Indonesia

5. Kartini’s Day

The next one is Kartini’s Day. Kartini was a woman who led the female emancipation movement in Indonesia. The day takes place every April 21 each year. For the celebration, children are usually dressed in costumes for a small parade. They would get dressed up in traditional clothings, representing each region in Indonesia. The parade will go around the neighbourhood for a short amount of time. You must read Kartini Day Celebrations

6. Remembrance Day

Indonesians have Remembrance Day. The celebration takes place on November 10 each year. On this day, the people celebrate the Surabaya glory over the colonizers that happened in 1945. People would hold small theatrical performances that depict every event that took place during the war. It serves as a reminder for the Indonesians to never forget their history. Most importantly, it is a form of appreciation for the heroes and veterans who fought in the war.

7. Birthday

Birthday is a huge celebration in Indonesia. Some people celebrate it in extravagant ways. However, for most Indonesians the tradition still stays the same. When someone has their birthday, their friends would pour flour, eggs and other things until the person is wholely covered from head to toe. But some people would just hold big parties for their friends and families.

8. Wedding

Another popular celebration in Indonesia is wedding day. A wedding day in Indonesia is seen as sacred. It may take a year of preparation. The wedding celebration could happen for some days or within the span of a month. People celebrate their wedding day with their friends and loved ones.

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9. Mother’s Day

Indonesians also celebrate Mother’s Day. The national day for Mother’s day is 22nd of December. During the celebration, people would show their love and appreciation towards their mothers. Some schools may also hold events for mothers and their children. The children will wash their mothers’ feet with warm water. This action usually brings a lot of tears to the mothers as they are touched by their children’s’ love.

10. Cap Go Meh

This next celebration is celebrated by the Chinese in Indonesians. Cap Go Meh is the celebration for the Chinese New Year. It lasts for days after the Chinese New Year. There are festivals during the day. Moreover, lanterns are light during the night. People enjoy the celebration especially watching the lanterns at night. Read more about Chinese New Year Celebration in Indonesia.

11. Batik National Day

Batik is an authentic fabric from Indonesia. It is one of highly valued heritage originating from the country. Due to that, it has its own day for celebration. The Batik National Day takes place every October 2 every year. It coincides with the day of when UNESCO declared it as a masterpiece. Indonesians celebrate this day by wearing batik from their heads to their toes.

12. Online Shopping National Day

Indonesia has Online Shopping National Day every year. The date for the special day is December 12. It is often shortened to Harbolnas. People all over Indonesia anticipate this day as there are many discounts for items online. Online shops may offer high discounts for their products for days. Some may even offer free deliveries.

13. Teachers’ Day

Indonesians give a high respect for teachers. They are often called the parents at school. Thus, people celebrate when the Teacher’s Day comes around in Indonesia. The day takes place every 25th November. Students all over Indonesia express their gratitudes toward their teachers through reading poetry, small theatrical act or singing songs together.

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Every year, Indonesians are so eager to celebrate these events. They won’t mind spending a lot of time on planning and participating with the community. Indonesians are highly social people and these celebrations are believed to strengthen the relationship between the people in Indonesia from every region in the country.