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15 Most Spiciest Dishes in Indonesia

by Tri Agustina

Talking about Indonesia, it’s not enough by knowing only the history and heritage. Because there are many features of Indonesia that will make anyone be amazed and feel at home. There are diverse tours available in Indonesia, yet a choice of typical foods that are so tempting. Hence the must eat dishes in Indonesia that you should get.

There are various types of Indonesian food that are recommended to try, ranging from ordinary snacks to specialty delicacies. Of course, everything is healthy, easy to obtained and surely tastes good. For those of you who want to learn a lot about Indonesian culinary deserves to try it, here are some recommendations for most spiciest dishes in Indonesia:

1. Fried Rice

Fried rice can be your first choice if you have to cook it yourself. The cooking method is simple; first, you need to puree the garlic, onion, chili, then saute all of them. Next after the fragrant aroma comes out, then put the rice. Add salt, soy sauce (optional) and whatever you like; it can be green onions or other vegetables. For the last step, you can add fried eggs. That way, you can enjoy this simple yet cheap dishes. Here the spoil your tongue with these popular dishes in Indonesia.

2. Fried Noodles

The most spiciest dishes in Indonesia are fried noodles. How to cook fried noodles is almost the same as cooking fried rice. The only difference is on the basic ingredients. Here we use garlic, shallots, you also have to put a little pepper and candlenut for a more solid taste. Next step is whatever that will be easy for you. You can add eggs, mustard greens, carrots, chilies, bean sprouts, leeks, small pieces of chicken, or sausages. Create anything in accordance with your taste. Besides having a good taste, the price is also quite affordable.

3. Soup

Not only warm, but the soup is also a portion of healthy food. Because in general, soup contains vegetables with a variety of colors and nutritional content. All you have to do is saute the mashed garlic. After that, you put water or chicken stock then add vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, potatoes, beans, mushrooms, corn or other vegetables. Soup is also believed to protect the body from flu and fever. The following are typical dishes in Indonesia you should know.

4. Potatoes Meatball

Usually, this menu is presented as a loyal friend of soup, but the meatballs are also delicious to eat with chili or bottled sauce. The step to make it is very easy. First, peel and cut the potatoes into small pieces, fry and puree. Also puree garlic, onion, a little sauteed pepper. Then fry until browned. This is a good snack to supply your energy because it is made from carbohydrate-rich potatoes. It tastes delicious when it’s eaten with vegetables plus gravy sauce or eaten right away.

5. Balado Egg

Next, the most spiciest dishes in Indonesia are Balado Eggs. The protein content in eggs is high enough so that it is good for cell regeneration and defense of your body. The method is simple enough: puree garlic, onion, and red chili (mix with chili if you like it spicy). Then puree also some tomatoes. Saute the spices, after cooking then saute tomatoes, add a little salt and sugar. And finally, put the eggs that you have pressed or boiled. Next, it is ready to be served along with warm rice. The appetizing side dishes of Indonesia.

6. Tempeh Penyet

The next spicy foods is the easiest to cook besides tastes healthy and affordably cheap. Do you know anything about tempeh? That’s right, tempeh is made from soybeans; therefore, the protein content in Tempe reaches 20% of its weight. You only need to fry tempeh, tofu, eggplant, or other foods you like, then set aside. After that, make the onion chili sauce. Don’t forget to serve it with warm rice. Tempeh has high nutritional value and it is good for health.

7. Teri Sambal

When financial conditions no longer allow you to buy an expensive food, there’s no harm in switching to a blend of simple and healthy flavors that are quite tempting. Try a menu of anchovy or dried fried salted fish combined with various types of chili sauce (can be chili sauce, tomatoes, soy sauce, shrimp paste or whatever you prefer) or cooked with chili sauce together. Although it is regarded as simple dish, anchovy has a high protein and calcium content, as well as high vitamin C content in chili that you use for chili sauce.

For spicy enthusiasts, this one choice should not be missed, it is very tempting for your appetite. Hence the traditional Balinese dishes you must try.

8. Sayur Asam

The most spiciest dishes in Indonesia are Indonesian vegetable tamarind soup. Tamarind soup has a variety of nutritional content because it has a variety of ingredients. The ingredients you can easily get from around are only corn, peanuts, long beans, pumpkin, and eggplant. Just boil the water in a pan, add the acid, salt, sugar, and slice the onion to taste, then add other vegetables. Enjoy the tamarind vegetables soup with fried tempeh and chili sauce as well as other vegetables.

9. Gado – Gado

When you don’t have money, it doesn’t mean you are reasonable to consume unhealthy foods. Gado-gado is one of the healthy foods that you can enjoy even you are out of cash. Prepare vegetables like lettuce, potatoes, bean sprouts, cabbage or look for other valuable sloping vegetables. Next buy economical packaging bean spices that are already available. Boil potatoes, cut into pieces and cut all other vegetables.

Place all of the vegetables in a plate then pour peanut sauce on it. Gado – Gado has rich fiber and also vitamins needed by the body. The Christmas food in Indonesia with authentic taste.

10. Pancake

Who doesn’t like pancakes?. Its soft texture, the smell of butter and milk. If you are not too hungry but craving to eat delicious sweet snacks on a limited budget, the best advice is to eat pancakes. You only need to collect ingredients such as flour, liquid milk, and butter, then you have fulfilled three basic needs for making pancakes. Stir until soft all three ingredients, add a little sugar and salt. Pour little by little over the sticky pan.

Then the next step is up to you, you can apply honey, chocolate jam, or strawberry jam, or you can also add banana slices on top of your delicious pancake stack. It tastes quite delicious and is also healthy.

The list is not over yet, the most spiciest dishes in Indonesia that you can enjoy besides those mentioned above are:

  • Spaghetti, it has a fairly high content of vitamin C and A. To make the sauce healthier yet economical, you can boil the tomatoes, then remove the skin and seeds, next puree it. After that, sauté the spices and add the tomatoes and oregano. Boil the pasta while pouring the sauce. The must try foods in Surabaya East Java.
  • Crispy white fungus, this snack is quite healthy because mushrooms have a high nutrient content in protein and carbohydrates. All you have to do is mix the mushrooms into seasoned flour, then fry until crisp. Enjoy with your favorite chili sauce or chili sauce.
  • Sandwiches, this food will make your day more energetic. Besides being tasty, this food is also easy to make. Prepare two slices of plain bread, tuck fried eggs in the center, also add slices of tomatoes, cucumber and sprinkle just a little salt, pepper, cheese, and a little sauce if you like. Hence what to eat in Jakarta Indonesia traditional Food.
  • Pudding, which is good food and rich in fiber. Cook agar and jelly, mix with milk or fruit. Put it in the mold, enjoy your cold pudding with Fla. Most delicious is served in cold conditions.
  • Smoothies, is a beverage that are easy to make. Choose the fruit you like (strawberries, bananas, avocados, apples, oranges, mangoes, etc.) then add yogurt or liquid milk, add little amount of honey or sugar to taste. Then puree with a few pieces of ice cubes, Your delicious and healthy drink is ready to be enjoyed .

Thus are some examples of the spiciest dishes in Indonesia that can be selected in your daily menu. These variety menu may be your favorite after you tasted it.

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