16 Reasons Why Indonesia is The Happiest Country

Being a safe country is certainly not enough, in addition to being safe it must also be able to make the residents in the country feel happy, safe and peaceful. Indonesia is one of the country that is able to guarantee the safety and happiness of the residents because it is a prosperous country and democracy. Hence the things you must not do in Indonesia during Ramadhan.

For some foreign tourists, Indonesia is one of the countries of paradise where everything can be obtained at cheap prices and there are also many interesting things that can be visited or enjoyed. Here are some things you need to know about the reasons why Indonesia is the happiest country:

1. The community is prosperous

One of the reasons why Indonesia is a prosperous country is the people who live in harmony and also tolerance. The life of Indonesian people who are known to be friendly and helpful still can be seen today. Therefore, this country is a country full of diversity in terms of culture, people and religion. Thus, prosperous society can create a safe and peaceful state atmosphere. The list of unique traditions in Indonesia during Ramadhan.

2. Indonesia is a country of heaven

Many foreigners that visited Indonesia says that they feel like they’re in the heaven. Everything are fun and easy to do. The friendly people, a sufficient economy and a compact life between people are the heritage of this country. In addition, religious attitudes are quite strong and coexist with tolerance. Such as how the attitude of deliberation taken for the sake of mutual interests, there are still many interesting things that can be done in Indonesia. Some of what is needed by the community can be fulfilled completely and easily.

3. Anything can be found in Indonesia

The reasons why Indonesia is the happiest country is the easy access to get anything. Positive things like education, necessities of life, religious life, socializing and so on. All of those are still available in Indonesia, where children still strongly respect their parents. How culture and customs are used as one of the bases of good behavior in society. So that the Indonesian people continue to maintain noble values whenever and wherever they are, including toward the foreigners.  List of Mosques must visit in Indonesia during Ramadhan  Islamic religious places.

4. The country that has the best climate

When compared with other countries such as in East Asia, Europe and so on. Indonesia in Southeast Asia has a very good climate and weather. The climate that they have is suitable for planting lots of agricultural products, livestock and so on. Climate change due to global warming has an impact on the world climate, but Indonesia still has a normal climate. Thus, we should be grateful to live in a country that has a good climate for it won’t affect daily life and activities.

5. Having abundant natural resources

Indonesia also has extraordinary abundant natural resources. Nature is the support of life not only in Indonesia and the world. This is why Indonesia is in great demand by other countries to invest and open up employment opportunities for their human resources. Indonesia’s natural wealth is not only limited to biodiversity, but there are several important sources for the Indonesian economy such as tin, coal, oil and so on. This is what makes this country rich and prosperous for the welfare of its people. The list of 14 Universities in Indonesia for International students best ones of you.

6. Many things are still affordable to buy

Next, there are many things that can be found in Indonesia. You can buy everything for daily needs, there are many and various kind of daily needs such as food, home, health, education and so on. The convenience that is easy to obtain makes people feel comfortable, including foreign tourists. Some daily needs can also be obtained or purchased at a fairly cheap price.

7.  Lots of  pleasant tourist attractions in Indonesia

Another happy thing is that there are many amazing tourist attractions in Indonesia. The charm of nature amazes many visitors. Natural tourist attractions that are still beautiful and deserved to be used as a pleasant exploration. You who love natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, waterfalls and so on should visit this country because Indonesia is rich in enchanting natural tourism. Lots of interesting unique tour exist in Indonesia. Hence money saving tips for backpackers when in Indonesia you must know.

8. Many delicious and inexpensive foods in Indonesia

For those food lovers, you should try the Indonesian delicacies. Culinary with unique yet tempting flavors is suitable to be tasted for anyone. Various types, shapes, and flavors that you should taste. Indonesian food has also been widely known by the world, such as rendang, satay, fried rice, and many others. Because it’s not right if you visit Indonesia but you don’t try a variety of delicious traditional dishes.

9. Indonesian culture that is very diverse yet interesting

The reasons why Indonesia is the happiest country is the culture and customs that are still strong. Indonesian culture is well known to foreign countries, both dance, painting and customs that are unique and have distinctive characteristics. Even culture is one of the works to be able to introduce traditions that exist in Indonesia to other countries. Even Indonesian culture has become one of the sciences in several educational worlds in other countries. This is something we should be proud of because it is so well known and the phenomenal of Indonesian culture that it is still well preserved. The wonderful places for incredible adventures experience in Indonesia you can visit.

10. Many interesting things in Indonesia that can be explored

And another interesting thing in Indonesia is that you can explore lots of fun things; such as, learning the culture, language and so on. At present, Indonesian culture and its variants have been recognized and learned by lots of people around the globe.

Apart from the explanation above, here are the reasons why Indonesia is the happiest country that you can find out next:

  • Indonesia’s land is fertile, lots of agricultural products can be produced from every type of plant. In addition, there are also many types of vegetables, fruits and other garden products that can be exported to countries in the world.
  • In Indonesia, it is still quite easy to worship each religion. There is no fear or feeling confined because the government places religion as the main foundation of the country. The underrated cities in Indonesia which have Paradise you can enjoy.
  • Adequate transportation access, so that when you want to travel wherever you want there are various types of transportation that can be used. Apart from that, the development of modern transportation development is now being built for the advancement and interests of the community in the future.
  • Many entertainment centers that can be enjoyed by anyone, including foreign tourists. Rides for games ranging from the age of children to adults can be obtained at entertainment venues in all cities in Indonesia.
  • Indonesia has abundant sea products and a variety of attractive living things. The wealth of the sea make Indonesia become the world economic value in the field of maritime affairs and foreign exchange for this country. The list of historical Churches in Indonesia.
  • The beauty and uniqueness of Indonesia that made this nation a rich and prosperous nation. Be it in the character of the people also Indonesian land which is rich in various natural resources and so on.

So many examples and explanations about the reasons why Indonesia is the happiest country. Hopefully, it can be a benefit and knowledge for you.