14 Things You Didn’t Know About Indonesia Cuisine

indoenesian cuisineYou who like culinary and Indonesian specialties certainly know a lot of variety and taste that is served. From traditional cuisine to modern cuisine, all are offered with flavors that are of high quality and guaranteed pleasure. Indonesian cuisine is famous for its diversity as well as the delicious taste to be enjoyed. The list of best local restaurant in Bali homes of authentic cuisines.

Starting from the taste of salty, sour, sweet and savory all become a complete unity of taste. So that it produces one delicious dish also makes food lovers happy. Here are some explanations and things you didn’t know about Indonesian cuisine that needs to be known:

1. Variety of Seasonings

One characteristic of Indonesian cuisine is that it is located in spices that are used as flavor ingredients. Indonesia as a country that has the most abundant spices in the world, so every dish always tastes more delicious, delicious and healthy. In addition to spices, there are also herbs such as flavoring, salt, sugar, and so on. That is why Indonesian cuisine is abundant in spices to produce a delicious and complete taste. The most popular Indonesian cuisine you can taste.

2. Excellent material

Apart from the abundant spices, also the ingredients used as the main ingredients of the best dishes are also of high quality. Because the selected material is still fresh and taken from the garden which is processed naturally. Moreover, a restaurant that serves dishes directly from the garden itself, of course, the ingredients are also very high quality and healthy. Indonesia is also rich in vegetable, fruit and other ingredients needed to make dishes so that any ingredients can be found complete and fresh.

3. Delicious Flavor

The next things you didn’t know about Indonesian cuisine was the delicious and appetizing taste. Indonesian cuisine does have different tastes than other countries’ cuisine. In addition to spices, ingredients also result from a blend of all produce delicious flavors. Anyone would love Indonesian cuisine, not only local residents and foreign tourists visiting. There are many different Indonesian regional specialties too. Therefore, if Indonesian cuisine is tasted very varied and varied, it also tastes. Hence most common ingredients in Indonesian cuisine.

4. Serving Healthy Foods

Not only delicious Indonesian cuisine also serves flavors that are also rich in nutrition. So it is very healthy and hygienic because it is made with ingredients, seasoning is also the right way to cook and halal. Because of this many fans of Indonesian cuisine are never bored to taste and learn to make their own delicious and healthy dishes. If you are an Indonesian culinary lover, of course, you should try various dishes that have healthy values and delicious taste.

5. Perfect Cooking Process

The important thing to do in cooking is how to cook properly and perfectly. Indonesian cuisine is served in the perfect cooking process and not for a short time. So as to produce healthy, safe cuisine, it is also rich in taste. If you have ever tried tasting dishes such as rendang, satay, soup and so on, all are cooked with a gradual process and which must have gone through a stage of perfect maturity. So that even eaten does not cause side effects or other problems. The interesting facts about Indonesian cuisine.

6. Traditional and Typical Cuisine

The next things you didn’t know about Indonesian cuisine is that Indonesia has unique regional cuisine and it’s also phenomenal. Who does not know about rendang from Padang, Soto from Jakarta and so on?. Because Indonesia has many regions which have different types of cuisine, so many varieties of delicious dishes are also a pleasure to taste. For example, on the island of Sumatra, there are different types of cuisine, also on Java there are many types of regional specialties that are phenomenal and delicious on the tongue.

7. Variety of Cuisine and Unique

And the unique and interesting Indonesian cuisine is also a variety of unique dishes. So that many local residents are also foreign tourists who feel curious about dishes with tempting flavors. Because it’s not right if you visit a city in Indonesia without tasting the special cuisine of the area. Examples of Yogyakarta specialties that are different from typical Bandung cuisine. Therefore, make sure when you are on vacation trying to enjoy a variety of rich and delicious Indonesian dishes. The amazing facts about Indonesian cuisine.

8. Not owned by another country

Taste, type, and Indonesian specialties are not owned by any country in the world. Because Indonesian cuisine is different, because of that the tourists who visit feel curious and want to taste the unique taste of Indonesian cuisine. And it turns out that many of the foreign tourists are satisfied and enjoy the diversity of Indonesian cuisine. Even they don’t feel bored and are willing to stay longer to try other dishes in the archipelago. This is what makes Indonesian cuisine a unique and phenomenal cuisine.

9. Internationally recognized cuisine

Things you didn’t know about Indonesian cuisine is a cuisine that has become very well known throughout the world. Even internationally acknowledged that Indonesian cuisine is a unique dish and also delicious to enjoy. Examples of dishes that have been known to the world are rendang, satay, fried rice and so on. Therefore we need to be proud because Indonesian cuisine has become a world dish and is widely enjoyed and even many outlets that sell Indonesian cuisine.  The top Sundanese cuisine with an authentic taste you must try.

10. Each region has a different cuisine

Another uniqueness of Indonesian cuisine is every region and city that has different types and regional specialties. Like typical Bandung, the cuisine is different from typical dishes in Surabaya. That’s why if visitors come and taste Indonesian cuisine there are many varieties and flavors that are worth trying. Besides that, how to cook and seasoned ingredients are also different, that’s what adds to the taste of Indonesian cuisine to be different and unique. Make visitors curious and want to try tasting cuisine.

Apart from the above examples of things you didn’t know about Indonesian cuisine, here is another example that you can find out about interesting Indonesian cuisine known:

  • Indonesian cuisine can also collaborate with modern cuisine that is sure to taste more delicious. Modern dishes that can be tried such as Tempe steak, Tempe hamburgers, and many other examples. The most common Indonesian street food.
  • In addition, Indonesian cuisine also has different shapes and textures. But for the taste, it is still delicious and delicious, because different shapes add to the uniqueness that deserves to be tasted.
  • Indonesia also has dishes that are quite extreme to try. However, if you are not brave enough to taste it, it is advisable to try other dishes that are more tempting and delicious. Because there are many Indonesian dishes that will make you curious and definitely want to taste it. Hence what to eat in Jakarta Indonesia traditional food.
  • Indonesian cuisine also has a different, unique and interesting name. Because the name that made me curious a lot attracted the interest of both local and international culinary lovers. Therefore Indonesian cuisine is famous and worldwide.

So are some examples and also explanations about things you didn’t know about Indonesian cuisine. You should try some of the dishes in the area in Indonesia. When on vacation and visiting, good luck.