Best Beaches in Java Indonesia – Gems You Can Find

Meeting us again in this beautiful night to talk some more about the wonderful facts of our beloved country, Indonesia. After telling you those amazing places that suitable for snorkeling, surfing, and any other water sports in Bali, now we want to take you back to the Java island, to find all the beach attractions. […]

10 Incredible Facts of Java Island

Java is an island in Indonesia with a population of 136 million. The island is the most densely populated island in the world and is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. This island is inhabited by 60% of Indonesia’s population. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is located in western Java. […]

10 Incredible Facts of Indonesian Kebaya

Kebaya is one of the typical clothes owned in Indonesia. Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian women made of thin material worn with sarongs, batik, or other traditional knitwear such as songket with colorful motifs. It used to be the type of dress that became the traditional dress of Java. However, it is […]

10 Best Coffee in Java Island You should Know

Since the 16th century Indonesia is known as a coffee paradise. In fact, in that era Java Coffee became one of the most sought after in the world – known by the name Java. Until the end of the 16th century, the world’s supply of coffee originated only from Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia as two […]

10 Must Do Activities in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the leading tourism place area in Java Island for both domestic and foreign tourists. The proof is this city is always crowded by visitors from out of town, especially during the holidays. There are many magnets that become the attraction of Jogja City. Tourist attractions, culinary, culture and art, as well […]

10 Things to Do for Nightlife in Solo Indonesia

Fit with its motto, Solo or sometimes called Surakarta is the spirit of Java. Although, not as popular as Yogyakarta, Solo is not just an ordinary city. It is a unique place with a passion, lots of cultural heritage and hospitality. In addition, Solo is an exciting city for shopping, tasting Javanese culinary, and enjoying […]

10 Most Popular Rivers in Java Island

Indonesia nature is very rich. Besides having many active volcanoes, it also has a lot of rivers. These rivers stretch across all islands. The river as one of the water sources on Earth has many benefits for humans, animals, plants, and the balance of the universe. The river is a water source that begins from […]

The Amazing History of Javanese Gamelan

Gamelan is a cultural product to meet the human need for art. Art is one of the elements of a universal culture. Art is one of the elements of a universal culture. This means that every nation is certain to have art, but its form is different from one nation to another. Javanese gamelan can […]

13 Traditional Houses in Java Indonesia

A house is simply a place where people can live. It’s a shelter for families to gather, to work or to rest. The houses in Java, Indonesia, have undergone so many transformations throughout the years to look more modern. But they didn’t used to look the way they do now. Java also has their own […]

15 Interesting Facts of Javanese Shadow Puppets

Javanese Shadow Puppets is one of the art traditions that grow and develop in Java society. More than just a show, this who often called “wayang kulit” was used as a medium for reflection toward the spiritual spirit of the gods. The word of “wayang” comes from the word “ma Hyang”, which means the spirituality […]