A List of Best Diving in Indonesia for Beginners

Watersports are a very fun activities. Things like swimming, motor boating, trying water jetpack, snorkelng, diving, water walking, are indeed a remarkable experiences. Fortunately, Indonesia has some places that really good for doing those kind of stuff. An examples is Tanjung Benoa, which basically a place where you can get almost all kinds of watersport in just one big area. That’s why that place is always filled everyday.

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Some watersports have requirements though. Like snorkeling and diving for example. Even though all people can join in, but to reduce the risks, they at least fulfill one their important requirements or aspects, which is the ability to swim. If not, things get worse for their trip. So, for the people who would love to do diving or snorkeling, they should train first, at least to feel and imagine diving activity actually is. We prepare some best places for best diving in Indonesia for beginners on the list below :

1. Tulamben, Bali

For the first location as the best diving in Indonesia for beginners is in Tulamben, Bali. Tulamben Bali is actually part of an area in Bali called Karangasem. Many people would recommend this place because beside the wave condition in this area is very friendly for beginner, the underwater world of Tulamben Bali is also very amusing.

Under the sea, you can witnes so many beautiful things created by God, like the panorama of ecosystem, colorful corals, and also the ship wrecks. Even though they are look very scary for some reasons, but sometimes divers are very curious about them and decided to explore the ship a  little bit by going inside the ship or just looking at them from the outside.

2. Menjangan, Bali

Also still in Bali island, we have another option as a place for beginners in the world of snorkeling and diving. That very area is Menjangan, Bali. This Menjangan has a highlight point, which is the corals. The corals in here are always becoming a primadona for divers. Inside them, there live several rare fishes that always look so wonderful.

Some pro divers even say that this area of Menjangan, Bali doesn’t have any flow at all, and also the waves in here are really calm for basically any divers. So, the beginners in snorkeling shouldn’t be worry about getting pulled by the flow underwater. Like Tulamben, Menjangan also offers some of the best diver and snorkeling schools for people who want to know and try it themself.

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3. Gili Trawangan

The next one is a popular area located near Bali island called Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is actually one of the available Gilis in the area of Lombok. The name of Gili Trawangan already famous for having a wonderful underwater world that everyone can see if they have the ability to dive or swim. It’s also one of the best places that recommended by the pros.

Even though there are three different Gilis in there like Gili Air, Gili Meno, and this Gili Trawangan, the most suitable place for to do some snorkeling is Gili Trawangan because of so many aspects in there including the crystal clear water and sea environment that always looks great. Also, the price of snorkeling in Lombok is cheaper than in Bali.

4. Banda Neira, Maluku

The next place is Banda Neira that located inside Maluku. Banda Neira always loved by basically most divers in Indonesia and foreigners. Many say that Banda Neira is the calmest snorkeling spot you can get in Indonesia, with its outstanding underwater view that filled with so many corals. None of them broke though, they are still in one peace as natural as they be.

Banda Neira can be said as the best spot in the eastern area of Indonesia, with its beauty. That’s why, the name of this place keeps booming, because of the recommendations that given by so many pro divers and snorkeler. That’s why, spending your time in this spot wouldn’t be waste, althoguh to come here you need a lot of money.

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5. Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

In the island of Sulawesi, there are some notable diving spots that everyone can enjoy.  Almost all of them still look in one piece, none of them are basically broken by exploitation. In the area of Southeast Sulawesi, there’s a smaller area named Wakatobi. Wakatobi has about 29 different diving spots that the divers can choose.

It’s actually a national park that consists of four different areas (Wakatobi is also an acronym for them). They are Wangi-wangi, which is the capital, and also Kalidupa, Tomia, and Binongko. In this area alone, there’s like 112 kinds of coral still exist, and in there live about 93 kinds of fish. Wakatobi has about 750 of 850 kinds of coral in the world. What can you say about this place beside the word “amazing” ?

6. Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) Jakarta

Jakarta is not only having some unique cafes and restaurants in the city, But, it also has one special place that can be a perfect one for dive training. The name of the area is Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand islands. In here, there are several diving spots can be found and most of them are easy to reach by either renting local boats, or other water vehicle.

Many pros said that Thousand islands are indeed a very good place for everyone who wants to learnt about diving in the first place. It serves the different atmosphere than in the Jakarta city that always busy with its modernization and business. Even though the richness of underwater world in there maybe less than other locations, Thousand islands in Jakarta is the most affordable diving location in Indonesia, especially for the people who live in Java island.

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7. Raja Ampat

Known through some promotional video of Indonesian attractions, Raja Ampat is becoming Indonesian top location for natural attractions. It has so many options of them, and most of them are included as free attractions you can get in this country. It’s located in the west side of Kepala Burung Bay of Papua and has about 1500 small islands.

Raja Ampat is also having four big islands located around those small islands. The varieties of sea ecosystem in Raja Ampat is actually the biggest one in this world. It’s also said that almost 70% of all kinds of fish in this world can be found in this location. So, Raja Ampat is a suitable place to do diving or snorkeling, either for beginners or even pros.

8. Bunaken

There’s a place or area in Indonesia, which is known for having a very remarkable underwater ecosystem. The name of that area is Bunaken. Bunaken is located on the north side of Sulawesi island, the K island of Indonesia. It is a house for so many kinds of fish and coral that filled the sea ecosystem in there.

It’s actually an Indonesian National Park, so the beauty and the quality of this area is always preserved for upcoming tourists who want to feel the true diving in Indonesia. Seven of eight species of giant fish live in this area. So, you can have a chance to meet those exotic fishes when diving or snorkeling around the area of Bunaken.

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9. Alor Island

Next one is also an island. Indonesia has so many islands that you can choose for having a beautiful panoramic view and attractions. Some of them have the potential to be the best place to do watersports. One of those islands is Alor Island. Alor island can be said as the best natural island in the eastern island that has the most beautiful view of the sea.

It’s located in the area of Nusa Tenggara islands, in East Nusa Tenggara province to be exact. It also has several unique diving spots that can be explored by the curious divers. All of them provide the difference experience of diving, because when swimming in its sea, you can have a chance to meet a whale, giant travely, and even shark.

10. Banda Sea

In the world of diving, there’s several aspects that can make a place worth to explore. They are the beauty of the sea ecosystem like the natural formation of the corals, the numbers of them, and also the fishes that still live in there. In one of the seas in Indonesia called Laut Banda, you can see some beautiful fishes that you can’t find in other areas.

Banda Sea was firstly known as the best location favored by people to do some watersports like scuba diving, and also snorkeling. With the vicibility around 50 meters deep, it’s fairly easy to notice where’s the best diving in Indonesia for beginners that you want to swim in. Beside many forms of corals, you can also witness so many kinds of turtles, shells, and also an endemic fish called Napoleon fish.

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The Other Best Diving in Indonesia for Beginners

The places above are included as best ones for best diving in Indonesia for beginners. But, for the people who don’t have that much time to visit those locations, they can train their diving skills in these best diving schools you can find in Indonesia. Mostly, the schools on the list below are located in Bali island, but there’s some of them that located differently like Flying Fish and Manta Dive.

  1. Matahari Tulamben Dive Center
  2. Diving. Com, Bunaken, Bali
  3. Flying Fish Jakarta
  4. Manta Dive, Lombok
  5. Lautanmas, Jakarta

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