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13 Best Places to Play Kite Surfing in Indonesia

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Kite-surfing is some kind of a next level sport of conventional surfing. When in conventional surfing, all we need to have are a surfing board and enough sea waves to get us going. But, in kite surfing sport we need to add a kite to drive us further. Of course this type is more exciting, challenging and dangerous at the same time because you have to be able to control your direction while balancing on top of your surfing board.


Beaches with fit wind speed and waves would make you fall in love doing kite surfing. And here are several beaches and islands that offer us what we need as the best kite surfing places in Indonesia :

1. Sanur Beach, Bali

surfing sanur

 If you like to try water sports but are boring with banana boats, flying fish, and else, then kite surfing might be a good idea for you. Here in Sanur Beach, lie lots of kite-surfing and/surfing school which would kindly help you to learn how to master this sport.

All kites, boards and safety gear provided (Helmets, bouyancy vest, glasses, harnesses), you will be taught on how to control kites in land first before you are being directed to the water to try. The wind may a bit slack but still enjoyable for first-timers.

The price is also reasonable, you won’t regret for trying and have a possibility to come back for more. Then you may want to read about Types of Tourism in Bali

2. Canggu Beach, Bali

canggu beach

 Canggu Beach was once selected as rank 39 of 100 best beaches in the world by CNN. It offers lovely sunset with black sands, and ideal waves suitable for beginner surfer to test their skill before stepping up to beaches with stronger waves.

There are plentiful choices of hotels, villas, and cottages around if you want to stay here a little longer. Read more about Fun Activities to Do in Bali Indonesia

Don’t forget to try sea food from nearest restaurant after hours of kite surfing practicing, it’s very delicious. Canggu Beach located around 30 minutes drive from Kuta Beach.

3. Tabuhan Island, Banyuwangi

tabuhan island

 Banyuwangi governor is being incessant to promote this island to be the most targeted place for International surf lovers and athletes.

Tabuhan island is a an abandoned island with 5 ha wide that has a wind speed above 20 knot which makes this beach win from other beaches like ones in Bali. For exactly around 25 knot, we don’t need to wait any longer once we arrive there to surf.

Big wind usually blows back and forth all the time. In 2017, their tourism minister already held International event called “International Kite and Windsurfing Competition” with participants that came from 13 different countries fighting over hundreds million prize.

This place has a potential chances to be kite-surfers favorite beach for couple years from now. You can reach this island by taking a boat from Bangsring seashore for 20 minutes.

4. Ujong Pancu Beach, Aceh

ujong pancu

 Ujong Pancu located Peukan Bada area, Aceh Besar. When you are kite-surfing here it’s so possible to do attraction like jumping up the water and feeling like flying for a while because of the wind.

This beach blows up pretty big wind, around 20-30 knots, even bigger from Lokhnga Island. You may want to read about Family Norms in Aceh

5. Lhoknga Island, Aceh

lhoknga beach

 We guarantee that professional surfer would love this beach once they try to surf in Lhoknga Beach in Lhoknga Island. The wind speed around this area is proper for surfing. The waves’s pretty high and strong, too.

And this is perfect when you want to enjoy your solitude moment with quite ambience and focus with your kite surfing skill improvement. But before go, you should know the surf season happens all year.

You can come June-November when a west wind is causing the beach break waves, or December-May when the east wind causes the reef break. As a note, we recommend you to try another beach with calmer situation before going here, just in case you couldn’t bear its energy. You may want to read about Traditions in Aceh Indonesia

6. Mentawai Island, West Sumatera

mentawai island Mentawai island located in the middle of Indian Ocean, surrounds by fine marine nature, never be disappointing destination for surfers.

Its big and high waves are popular among international and national surfers and it have several spots to try:

  • Bosua Village (with 3 meters waves height),
  • Nyangnyang Island (with 4 meters waves height),
  • Karamajat Island (with 2-4 meters waves height).

7. Nihiwatu Island, West Sumba


Located a bit far, around 30 km, from Waikabubak city, West Sumba, NTT. Nihiwatu island still worth to visit because it has one of the faster waves in the world. Many surfers sacrificing their time coming far to this island just to try surfing on its famous waves.

International athletes like to come here to relax, too, because regularly not many people know this hidden gem and dare to come here.

8. Gili Air, West Nusa Tenggara

gili air

You can go to Gili Air by using speedboat for 90 minutes from Padang Bei beach. There are numbers of kite surfing school you can try that will teach you from level 0 into experts.

However, the course only open under certain wind condition when it’s strong enough to help your kite fly high.

So it would be better when you check out their current status by calling them by phone, so you would come there on the right time.

9. Kaliantan Beach, Lombok

kaliantan You can reach Kaliatan Beach by taking a 2,5 hours drive from Mataram city. This beach offers us 7 km long coastal line to explore while in surf board.

Not long ago that the first kite-surfing tourism attraction has been provided as accessible water sport here. The waves are pretty high (max. 700 meters) with wind speed around 18-25 knots which is proper for kite-surfing. You may want to read about  Surprising Facts About Lombok Indonesia

In addition, wind gusts in Kaliantan also have the longest span of time up to seven months. Usually starting from March to October, or longer than other coastal areas in Lombok which is usually only about two months.

10. Bintan Island, Riau


In 2012 was first held kite-surfing competition by local government and the enthusiasm was pretty good. There were 80 participants from 13 different countries.

They fight over prized in 3 different categories: speed racing, free surfing, and jumping competition. And since then, Bintan becomes a famous place for “kiters” around the world.

The wind speed would blows around 16-20 knot/hour which is really suitable for flying a kite and surfing. Bintan’s suitable for snorkeling and diving too cause its underwater scenery is beyond words to describe.

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Most tourists would definitely choose Bali over any island in Indonesia for surfing. Because this island has already proven them that heaven is earth is real. Besides its beautiful scenery, the waves and wind are friendly too for surfer. Here are more of them that worth to try:

  • Seseh Beach, Bali
  • Berawa Beach, Bali
  • Echo Beach, Bali

Read more: How to be Safe in BaliBali Facts

After having those lists of best places to play kite surfing in Indonesia, would you dare trying to kite surf? If you are a beginner, please reach out for people who are expert first and always remember to wear safety kits first. Learn how to balance your body on a board while taming down the waves, then level up to direct your way with a help of a kite. Hope it would be a lovely experience for you!

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