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12 Interesting Facts of Indonesian Museum

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What’s in your mind about the museum in Indonesia? Perhaps the museum is identical with a dull and old building, dark lighting, limited collection, and so on. One of the benefits of museums that play a strategic role in introducing culture, in Indonesia is still far from expectations.


A proof of it is about the number of museums in Indonesia, which in quantity is still low. It is shown that Indonesia still needs to improve more the museums. Here are the facts of Indonesian museum you should know.

  1. Most of Museum in Indonesia has a few number of visitors

The museum is a window of cultural and historical information. There are many unique and interesting facts every time you come to a museum. But in fact, Indonesian tourists prefer to the mall than to the museum. There are two factors that make Indonesians less glance at the museum. The first is from the museum and the second is from the community itself.

  1. The MACAN is the newest museum in Jakarta

MACAN Museum is the first museum in Indonesia that has a collection of modern and contemporary Indonesian art as well as international. This museum displays about 90 works of modern Indonesian art as well as contemporary from around the world. The 90 works of art are some of the 800 artworks collected by Indonesian art collectors and businessmen, Haryanto Adikoesoemo, the founder of MACAN own museum.

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  1. Jakarta’s Fatahillah Museum is the most legendary museum in Indonesia

The Fatahillah Museum, also known as the Jakarta History Museum or Batavia Museum is a museum located on Jalan Taman Fatahillah no. 1, West Jakarta with an area of more than 1,300 square meters. The building was once a Batavia City Hall (Dutch: Stadhuis van Batavia) built in 1707-1710 at the behest of Governor-General Johan van Hoorn.

  1. National Museum is the first and largest museum in Southeast Asia

The National Museum or the Gajah Museum is one of the museum’s alternative tourism. Standing in the center of Jakarta, the Gajah Museum offers cultural and educational history. Until now, Gajah Museum has 141,899 objects, consisting of 7 types of collections of prehistory, archeology, ceramics, history, ethnography, and geography. Interestingly, the first and largest mThuseum in Southeast Asia has a collection of relics from various eras. Through the relics, you can get to know the civilization of other nations.

  1. Indonesia has 428 total museums

Indonesia has a total of 428 museums. 100 museums will be standardized. DKI Jakarta is the province that has the most museums, 64 museums. Next, Central Java, then DI Yogyakarta also has many museums. There are 19 Provinces which have less than 5 museums even have no museum at all. East Kalimantan has only 6 museums. Central, North, and South Kalimantan each have only two museums.

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6. Angkot Museum has the largest collection of transportation

Angkot Museum is known for its transportation collection, both in Indonesia and world level. Various types of transportation can be found here, from bikes, cars, boats to planes. This Angkot Museum is designated as the first and largest transportation museum throughout Southeast Asia. So good, you have to get ready with the long queue when it comes here.

  1. Sampoerna Museum as the biggest Cigarette Museum in Indonesia

The building that used to be a stage building is owned by the largest cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia, Sampoerna. In it, you will find a collection of cigarettes from the first time made to modern day cigarettes. From the second floor, you can see the process of how cigarettes are made from the Sampoerna factory located next to it. Not only museums, but this place also provides cafes for you who are tired of traveling around.

  1. The number of museums in Indonesia is not proportional to the population

With a population of around 250 million people, Indonesia should have more museums. Currently, Indonesia has 428 new museums. Compare with the United States, which has a population of 320 million people, has 35 thousand museums. The number of Indonesian museums may still be minimal. However, awareness to reproduce the museum is increasing.

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  1. Tsunami Aceh Museum is the most architectural in Indonesia

Aceh Tsunami Museum is the greatest in Indonesia. This museum is futuristic and very far from ancient and haunted. Started one year after the 2004 tsunami and inaugurated in 2009, the museum was built at a cost of sixty billion. This museum is located on Sultan Iskandar Muda Street, just beside the Dutch graveyard (kherkhof) and across the road of Blang Padang Square.

  1. The only one toy museum in Indonesia: Kolong Tangga Children’s Museum

This is the first and only toy museum in Indonesia. Built on February 2, 2008 by Rudi Corens, Kolong Tangga Children’s Museum is a ‘concern’ for children and adolescents who tend to forget about their culture and traditions today. Most of the toys collected by this museum are from the 90’s era. More than 16 thousand collections of toys, story books, pictures, both from within the country and various other countries are here. It is suitable for those who want to memorize your childhood.

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  1. The most complete museum in Indonesia

The National Museum is the most comprehensive museum in Indonesia that stores no less than 141 thousand objects of historical value consisting of prehistoric, archeological, numismatic, heraldic, ceramic, ethnographic, and historical collections. Almost all the inscriptions and statues you know from school textbooks are stored here. The National Museum is west of the National Monument complex. In front of the museum there is Transjakarta bus stop corridor 1.

  1. The only one Batik Museum: Danar Hadi

Danar Hadi Batik Museum is located in the city of Solo, Indonesia. Here you can enjoy a complete collection of batik art from the time before and after the Dutch colonialism. You need to know that batik exhibited high artistic value such as Batik Kraton, Dutch Batik, Chinese Batik, Batik Hokokai, Batik Indonesia, until Batik Sudagaran.

In addition to looking at batik collection you can also watch the process of making batik in the workshop in the museum. The admission price is only Rp 25,000 for public and Rp 10.00 for students.

Those are the facts of the museum in Indonesia. Museums in Indonesia are typically unique and various. You can enjoy many themes in every gallery and display that are available there. Besides, you could also get more knowledge on history.

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