13 Importance of Religion And Ecology In Indonesia

As individuals and citizens of the Indonesian nation, according to the principle of Pancasila, the first principle of the divinity of Allaah is clear that each of us who become a citizen has a guide and a foundation of religion. Regardless of any religion, every religion has its teachings and rules on the divinity as […]

13 Great Importance of Music in Indonesian Culture

Music is a sound arranged in such a way that it contains rhythms, songs, and harmony primarily from sounds generated from instruments that can produce rhythms. Although music is a kind of intuition phenomenon, to create, improve and present it is an art form. Music is a sound received by individuals or groups based on […]

15 Great Importance of Tourism in Bali

Bali is the God of Island with the master of natural beauty in Indonesia. It is an island with its undeniable beauty. No wonder, many tours in Bali you can visit. There will be exciting things waiting for you to do. Beach, Culture, culinary, those are some of the types of tours in Bali. Without […]

8 Importance of Jakarta Declaration

The Jakarta Declaration is not only issued once or twice in Indonesia. It is the result of negotiations of several countries in the world that hold meetings to discuss important international issues. The last Jakarta Declaration was issued by the OIC Summit (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) 2016. At this meeting, one of the discussions by […]

17 Importance of Indonesian Agriculture

Indonesian Agriculture is the use of land to grow crops or maintain farm animals. It’s a huge field of work that also involves fisheries, bee keeping, rubber plantations and many more. In Indonesia, agriculture is a huge sector that affects the lives of millions of people. Industries outside the country are also relying on a […]

10 Importance of Agriculture in Indonesia

Agriculture is the main source of the national economy.  Indonesia is an area with a great number  of natural resources. That makes Indonesia known as an agrarian country. Moreover, most of the livelihood of Indonesia comes from agricultural sector. The sector is also useful to boost the image of Indonesia in the world. That’s why […]

20 Importance of Religion in Indonesia

In Indonesia, religion plays a great role. The Indonesian Constitution guarantees all people in Indonesia the freedom of religion or of worship according to their own beliefs. In Indonesia there are 6 official religions: Islam, Catholicism, Protestanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. The growth of religion has come way before the Independence of the Nation. It […]

30 Importance of English for Students in Indonesia

English is becoming more important in this age. People all over the world are striving to learn the language as it is able to give more opportunities in life. The English language is also important to Indonesian students. School expects the students to speak language fluently and most of them are eager to learn it. […]

13 Importance of Tourism in Indonesia

Indonesia has opened up its land to tourism. This means that more foreigners are able to enter the country. Tourism is an important industry in Indonesia. There are a lot of opportunities that tourism can give to Indonesians. In this article, you can read the 13 Importance of Tourism in Indonesia. You might end up […]

13 The Importance of Learning English in Indonesia

English has become an international language that helps people communicate across the world. The language has entered Indonesia and making impacts in people’s lives. Indonesians are beginning to understand the importance of learning English. Below are 13 Importance of Learning English in Indonesia. Read to find out how English can help Indonesians in their daily […]