17 Things You Can Only Get in Bali Island

Of course, like we always said in our articles, Bali can give you so much expectaion and joyful experiene when you finally decide to take your days off in this beautiful island. Beside having some beautiful attractions like the beaches for examples such as Kuta, Pandawa, Padang-padang, Sanur, and also Tanah Lot beach, you can also have some fun exploring new things in the island.

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People are usually coming for many purposes, and some of them are not just coming from those wonderful attractions, but also for learning new things that they can’t get in their own country. Many of them would come to see the beautiful things like Balinese dances, literatures, and even to taste the tasteful Balinese meals. They are just some of many things you can only get in Bali island. So what about the rest of them? Here you go :

1. The Pie Susu

The first one that we want to talk about is hunting the Balinese most hunted “gitf” or “souvenir” calld Pie Susu. Pie Susu or Milk Pie in Englihs is a small and yet very sweet taste snack. Usually you can find one of these in the souvenir shops where people usually go there for buying things like clothings, Balinese carvings, and many other else.

Usually they came in packs. Per pack, there will be about six to nine Milk pies. There’s so many brands selling these, but the most known one is “Enaaak” one. They use a lot of “a” in that word, showing that their Pie Susu is the best one with the best taste ever than the other ones. For one pack, you can buy for only Rp40.000,-.

2. “Hunting” rare plants in Bedugul Raya

You can do so many things in the island of Bali. Not only exploring the famous spots, doing some watersports along the way. There’s an area called Bedugul Raya, a place where you can find so many exotic plants. This is one of many Kebun Raya(s) in Indonesia, such as Kebun Raya Bogor in West Java, Kebun Raya Katingan, Kebun Raya Liwa, and many more.

People are usually visiting this kind of attraction to see and feeling the peaceful atmosphere which is very rare in a town they live in, like Bali for example that getting busier each year. Upon arriving at Bedugul Raya, you’ll be greeted with many Balinese ornaments, including the one in a statue form. Other than that, you can see so many spectacular things like rare plants, animals, etc.

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3. Dolphins of Lovina Beach

Who doesn’t love dolphins? These cute and friendly animals can always make our mood better, just by looking at their behavior swimming and playing with people in some of their shows. Seeing a show like that is a pretty usual thing, and sometimes can make us bored by looking at the same show over and over again.

Because of that, the actual activity that can make you less bored and even amazed is by seeing the live of dolphins directly in their own natural habitat. You can do that in a special beach named Lovina beach that is known as a home of dolphins. Some times during the day, there will be group tours using the fisherman boats for seeing the dolphins.

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4. Tamblingan lake canoing

In Bali, there are so many lakes. Usually they converted into this kind of natural attractions, but more improved becuase of the additional services of features such as villas, resorts, or even some restaurants that located around it. But it’s different for Lake Tamblingan. The lake is always kept natural as possible.

There are also some temples located in the area that you are able to visit. Becuase of that, even though there’s not a single supporting features mentioned above, Tamblingan still has its own pace. People come to this place for many purposes including doing some canoing. Some even use that portable vehicle for prewed photo sessions.

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5. Sukowati Art Market

Of course, we want to give some things as gifts for people back home. That’s why Sukowati Art Market exists in the first place as a market that can provide the tourists here with so many unique things that really have many Balinese aspects on them. The good thing is, you can even bargain the price of products that you want to buy.

In this market, you can find so many things like clothes, pants, traditional meals, accessories, even tatoo parlors. The market is always full of people from the morning until evening. So, be sure to make a special schedule to visit this unique market and grab all the things you wanted as soon as possible before they’re gone in other hands.

6. Releasing the small turtles

In Bali, there are like thousand of beach you can explore. And one of them, the famous one on the list of top beaches in Bali is Kuta. Beside mainly used by people to do some stuff like tanning on the beach while getting a massage, playing volley, or a little bit extreme maybe, by doing surfing, during a special moment, there’s a wonderful event that happening in there.

During some times during a month, you can join in an activity called turtle releasing. The purpose of this activity is to release the newborn baby turtles to the sea, the natural habitat for them. This activity brought by nearest organization called Bali Sea Turtle Society. At evening like 4 pm, you can see or participate in the event by paying a small donation for a big and useful result for the nature.

7. Visiting Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

And like mentioned above, Bali island has a lot of interesting locations, including the temples. Temples in Bali is like alive heritages, used by people everyday to pray or doing any other processions. But there’s a special temple, that now still used even in the background of Rp50.000,-. The Luhur Uluwatu Temple.

The temple is always magnificent, with its one of a kind view that can always hipnotize anyone who sees it. Luhur Uluwatu temple is located right in Badung regency of Bali island, in Pecatu, South Kura to be specific. It’s considered to be one of many water temples located in Bali with small ones located around it for every subak.

8 ..and also its lake

Ulun Danu Bratan is like being the one with the lake around it, Bratan Lake. Many say that this lake is very special, aside from the view of it, Lake Bratan is actually the brother of the other lakes located on the east side of it, Tamblingan and Buyan. They are one line of lakes located in a very big caldera that made out of erruption long ago.

In here, there’s very complete facilities that ready to spoil the visitors. They can take a walk around the lake or visiting the temple. And also, the visitors can rent a duck boat that they can use to explore parts of Bratan Lake. For faster experience and more extreme, you can also rent a speed boat that can take you in faster speed.

9. Visiting Bali Safari and Marine Park

The next things you can only get in Bali island is to visit one special place called Bali Safari and Marine Park. This park is actually the third one of Taman Safari Indonesia or Indonesian Safari Park  with animals from three different regions, Indonesia, Asia, and Africa. It’s located in Serongga village, Gianyar, Bali.

In this Safari Park, you can see some exotic animals like Blue Wildebeest, lions, baboons, Black Buck, Hippos, Greavy Zebra, and even camels. The concept of this place is really interesting. The visitors will given an experience to learn about animals and their habitat in two different area, modern Bali and Old Bali.

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10. Playing with thousand of monkey in Sangeh

And finally for the tenth one on the things you can only get in Bali island is to play with thousands of monkey in an area of Bali island called Sangeh. Sangeh is actually a tourism area located in Sangeh village, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali. It’s known for having a lot of monkeys which live freely there and people consider them to be sacred animals.

In the middle of the forest, there’s a temple called Bukit Sari. It was built during Mengwi kingdom long ago. The monkeys that live in this forest are long-tailed monkeys or Macaca Fascicularis. They came from South East Asia region. In Sangeh area, they shouldn’t be bothered, because they are sacred.

Of course, the twelve things you can only get in Bali island above are not enough to represent the beautiful experience of vacationing on the Godly Island of Bali. That’s why we prepared some more things that you can see right on the list below :

  1. The giant Buddha statue
  2. Having some sate lilit
  3. Diving and snorkeling in exotic diving spots
  4. Seeing Kecak Dance
  5. Visiting Besakih Temple
  6. Hunting Sunset in Tanah Lot
  7. Tasting the original Balinese chicken betutu

So that’s the things you can only get in Bali island, hope you can have a great journey on this beautiful island. Make sure that you don’t miss anything before coming home.