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10 Types of Tourism in Bali – Characteristics

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Bali is the top list of the most visited place in Indonesia. It is because Bali has a “magnet” that can attract tourists from all of the parts of the world. Some international travelling sites have even marked Bali as the best destination in the world. It is because this island has a variety of tourism such as nature, culture, to culinary. For further information about types of tourism in Bali, we would explain 10 Types of Tourism in Bali.

  1. Beach

Bali is the place that famous with the beach. Most of people are interested to come to Bali because of its beautiful beaches. Each the beach of Bali has their own characteristic. If you want to see the great sunset, you could visit Kuta Beach, Pura Uluwatu, or Tanah Lot.

However, if you want to taste the delicious seafood culinary with the background of night sea, having dinner in Jimbaran Beach would be really nice. And for those who like to surfing you could experience the beautiful wave in Dreamland and Uluwatu beach. (Read also: History of Kuta Bali Indonesia)

  1. Mountain

If you say Bali is good at the beaches, you are totally wrong. In facts, Bali doesn’t have not only beach and ocean, but also the magnificent mountain that full of challenges. While the beach is famous with its perfect sunset, you could see the real beauty of sunrise from the mountains.

If you don’t want a really long trekking, you could try hiking in Mount of Mangu. It just needs 2.5 hours to reach the top of mountain. In Bali, there are also other mountains such as Mount of Agung, Batur, and Mount of Agung. (Read also: Hiking in Indonesia)

  1. Lakes

Besides the natural beauty of the beach with its stunning white sand beaches and the underwater natural fish and coral reefs, Bali also has some of Most Beautiful Lakes in Indonesia that present a special and spectacular sight, enriching the list of existing attractions. There are 4 lakes in Bali that are famous for their natural and beauty. That is why all of them also considered as Bali’s popular tourist destinations. The four lakes in Bali are Beratan, Batur, Buyan and Tamblingan. (Read also: Largest Lakes in Indonesia)

  1. Traditions and Cultural Tourism

Holidays that give you a lot of experience and learn many unique things would be difficult to forget. While you visit Bali you would not just have relaxing on the beach, try the cool restaurants, or do yoga on the edge of the rice field. For the bonus, you could see and learn the wonderful of Balinese tradition and culture.

You could do some fascinating activity such as watching some traditional dance performance such as Kecak Dance, watching traditional ceremonies, or visiting some temples. (Read also: Cultures in Bali)

5. Food and Culinary

This typical tourism in Bali is also popular in most of visitor. Once you visit Bali, it would be great if you taste some traditional foods there. Some café and restaurants usually serve the dish that you want to eat.

The most popular traditional dish in Bali such as Ayam Betutu, Sate Lilit, Lawar Kuir, and Babi guling could be found in most of restaurants in Bali. There, you could also try to taste the seafood culinary in Jimbaran beach. You would have a nice dinner with the beautiful view.

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6. Traditional art

This typical of tourism is also popular for visitors. If you are an art lover, Bali could be the fit place to visit. It is recommended to come to arts and craft of Ubud Bali.

There, you usually will find many outlets that sell the craft and traditional art of Bali. It would a good idea to bring them for the souvenirs. The most popular city that many produce Balinese art is in Gianyar. There you could do several things of Activities to Do in Bali Indonesia.

  1. Shopping Centers

If you are boring with the nature view, you could visit the center of crowds in Bali. Shopping centers is also one of typical tourism there.

The shopping centers in Bali could be really various. That is why don’t worry. Although almost of them are traditional art market, you still could find the fancy shopping mall such as Kuta Square or Mall Bali Galeria. The place would be so good for those who want to hang out and have a cup of coffee there. (Read also: How to Bargain in Bali)

  1. Natural preserves

For animal and plantation lovers, it would be such good news since there are many natural preserves tourism in Bali. One most popular is Monkey Forest in Ubud.

There you could see many plantations with 600 monkeys spread in all area of the forest. However, if you are afraid of monkeys, don’t worry because there are still many other natural preserves such as Cagar Alam Batukaru and Taman National Bali Barat.

9. Museums

If you love history, you could visit many museums in Bali. This type of tourism would be found in the area of Bali. While many people have perception that visiting museums is a boring activity, you would not think so when coming to Bali.

The island of thousand temples with many traditions and cultures has a series of famous museums that will not only add insight, but also not boring.  The museums in Bali always have unique characteristics. Some of them even have restaurants and beautiful scenery.

10. Temple

It is not Bali if there is no temple. That is why, most of tourism in Bali also dominated with the temples. Especially if you visit the famous Pura in Bali on Hindus big day, of course it will create the perfect the atmosphere.

Pura in Bali is practically a place of Hindu worship that would never be found in any part of the world even in India. Its distinctive roof features make them very unique. This feature is actually similar to the Hindu temples in the country of Nepal. However, you could try to visit Buddhist Temple in Bali Indonesia and Underwater Temples in Bali.

Beside what I explained above, here i give you video that worthy to watch if you want to stay in Bali for a long time. Check this out.

Those are the 10 Types of Tourism in Bali. This could be such a recommendation place to visit while you have traveling in Bali. It is very important to search any information first before visiting a tourism place. After knowing that Bali has various types of tourism, have you decide to choose Bali as your destination this year?

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