22 Tourist Attractions in Kudus as the City of Islamic Students

When we talk about the various destinations of tourist attraction in Indonesia, we can show the various kinds of attractive places and vehicles which certainly are very popular. Moreover, it can be stated every province that exists in Indonesia has interesting tourist destinations for us to visit. “Run out of the tourist destinations” are not appropriate words if we say when talking about tourism in Indonesia.

The various kinds of tourism that we can find and adjust to our desire and favorite. We can start from a variety of nature tourism that looks charming until cultural tourism which makes us proud. Besides, culinary tourism with various tastes can lead to our appetite. Furthermore, we can find all of the things around Indonesia.

Central Java is one of the popular province due to tourist destinations. There are various kinds of tourist attractions in Central Java that can make anyone fall in love with the first visit. In addition, one of many tourist locations that we can visit is the tourist attractions in Kudus. This city has a few attractive destinations, such as;

1. Masjid Menara Kudus

From a number of popular tourist destinations in Kudus is Masjid Menara Kudus. Masjid or mosque is often called with Masjid Al Aqsa Manarat Qudus. The existence of this mosque becomes one of Kudus society pride. This matter because the mosque which was built in 1549 is one of few religious tourist destinations that is never empty of visitors.

The popularity of Masjid Menara Kudus is caused by Sunan Kudus as one of Walisongo figures who built this mosque. Besides, this Masjid Menara Kudus has own uniqueness since the form of a tower on the mosque like Hindu temples.

This mosque is located on Jl. Menara, Pejaten, Kauman, Kota Kudus sub-district, Kudus district, Central Java and as one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia. By visiting this place, we can know the values of its history and we can also travel to a religious place quietly.

2. Makam Sunan Muria

Kudus is surely one of the cities which can be said very important in Java island. This matter since the development of Islam in Indonesia. There are so many religious places that we can find in this beautiful city. One of the religious places which we can find in this city is Makam Sunan Muria or Tomb of Sunan Muria. For those who do not know Sunan Muria yet, he was an important figure in the deployment of Islam.

Makam Sunan Muria is one of the destinations that cannot be missed. We not only travel religious places but, we can also enjoy the beauty and coolness from nature in this area of a tomb. Therefore, it does not wonder if this tourist location becomes tourist destination on Eid holiday and it is never lonely from visitors. The location of Makam Sunan Muria is on the hilltop and this makes the cozy and cool atmospheres.

Besides, the facilities at Makam Sunan Muria can be stated quite complete even though this location is located on the hilltop. So, for those who visit this location do not be hesitated since this tourist attraction also provides a few lodgings around the tomb area.

3. Kretek Museum

This Kretek Museum which is in Kudus can be stated as one of the unique destinations. As one of the unique museums in Indonesia, the idea to visit this tourist attraction is very interesting. Kretek Museum is a museum that is built to keep the various things related to the development of cigarrete in Indonesia.

When we go into the museum, we will be shown with the various equipment that is often used for making cigarettes. Either traditional or modern equipment can be found at this place. In addition, there are various kinds of cigarettes in Indonesia that can be found. However, this Kretek Museum has dual functions.

Besides as a museum, Kretek Museum is also a playground for children that is quite fun. This museum is located on Jl. Getas Pejaten No.155, Getas, Getas Pejaten, Jati sub-district, Kudus district, Central Java. Moreover, Kretek Museum has a swimming pool which can be utilized together with family.

4. Mulia Wisata Waterpark

Water recreation is one of the tourist attraction kinds that can be said very famous. There are a lot of water recreations which we can find in Indonesia. The various tourist attractions have own uniqueness and fun. Kudus city can be stated it does not want to lag behind about this. Mulia Wisata Waterpark is one of the water recreation in Kudus that is never lonely from visitors.

Furthermore, there are so many families who come to play and have fun at this tourist attraction when the school holiday comes. Mulia Wisata Waterpark is located on Jl. Raya Kudus – Colo No. KM, Lau, Dawe, Kudus district, Central Java.

If talking about the facilities that exist at this tourist attraction, we will find a few interesting vehicles. Those vehicles such as a swimming pool for adults, a swimming pool for children, ATV, location of children’ play, and some other facilities which are definitely not less attractive.

5. Krida Wisata Park

This Krida Wisata Park in Kudus can be stated as one of the locations that are cozy for relaxing. When we feel tired after getting around Kudus city in order to enjoy the various kinds of tourism that are provided inside, we can take a rest for a while. Krida Wisata Park is a tourist park which has very calm and comfortable atmospheres.

This tourist attraction not only can be visited in the morning and afternoon but, this location also is appropriate to visit in the evening. In addition, there are a few food vendors which we can find around the park when the evening comes. Krida Wisata Park is located on Jl. Gor No. 103, Wergu Wetan, Kota Kudus sub-district, Kudus district, Central Java. Moreover, this location is very suitable for us to visit when leaving Kudus city and also it is an appropriate location for relaxing.

There are still some other tourist attractions besides the examples above, such as;

6. Desa Wisata Wonosoco Undaan

7. Tugu Identitas Kudus

8. Taman Oasis Djarum

9. Air Terjun Pengantin

10. The PeakView Waterboom & Resto

11. Gerbang Kudus Kota Kretek

12. Wana Wisata Kajar

13. Museum Jenang Mubarok

14. Wisata Alam Ternadi Kudus

15. Desa Wisata Rahtawu

16. Wisata Alam Rejenu

17. Menara Pisang

18. Waduk Logung

19. Taman Lampion

20. Museum Purbakala Patiayam

21. Alun-Alun Simpang 7 Kudus

22. Taman Pinka

Anyway, that is all a few destinations of tourist attractions in Kudus that we can find. Every location has the uniquenesses to make your holiday more fun. At last, hope this information is useful for you.