37 Charming Tourist Attractions in Batang, Central Java

Indonesia is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. This matter because there are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that can be called never deserted by the visitors. People who visit those tourist locations originate from any region. Not only domestic tourists who can visit but also, there are not few international tourists who take a moment in order to enjoy the beauty of tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Indonesia people do not be amazed if they never run out tourist location for visiting because the number of tourist locations exists. Central Java is one of many locations that are often visited by. This area surely keeps many exciting locations which definitely makes anyone lose one’s heart.

The diverse of tourist attractions in Central Java, we as the travelers can select the tourist locations that want to visit. One of many locations that we can visit is the location of tourist attractions in Batang. Batang as one of the regions exists on the North Coast of Java track. This city has so many attractive tourist locations such as:

1. Mount Prau

The first area of tourist attraction which we want to visit is Mount Prau as one of several most beautiful mountains in Indonesia. This tourist attraction is always crowded to be visited by people who want to enjoy the beautiful nature of mountains that is still very natural. The name of Mount Prau certainly has been very famous. This matter is not astonishing that Mount Prau as one of the favourite destinations for climbers.

If we talk about beauty, we do not need to doubt the scenery in this mountain. Furthermore, Mount Prau is one of several popular tourist attractions which can see the sunrise. Most of them who come to this mountain want to enjoy a very famous and beautiful sunrise. Mount Prau is one of the natural boundaries among Kendal district, Wonosobo, and Batang. Therefore, it does not wonder if you can visit Mount Prau from those three districts.

2. Wisata Alam Sikembang

This Wisata Alam Sikembang is a cozy and attractive tourist area for us to visit. As a part of pine forest tourism in Indonesia, maybe people do not really know yet about the name of Wisata Alam Sikembang. However, the beauty of this tourism is not less interesting with others.

The pine forest is lined up orderly with its beautiful atmosphere definitely gives serenity. Besides, Wisata Alam Sikembang not only can be categorized as one of the tourist locations in Batang but also, can be as a tourist attraction in Dieng. This matter because the location of Wisata Alam Sikembang is also in the area of Dieng plateau. In addition, if we discuss the amenities in Wisata Alam Sikembang, those have been adequate.

There are so many support amenities that can be enjoyed by visitors. Moreover, there are a few locations certainly have been prepared for those who want to perpetuate the moments by taking cool selfies. If you are interested in this tourist attraction so, you can visit Dukuh Kebaturan area, Kebaturan, Kembanglangit, Blado, Batang district, Central Java. It is guaranteed when you see this tourist area that will feel very satisfied.

3. Wisata Pagilaran

Calm, comfortable, and beautiful are three words which can describe this tourist attraction in Batang. People who live in Batang claim Wisata Pagilaran has been very famous. The beauty of this tourist attraction surely is very attractive for us to visit for a while. When you are in Wisata Pagilaran, you will get a serenity with a cozy atmosphere.

When Wisata Pagilaran on holiday time does not make surprised since there are so many visitors who take their time to visit this location for a while. The extensive tea plantation makes its atmosphere more interesting. This tourist location has been very interesting then, it is added with the presence of support facility types which has been sufficient.

If you have an opportunity to visit Batang city, you should add Wisata Pagilaran in your list of tourist selection. In order to enjoy the beauty of this tourist attraction, you can come to Pagilaran, Keteleng, Blado, Batang district, Central Java. It is guaranteed after you see the atmosphere and this scenery, there will not be disappointed.

4. Curug Lojahan

Curug Lojahan is one of the best charming waterfall tourism in Batang. If we talk about the beauty of tourist attraction, this waterfall area is one of the locations that must be visited. Curug Lojahan approximately has a height of around 40 m. This height which causes its water flow is very heavy. If we visit this location, we are shown by the arrangement of hard walls and also the number of rocks is scattered around this waterfall.

The beauty of this waterfall can be stated that Curug Lojahan is really not known yet by public. This because of the hard location that must take in order to we can visit this waterfall. Besides, the visitors must go down the hard and quite slippery cliff wall so that, they can enjoy the beauty of a waterfall up close. This matter makes the lack of visitors’ interest which tries to go to this waterfall location.

5. Jodo Beach

The location of Jodo Beach on the North Coast of Java surely which makes Batang district has so many vehicles of attractive beach tourism. Jodo beach is quite popular beach from a number of beach tourism that exist. This tourist area has so many beautiful spots that can make anyone happy to take for a long time in this location. While enjoying one of the beautiful and very tempted sunset scenery in Indonesia.

Talking about the facilities, Jodo beach has complete facilities. We can find the various support facilities which are quite maintained and easy to be used by visitors. If you are interested in this tourist attraction, you can come to Dukuh Buntu, Gringsing, Sikluyu, Batang district, Central Java and please enjoy this beauty of Jodo beach.

Moreover, there still many tourist locations besides the examples above, such as:

6. Pantai Sigandu

7. Bukit Srigunung

8. Batang Dolphins Center

9. Jembatan Buntu

10. Wisata Alam Curug Gombong

11. Wisata Tombo

12. Pantai Celong

13. Curug Sirawe

14. Prasasti Sojomerto

15. Wisata Puncak Patran

16. Hutan Kota Rajawali Batang

17. Alun-Alun Batang

18. Sigembok Hill Top

19. Agro Wisata Selopajang Timur

20. Wisata Alam Lembah Mplalar

21. Wanawisata “POLOWONO”

22. Taman Bunga Krisan

23. Desa Wisata Pandansari

24. Curug Agung

25. Curug Gombong

26. Curug Botoh

27. Curug Semawur

28. Curug genting

29. Curug Sipitung

30. Curug Sigandul

31. Curug Bidadari

32. Curug Siwungkal

33. Curug Endhong sili

34. Curug Kaliboyo

35. Curug Mplangi

36. Curug Gringgingsari

37. Curug Sidangkrong

Anyway, that is all about several tourist attractions in Batang that we can visit. Every tourist location certainly can make anyone falling in love. Batang keeps many interesting locations for a holiday even though maybe people really do not know it yet. Hopefully, this information makes useful.