15 Most Spiciest Dishes in Indonesia

Talking about Indonesia, it’s not enough by knowing only the history and heritage. Because there are many features of Indonesia that will make anyone be amazed and feel at home. There are diverse tours available in Indonesia, yet a choice of typical foods that are so tempting. Hence the must eat dishes in Indonesia that […]

13 Foods eaten in Bali You Should Try

Balinese dishes are no less famous than its tourist attractions. In fact, many restaurants in other cities provide dishes from the Island of the Gods. For those who already tasted it, they will surely know its dishes. Bali is indeed a tourist destination that is often visited by tourists, both from inside and outside the […]

15 Traditional Food in Central Java You Must Try

Central Java is a province located right in the centre of the Java Island. Its culture is heavily influenced by its surrounding regions namely Yogyakarta and Solo. It can be seen through their traditional food. Central Java also has their own kind of cuisine that is very distinct to their region. The most notable feature […]

13 Typical Dishes in Indonesia

No one can deny the delight of Indonesian cuisine because Indonesian dishes have amazing flavor and rich in taste. Indonesian typical dish has authentic flavor because it is made with the local ingredients and spices. Indonesia is rich with spices, one of the most important reasons why the colonialism era happened in Indonesia. The colonialist were […]

Top 40+ Famous Food of Indonesia with Rich Taste Must Try

Like we know, Indonesia is famous because its own scenery, and almost all of it because the scenery. However do you know if Indonesia is rich more than that? So you right, Indonesia is famous also because the the culture. Five religions and thousands ethnicity which make this country is so unique than another one. […]

15 Traditional Balinese Dishes Must Try

Foods, talking about foods, huh. You can taste almost everything in Indonesia, starting from its modern foods to the typical foods. All is available, and ready to be tasted. All can be found all around Indonesia on its corners, starting from Sabang until Merauke. See Also: Traditional Drinks of Indonesia Spices in Indonesia Culinary School […]

Top 21 Famous Indonesian Street Food List

People often say that expensive food in a five-star restaurant is a prestige-filled meal. Made from selected ingredients and processed by the hands of chefs who have world-class licenses to make whatever food they serve that is considered good by the community but this opinion also applied to Indonesian street food. Because the diversity of […]