15 Traditional Balinese Dishes Must Try

Foods, talking about foods, huh. You can taste almost everything in Indonesia, starting from its modern foods to the typical foods. All is available, and ready to be tasted. All can be found all around Indonesia on its corners, starting from Sabang until Merauke.

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However now, we’re going to focus on Bali Island, which has many of the traditional foods. So what are those delicious foods? Here they are:

1. Ayam Betutu

This traditional Balinese food is familiar to your ears, which has an excellent taste with a predominantly spicy flavor. The Betutu Chicken was once the favorite food of the kings in Bali. This spicy taste seeps into the meat, for cooking along with Balinese spice seasoning.

Seasoning ingredients inserted into chicken stomach, then wrapped with banana leaves and roasted with coals fire husk up to 24 hours. In addition to Betutu Chicken culinary, there are also Betutu Duck dishes. Both culinary are only in different meat, in terms of spices and how to cook it is still the same. 

2. Chicken Tum

Bali Chicken Tum culinary, at a glance from the form and manner of presentation exactly and the same as the cuisine of “Botog”. The term “Tum” from Bali has a meaning in the wrapping technique by using a banana leaf which is then steamed. Well of the form of chicken meat, but in other areas the food is varied with meat or stuffing varies.

From the wrapper in the form of banana leaves is what makes this culinary has a distinctive taste, delicious, savory with a blend of Balinese spice. Oh yes,it contents the following stuff, such as shrimp, milkfish, groupers and so forth.

3. Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)

Hi Buddy, this time the food needs to be underlined not for Muslims though, the pig is a dish of unlawful food or should not be eaten for followers of Islam. Most Balinese convert to Hinduism, so this food is a favorite of tourists who are non-Muslim or local residents.

Seen from the physical food, this food’s colour is brownish, the flesh is soft and rich in spices that ripen into the meat. All concoction of cassava spice and vegetable flavor is put into the pork belly, then cooked by rolling over the coals.

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4. Sate Plencing

The next typical Balinese food is sate plecing which made from chicken, fish or other meat with spice plecing. Plecing is a tomato sauce with a flavor that is spicy, savory, and slightly salty. The ingredients for making plecing consist of cayenne pepper, tomato, shrimp paste, salt, and lime juice.

In order to get the texture of a soft food, the meat is usually needed to be hit first, by your thumb for example. In addition the spices more easily penetrate, they usually using beef or chicken meat, but can be adjust according to taste. This splendidly famous spicy preparation, is complete with black pepper.

5. Sate Lilit

Because it has a friendly taste in the tongues of the audience, Sate Lilit is loved by the lovers of culinary ranging from children to adults. With a touch of a little unique and of course interesting to try , this traditional Balinese food is still exist and always in the heart of the people’s hearts.

This dish can use chicken, duck, beef and so forth. First , meat is chopped and seasoned, then wrapped in lemongrass or bamboo.This food can be easily found anywhere in Bali.

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6.Nasi Jinggo (Jinggo Rice)

Ever eat at the angkringan stall? Perhaps the rice menu is all together with the cat rice you have ever met at the angkringan stalls across the archipelago. Side dishes of Nasi Jinggo also vary, such as chicken suwir, dried tempe, chicken intestine, and so forth. Rice Jinggo wrapped in banana leaves as big as an adult fist.

The buyers will not be enough to eat only one portion, because the menu is so mini and not filling if only eat by one serving only. The story, Nasi Jinggo has been around since 1997 and still exist until now. So great isn’t it? Okay, if you visit the Island of the Gods do not forget to taste this popular food.

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7. Lawar Kuwir

The food is made thanks to the combination of vegetables and minced meat that is though with the recipes of the hereditary community of Bali. It can use meat as desired, such as beef, chicken meat, duck meat, pork and culinary naming also follow the meat in use.

In one of the making also there is an added element of blood from the meat used, it is believed to add taste from culinary Lawar Kuwir. The food menu is commonly served in the household or sold in general in the restaurant area of ​​Bali. This type of food can not last long, only able to survive half a day in the open air.

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8. Jukut Ares

The food which used a process using the main ingredients of banana stem is also very legendary in the Island of Gods. Jukut Ares has the meaning of “vegetable stem” and is a fruitful vegetable food that is given a mixture of chicken bones, pigs, ducks, cows to strengthen its taste.

Although made from raw banana stem, this traditional Balinese culinary is using a complete seasoning that makes it very delicious. Jukut Ares is oftenly sold in typical Balinese food stalls.

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9. Komoh Soup

Although it is rare to find this type of culinary in Bali, but it takes courage to eat it. This dish is made from fresh animal blood and minced meat processed in such a way. This type of preparation is classified in unique foods or “Bizarre Food”, for the marinade itself is still using the base kele containing spice selem (black spice).

Komoh Soup served in a glass or small bowl without using a spoon to eat it. This dish can be eaten without any other food variations or it could be in easten with white rice. Very good.

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10. Serombotan

This food is a  result of a mixture of various vegetables such as toge, long beans, spinach, kale, eggplant and so forth. Vegetables are boiled until cooked, then drained and cut into pieces in order to serve and eat them. For the seasoning itself there are 2 kinds of peanut seasoning, spice grated coconut and spice unie sere limo (the most spicy seasoning in between).

There are also a Serombotan made using various types of beans that has the name of “Serobotan Kacang”.

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11. Tipat Blayag

Tipat Blayag is traditional Balinese food which until now is still maintained to satisfy the domestic tourists. This dish is none other than ketupat served with a mixture of ketupat itself, eggs, chicken meat, toge, sambal and last is splash with coconut milk. In order to add savory, they topped on the sprinkle of fried peanuts.

Hmmm its so satisfying to fill your stomach while doing tourism activities. The history of Tipat Bayang cuisine was made by the predecessor of Pegetan Village, Buleleng District, Bali, Indonesia.

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12. Sambal Matah

The next Balinese food is sambel matah. Well, it is difficult to made it actually. Yes, be pas mesambel matah is a typical culinary dish of bali, where fresh sea fish that has been given various seasonings will be baked until cooked. This fish will taste more delicious if baked using charcoal from coconut shell.

In order for the pleasure of the grilled fish to be more perfect, these foods will be served along with a plate of raw sauce. If you go to Bali do not forget to taste this delicious culinary one yes.

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13. Rujak Bulung

One more typical Balinese food in the form of rujak, namely Rujak Bulung. Rujak is very anti mainstream, different from other rujaks because it is made from seaweed. Bulung itself means seaweed. Rujak is now in great demand because it contains lots of fiber that is very good for digestive health.

In addition to rich in fiber, seaweed can also help detox the body with high chlorophyll content. To make this traditional food, we need the name Bulung Boni. Boni is a type of seaweed commonly used to create this unique rujak menu.

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14. Tipat Cantong

Typical cantok for people outside Bali may still be very strange sounded, this unique Balinese cuisine is quite unique and very easy to find in all areas of Bali. In fact, you can choose tipat cantok version of a simple shop or star hotels. But of course, the stuffing and marinade are the same. Just maybe the presentation is different.

In the Balinese language, tipat has a meaning ketupat, while cantok means diuleg or mashed. For stuffing, this cantok usually use long beans, bean sprouts, and kale. In order to taste more delicious, vegetables and tipat that has been arranged on the plate will be doused with peanut seasoning.

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15. Mengguh Porridge

Another Balinese food in the form of porridge that you deserve to try, namely porridge of mengguh. This porridge comes from the area of ​​northern Bali (Buleleng) which is often presented during traditional ceremonies. Porridge is made of rice and coconut milk served with seasoned chicken meat then sprinkled with thick chicken sauce and vegetable oil served separately.

The flavor is very complete, a savory and somewhat spicy mix with crunchy vegetable urap. This one culinary into food must not be missed during the holidays to Buleleng. It is incomplete if you go to Bululeng without trying the delicious Snack porridge.

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That’s it, the list of 15 Traditional Balinese Dishes. Those foods must be try, so be sure to make it happens. In the list we only included 15 of them, of course there are still other delicious cuisines of Bali. You must find them by yourself, explore it!

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