Top 9 Best Nightlife in Indonesia (#6 is Amaze you)

If you are coming to Indonesia for a visit, going to cultural places are a must. Indonesia has so many various culture, be it places, traditional rituals, languages, songs, traditions, etc. You can visit them and immersed yourself on them, they will undoubtedly making you gasps for the majestic experiences that they are offering. However, if you are not the type of person that is interested in such kind of holiday, there are always another options. For you that prefer to go to modern kind of places and spoil yourself with many interesting places of quality nightlife entertainment, Bali is one of the right place for you.

Nights in Bali can also be nights to remember, with their world class night entertainment. Many parties are held in every pub corner with little to no expense, making it very possible for you to just visit these pub and have new friends. Cheap drinks and cocktails are sometimes on the house, making it even more fun to just hang out with low budget in pubs in this city. Not only Bali, Indonesia also have many other famous bar throughout the country.

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Here in this article, we will talk furthermore about best nightlife in Indonesia, particularly in three biggest cities in this country. Check it out!

1. Skygarden (Bali)

As one of the best pub in the city, sky garden has many facilities that can spoil you with fun. Located in Legian street (near Ground Zero monument), Sky Garden is a four building pub with also four areas. First area is the entrance and parking place, second area is a disco area, 3rd area is a bar, and the last area is a rooftop garden lounge which you can spent hangs out with your friends. International DJs are often played in Sky Garden, making it famous for its ‘nights to remember’. Top 100 Djs in the worlds are even coming and going to play in this particular bar.

You can enter this bar for free, however, when there is a special occasion, merely $10 entrance fee is needed to come in. Usually, you can get a cold beer or cocktail when you pay for this much. You can also try their delicious BBQ buffet for just $5, and then you can eat all you want. Here on Sky Garden, the people that comes are usually American, European and Australian tourists. We can also found Japanese tourists coming and going to this place, making it very easy for Japanese tourists to meet each other in this particular bar.

Open from 5 PM in the afternoon (That’s why they have a motto ‘Here in SkyGarden, the party starts early!’), Skygarden close in about 6 AM in the morning. You can enjoy happy hour until midnight and park your motorcycle for free. You can also put your baggage in their locker room, which is available.

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2. Blowfish (Surabaya)

Located in Pregolan street in Surabaya, Blowfish is pretty well-known as a very good bar in this city. This particular place is capable on making the youngster keeps coming because of its night entertainment that are fantastic. You can definitely visit this particular place when you are in town, you’d be spoiled with many international DJs that are coming and playing here. There is also a ladies night events that are held every single thursday.

It will be best for you to come at around 11-12 PM in the night as this is the starting time of all night entertainment. However, if you really wanna come early, you can come in 10 PM and go home at their closing, which is 3 AM in the morning.

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3. Bounty Discotheque (Bali)

About five minutes walking distance from Skygarden bar, you can find another bar that is also popular for the people here in Bali. This pub called Bounty discotheque and very popular among Australian visitors, especially on the holiday season. Bounty discotheque is a pub that has many activities going on, that is for sure.

They do professional entertainment every single night and have many activities for you to enjoy. You can listen to the band, do karaoke, play a pool ball, or even watch a fashion show here on Bounty.

Different bar every single nights are being offered by this place, with daily live band and karaoke by Trio vaganza from 9 Pm until 1 AM. You can also find various dance floor which is offering different kind of music depending on your likes. The entrance fee for this discotheque is free, and you can also enjoy cheaper drinks than many other bar here.

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4. Equinox (Jakarta)

As one of the biggest bar in Indonesia, Equinox is indeed crowded. Having a pretty large dance floor makes this particular place have its own place at the eyes of their loyal customers.

Many of the people here on Equinox are music addicts. That’s why they even reject international DJ that’s want to play here because they love the band that is usually plays here in Equinox. Having no reparation before, Equinox is still pretty crowded regardless of its old appearance.

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5. Alleycats (Bali)

Going to Alleycat is like a warming up move before going to different kinds of entertainment places here in Bali. In this place, you can definitely hangs out with your close friends and relaxing to just chit chat a bit.

Alleycats is pretty close in distance to other big bars like Skygarden or Bounty, so this restaurant/pub is popular for the ‘warms up’ before the ‘real nights’. You can enjoy a fairly cheap price of drinks here, which is about $1.5 for cocktails and just $2.5 for a glass of tequila.

The entrance fee is free and this bar is usually full of Australian and European backpackers. You can also park  your motorcycle here for free.

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6. X2 (Jakarta)

Another biggest bar here in our country, X2 is very crowded and full of its loyal customer indeed. However, nowadays, X2 is not as crowded as it used to be. This is due to the the rivalry between nightclubs and the enthusiasm of its customers.

Because of this particular reason, in 2014, X2 was temporarily closed due to the reparation and betterment of its properties. When it comes open back, it has several interesting changes all over the place. The walls are filled with gold and black ornament balls and is looking more fancy than ever.

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7. Foreplay Club (Surabaya)

Located in Surabaya town, this particular club is usually overcrowded with people from Surabaya itself. This is one of their favourite club in town indeed. Here on foreplay club, you can enjoy various kind of entertainment from beautiful dancers and professional DJs, be it national or international ones.

With about $7.5 entrance fee, this particular club is almost always overcrowded as it is considered fairly cheap. If you have personal problems or just want to forget the life of this harsh world, you can always this place and give yourself a night to remember.

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8. EIKON Bar and Lounge (Bali)

Another popular place in Legian street is EIKON lounge and bar. You can just hangs out here with your friends or just planning to enjoy some of the best night entertainment here on Eikon.

Usually, they will play an international/professional entertainment such as DJs and dancers. You can enjoy them with free entrance. The club is crowded and is usually starting its activities at 11 PM. They are open until 3 AM in the morning.

In Eikon bar and lounge, you can find R&B and Hip Hop DJ performing, ensuring you of a night to remember, indeed. (Read also : Top 15 Largest Lakes in Indonesia )

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9. Velvet & Hypnotized (Bali)

Right in front of the Kuta beach, you can find this special place. “The hottest spot in Bali, indeed” reviewed one of the magazine about this particular place.

A blend of indoor and outdoor place, you can indeed find the beauty of this place. Right after you step up your feet here, the beautiful views of beaches are gonna greet you. With fancy chairs and delicious meals that they provide, times you spent on Velvet and Hypnotized will indeed be one of the greatest time you could ever spent anywhere.

After 11 PM, you can go inside and enjoy some of the most beautiful dancers and of course : international DJs that will spoil your taste of music and dance.

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So there you have it, 9 best nightlife here in Indonesia. Cheap entrance fee and various entertainment as well as delicious foods and beverages could always makes you comes back for more. Visit Indonesia and spoil yourself in these nightlife places!