30 Facts of Bali Indonesia That Are Really Unique

Hello there, back here again with us to talk some more about the facts of Indonesia. All of you already know the name of Bali island, the island with so many nicknames, the Paradise Island, The Goldy island, one little heaven on earth that everyone loves.

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Inside this very island, beside all the beautiful attractions that you can find inside, there are some unique facts of it that maybe some people still don’t know about them until now. So here it is, the article about the facts of Bali Indonesia, the complete 30 of them that you can see below :

1. You can find people with the same name

The first fact of Bali is its people. In the island of Bali, there are some people who have the same name. This is usual, becausen Bali, there’s this kind of naming sistym which involving nomes like I Gede, I Ketut, and some other familiar names. And this refer the individuals themself, are they the first child, second, or third in their family. So with this, don’t be confuse anymore with the people who share the same name in the island of Bali.

2. Bli, Gek, and Mbok

If in the usual area we usually refer man as mr. and woman as mrs. In Bali, they have different call. For the man, usually they are called Bli. This word can also be used to call the man guide, by calling him Bli. And for the woman, there’s also one name, the Gek and Mbok. Gek is usually used to call the girls, and Mbok is for the women who already aged, or maye older than you. You should call them properly with the suitabl name, because if you call a girl Mbok, that would be funny.

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3. There are approximately 5 million tourists visiting Bali island

Based on the statistical data, the number of foreigner who come to Bali island each year reaches 5 million. That number is so amazing, remembering that it’s even surpassing the number of Balinese people in there (4 million in 2015). And it’s still keep growing from time totme because of there’s a lot of social media now, when people actually showing and promoting the attractionshat exist in Bali island. Are you one of those 5 millions people?

4. Many Balinese always prepare offerings

If you travelling Bali, and looking at some points, maybe you can notice that there are so many offerings here and there. These offerings are part of their daily ritual, that you shouldn’t break with any purpose. Usually they prepare this during the morning and place it later in some spots in their house. We as tourists should respect this tradition by not messing these well placed offerings, because it’s believed that something bad may happens to those who breaking this tradition.

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5. Peak Season

Ever wonder why there are so many people in Bali in your last visit? Maybe you’re vacationing in Bali during one special time of the year, the Peak Season. Peak Season is when so many tourists coming to Bali uncontrolably. One gigantic wave at the same time. There’s flood of tourists in here. That’s why, during the season, you can’t even park your vehicle properly in some attractions because of high number of visitors. The Season itself is divided by two times. First, from June to August, and the second is Novmber til January.

6. The Crowded Spots during Peak Season

People who coming to Bali mostly always hunt for the famous locations. After they look at the reference on the internet, or via talking with their friends who have the experience of visiting Bali before, they make the plan to visit those areas. There are some locations that are always crowded during this Peak Season. South Bali, areas like Uluwatu, Jimbaran, and Kuta are the most crowded ones during the season.

7. Most tourist are came from Australia and China

China is the country that has so many people inside the country. Placed number one on the list of most crowded country the world, China also knowing the benefits of Bali island. Its people wh are so many, start coming to Bali island as soon as they know about it. Because of that, the visitors from China are like dominatin the place. Beside China, the visitors are mainly came from the neighbor country, Australia.

8. Ladies who have menstruation shouldn’t enter the temples

And this is the information for ladies. If you happen to have menstruation, you shouldn’t enter the sacred places like the temples in Bali. Some people do respect this rule, but some people don’t because they didn’t know about this in the first place. This rule has the relation with the religious side of Bali, which they respect the most. The menstruation is considered dirty in the religiosn. That’why, it’s forbidden to enter when a women has their menstruation.

9. The are similarities between Javanese and Balinese foods

And seeing the culinary in Bali, there are actually not much different than foods in Java island. Maybe they just come with different names, but actually the basic ingredients, and then the compositions are alike. For example, there’s Lalapan in Bali, which is like Nasi Pecel in Java. Also, there’s Cipat Cantok, which is in Java we can find with different names like Gado-gado or maybe Ketoprak.

10. Travelling from South to North Bali

If you want to go for North Bali after enjoying some beautiful attractions in the South Bali, you need a vehicle to do that because the way you’re going is so long. Even for hevicle like car, you need to take about 3 hours riding to be able to reach North Bali. If you have another option like motorcyle for example, you need for about 4 to 5 hours of riding to reach it. Even though the island itself seems small, it’s surprisingly wide.

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11. Local police is more popular then the nationals

In Bali, there are the local police called Pecalang. These police members take the actions in some events in Bali island. For example, during the Nyepi day, the local police wiill protect the area and warn tourist about the Nyepi day if they make some noice. Maybe because of this close relationship between the locals and local police, they are more popular then Balinese national police

12. You can find so many culture crossing

Of course, because of the tourists who coming to Bali, we can clearly see the culture crossing everyday in here. For example, if wearing bikinis or the men who like to be topless in Bali beside the beach is considered weird for the Indonesian culture, but of course is not for them who came from another country.

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13. Origin of Bali

The name of Bali was already used in the year of 914, way before our age. This was proven by the founding of the Blanjong Monument which written by Sri Kesari Warmadewa.

14. Bali in 2000 BC

Bali was already populated almost 2000 year BC, which is like 4 thousand years ago. Mostly, the inhabitants are Austronesian, and also the people from India and Tiongkok who migrated to this little island.

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So, after describing and telling you about the fifteen of facts of Bali Indonesia above, there are still more ways to go to reach the 30. Because of that, we want to add another list here which is filled with another 15 facts that you should see.

  1. You shouldn’t hang your clothes on the level above your head
  2. You need a license if you want to live in Bali for a while
  3. Omed-omedan tradition
  4. Bali has the biggest location for doing chicken gambling
  5. The Ngaben Tradition
  6. Pengerobongan tradition
  7. There’s also one unique war called Pandan War
  8. You can see the corpse in Trunyan Village
  9. Jalak Bali is not the endemic fauna of Bali island
  10. There are so many favorable diving spots,
  11. sea caves,
  12. lakes,
  13. and also the beach
  14. Many surfers would love to visit Bali for its waves
  15. The name of Bali is actually more popular than Indonesia itself.
  16. Bali was the popular island then, and still

That’s out topic for today, the facts of Bali Indonesia that are unique, strange, and awesome at the same time. After knowing about all of them, you as the tourist should respect them. Respect the way of living and even the Balinese people.

Maybe with this little information we shared with you, you can be more interested to visit this Bali island in the next holidays, or even in the next couple days. The Bali island which is an island with much culture and tradition is suitable for everybody.