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10 Family Activities in Bandung You Must Try

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Family time is important in maintaining a healthy and strong bond between your loved ones.


What better way to do it than having a good time in a fun place? Make sure you’re picking out the right destination to get the best kind of experience.

Here are 10 Family Activities in Bandung you should consider. These choices will help you out in making the right decision.

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1. Trip at the Farmhouse

The Farmhouse Susu Lembang is located close to the centre Bandung. It will take around an hour drive to reach it. You will be given a free complimentary milk as your drink as you enter the farm house.

The theme of the place is a small village with a lot of small European inspired buildings. Many good hours can be spent here since there are a lot of activities to choose from.

Children can enjoy the greenery of the open garden, take pictures around the area with a beautiful mountain as the backdrop and dress up in traditional Dutch clothing. Children can feed many farm animals there and also enjoy the food served at the restaurant.

2. Ride Horses at De’Ranch Lembang

This particular place has garnered many positive reviews from families. It’s a huge area that offers the chance to ride horses and a wide array of various activities to try out.

You can pay for your children to ride the horses or even enroll them to a horse riding training session. There will always be someone who will accompany your kids while they are out riding.

De’Ranch Lembang also rent out cowboy costumes so your children can get into character. Families can learn how to milk cows or even bake cookies. There is also an area for archery for those who are interested in something more daring.

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3. Eat Out at One Eighty Coffee

Treat your loved ones at this restaurant. There is a special pool area where a family can eat the food and also play or dip their feet in the water.

However, it may take a while to snag a seat especially during lunch or the weekends. The place is spacious and cozy.

Though you may not get the ‘most wanted’ spot to eat your meal, there are other tables that are still good enough to hang out with everyone. The delicious food and affordable prices will make the whole family content.

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4. Explore Trans Studio Bandung

This indoor theme park is always packed during the weekends. So if you’re trying to avoid big crowds then head here on the weekdays.

There are many fun roller coasters for you and your children to enjoy. You’re in luck if you catch a parade while you’re in the theme park. There’s a Science Centre too so your children can spend some time to study while also having a lot of fun.

Be warned though that you are not allowed to bring in any drinks or food into the place. There will be a strict checking before you could enter. Also, the theme park functions with cards only, so you will have to make purchases on your cards.

5. Become Farmers at Jendela Alam Farm

Jendela Alam farm would mean Nature’s Window in English. Indeed, you can take your family out to get a closer look at all the things that nature has to offer.

Tend a garden or crops with your kids to learn about farming. It’s a great opportunity to teach them how to appreciate the food that they eat. Feed the adorable animals such as rabbits, horses or goats.

The best time to visit this place is during a sunny or a cloudy day. When it rains, there won’t be much to do as the farm is an open area.

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6. Make Kites at Gang Sereh

Have your whole family learn about making kites at Gang Sereh, Bandung. Here, your kids can learn the art of producing a kite from Lie Fie Kiat.

He has won the international kite competition 3 times. Moreover, he often ships his kites to France. Your children can have some fun time to put together a kite that they can customise.

After that, they can ask for some pro lesson on how to fly it. Lie Fie Kiat is always enthusiastic when young kids are interested in kites.

7. Get Active at Bandung Treetop Adventure Park

Introduce your kids to challenging but fun activities in nature at Bandung Treetop Adventure Park. It’s located in beautiful pinewood forest with the freshest and cleanest air.

There are courses with different level for your children to try. Don’t worry, there will always be professional staff around them as a safety measure. Adult courses are available too for those who are up for a challenge.

Watch out for the weather, it could rain at any time. Villas and camping grounds are available for families who would like to spend more time at the park.

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8. Meet Adorable Deers at Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas has a conservation park specially made for many adorable deers. The place is surrounded with a gorgeous view of trees and mountains. It’s very cold there and gets even colder when it rains.

Families can purchase some carrots to feed the deers with. They love munching on those vegetables. You can take some family pictures while you’re there to make the memories last longer.

Inside the place, there is also a tree house that children will surely enjoy. Parents will want to try out the hot springs too. Families that are eager to camp out here can do so by bringing out their own equipments. If you have none, you can rent them out at the shops located nearby.

9. Take a Serene Stroll at Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi

Your whole family will enjoy a calm down time while walking through the forest. It’s located in the heart of Bandung so it’s not difficult to access it. The area is around 2 kilometres in total.

While walking through the forest, your family can enjoy the beautiful chirping of the birds residing in the forest. Once in a while, you might catch some squirrels hopping around. The best time to take a walk would be in the early morning while the air is still fresh and dewy. You may also want to visit it in the afternoon to catch the lazy, afternoon breeze.

Apparently, there is also a skywalk where you can enjoy the view from a higher ground. If you’re planning to spend a long time here, make sure to pack up some food with you.

10. Fun in Dusun Bambu Leisure Park

The Dusun Bambu Leisure Park will offer your family a different scenery than the one in the city. It’s calm and quiet during the weekdays. A bit more crowded during the weekends.

Your children will love the mountains and trees around them which make the atmosphere very cool. Other than that, your children will also love the labyrinth. There are many activities to choose from. There is a pottery station, a hot air balloon and a mini golf for everyone to try out.

Looking for some food to fuel up for more adventure? There are restaurants available in the facility as you are not allowed to bring food or drinks from outside. You may want to enjoy eating while hanging on pine trees. You can also have the view of the mountain for a more fulfilling eating experience.

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Bandung is a great city as it provides many places suitable for families. You’ll never run out of option here which means you’ll always be able to make more memories with your loved ones.

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