6 Most Popular Islamic Celebrations in Indonesia

The majority of people living in Indonesia is Muslim. Islam has the most following in the country in comparison to other religions. It is no wonder that many Islamic celebrations are carried out nationwide. Muslims across all parts of the country are always looking forward to these 6 Most Popular Islamic Celebrations in Indonesia. Learn all […]

Top 13 Popular Celebration in Indonesia

Each year, Indonesia has its own special occasions that call for massive celebration. Due to the diversity that exists in Indonesia, there are many popular things that Indonesians are eager to celebrate. These celebrations have been around for years. Here are the 13 Popular Celebration in Indonesia which Indonesians love to celebrate every year. Read […]

17 Traditional Ceremonies in Lombok You Must Know

The traditional ceremony is a very sacred ceremony that we often encounter in Indonesia, where the traditional ceremony itself has an impression for those people who carry out the ceremony. In Indonesia, especially Lombok then their own traditional ceremonies are still often done such as wedding ceremonies, and other commemoration for certain days and so […]

Language in Bali Indonesia – Characteristics – Types

The Balinese language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia which is well maintained by its speakers that is the Balinese. The Balinese language acts as the mother tongue and also the first language for most Balinese people. The language is widely used as a means of communication in various activities within the household […]

Top 17 Festival in Lombok You Must Know

West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is a province in Indonesia that has a very stunning natural beauty. The province has two large islands consisting of the island of Lombok and Sumbawa Island and both of this island is ready to welcome you to come on there for vacation. You’ll be amazed at its stunning natural beauty […]

Chinese New Year Celebration in Indonesia

Another New Year celebration is not only the actual New Year’s eve. However, there are some of them that you can find in Indonesia like Muslim New Year and also the one we’re gonna talk about, the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is so colorful, and also very crowded for some reason. They […]

New Year Celebration In Indonesia – Best Places to Celebrate

In many parts of the world or in many countries, the new year celebration is regarded as festive celebration and its also happened in Indonesia. However, Indonesia is unique country made up by so many people from different ethnicity in belief, such as: in rural tradition which so much traditional or urban tradition and usually […]

Indonesia Mother’s Day – History – Activities

Who doesn’t know about Mother’s day? Yea Mother’s day is annually event and every country has their own way to celebrate it. The way they celebrate it is also affected by their culture, geographical condition, values and moral, and so on. So for now, we gonna talk about Mother’s day in Indonesia, which we know […]

Birthday Celebrations In Indonesia – Traditions

Birthday. Perhaps the most awaited day in everyone’s life. Gifts, wishes, treats and much more will fill your entire day, making you the king or queen for the day. There are many things to do during a birthday celebration, but most people will celebrate it with dinner or lunch together with friends of families. Again, […]

Easter in Indonesia – Celebrations and Traditions

So, in the year of the rabbit and the eggs we once more celebrate the Easter. You already know the Easter,right? Maybe its the perfect time to enjoy some good things with family especially your children. So, beside its a religious time to pay respect to the Lord, its also a good time to relax […]