10 Types Of Pythons in Indonesia that People Are Unaware About

Hearing the name of this type of reptile does make a shudder. How does history say that snakes are one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Its body that resembles a hose, scaly, slippery and able to attack with the blink of an eye with deadly poison makes humans rarely approach or even […]

10 Types Of Scorpions in Indonesia

The scorpion is a group of eight-footed beasts belonging to the Scorpiones order in the Arachnida class. Scorpions are still related to ketonggeng, spiders, mites, and ticks. There are about 2000 types of scorpions. Arachnids or eight-legged animals usually have children by laying eggs. But it turns out that scorpions are not included in the […]

10 Common Pets in Indonesia

Indonesia is the icon of diversity even the topic of animal diversity in Indonesia seems limitless. This article will review the topic about the non Dangerous Animals in Indonesia especially pets. A Typical Housing in Indonesia has pets inside the house. Pets are animals that are nurtured and cared as daily friends or companions for the owner. In […]

3 Simple Ways How to See Orangutans in Indonesia

Orangutans are one of the greatest ape species most similar to humans, it is evident that 97 percent of orangutan DNA is similar to humans. Orangutans are also the only great apes that are not from Africa, but from Asia, especially Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, there are two species of Indonesia Orangutan, namely the Bornean […]

10 Rare Owls in Indonesia – Hardly Discovered

Do you know owl? Owl leaves a strong impression when you look at this bird for the first time. This bird looks quite scary and it has a pair of sharp eyes with sharp looks. Moreover in Indonesia owl is called as burung hantu (ghost bird) due to its scary characteristic. Owl itself is a […]

17 Dangerous Animals in Indonesia – Characteristics

In Indonesia we can find a lot of animals that considered as endangered animals, like the ones you can find in the previous articles. They are different kinds of animals, different from classes, types and family. You can check them out if you haven’t. And now we want to tell you about some other things, […]

15 Animals of Borneo – Characteristics

Like we all know here, the number of the exotic animals are always decreasing from years to years, especially Indonesia where you can find so many of them hiding in their own nest from the hungry predators like us, humans. They are being hunted and torn of by the greediness and the ego of humans, […]

18 Long-necked Turtle Facts – Characteristics

Long necked turtle or commonly known as snake necked  turtle is a breed of a turtle which is easy to be found at the eastern side of the world, such as many parts of Australia and places which are filled with freshwater. Even though not many have known or even familiar with the name of […]

17 Bornean Bay Cat Facts – Habitat – Characteristics

Bornean Bay Cats are also called Borneo Cats. In English, it is known as Borneo Bay Cat, in Malaysia the animals that also inhabit Sarawak and Sabah are known as Red Cats. While in Latin it’s referred to as Pardofelis Badia, which is synonymous with Catopuma Badia and Felis Badia. This cat is one of […]

Top 5 Sumatran Rhinoceros Facts – Characteristics

Sumatran rhinoceros is one of five rhinoceros who has it own uniqueness. Sumatran rhinoceros is the smallest of five rhinoceros species with their body length is less than 250 cm. Rhinoceros but small one? How can? Theres also another interesting facts about Sumatran rhinoceros you should know! So, what are they? Read also:  Endangered Animals […]