Islamic New Year in Indonesia – Tradition – Celebration

Islam is the majority religion in Indonesia. More than 70% of Indonesia’s population is Islamic. For this reason, it is not surprising that the Islamic New Year in Indonesia is celebrated with a variety of different activities and traditions. The Islamic New Year which falls in the month of Muharam also coincides with the beginning […]

13 Ways How do Indonesia Celebrate Independence Day

Indonesian independence day celebrations is usually conducted in around August, with the peak of the event would happen in August 17 as the day of Indonesian independence. Some of Indonesians would officially celebrate it by joining a flag ceremony, while some other would be interested to conduct some events too. However, there would be always […]

12 Ways of How do Indonesian Celebrate Christmas

Christmas becomes awaited moment for most of Christians in the world. As a country with 16.5 million Christians and 6.9 million followers of Roman Catholicism, Christmas Day Celebration in Indonesia is done with very different traditions in different regions. Here are the 12 how Indonesian celebrate Christ mas. Creating Christmas tree Although this is a […]

Christmas Day Celebration in Indonesia

Indonesia is a plural country which has not only one but many religions, however the Indonesian citizens are uphold tolerance value to respect Religious Diversity in Indonesia. For Christians, Christmas is a very special moment and the Christians have been waiting for the D-Day as the birthday of Jesus Christ the Savior. As for the non-Christians, Christmas is […]

Top 10 Unique Celebrations in Bali Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of uncountable tribes spread in all corners of the country. Each of them have their own unique rituals and traditions depend on their purpose and belief. Moreover, Balinese people or Bali tribes are one of those people that still proudly do a lot of traditional ritual throughout the year. Here are […]

12 Most Popular Holiday in Indonesia

There is an amazing amount of diversity in Indonesia. All the diversity brings many holidays in Indonesia. During these holidays, Indonesians do all kinds of celebrations. Here are 12 Most Popular Holiday in Indonesia. Read the many ways they welcome these holidays. 1. Eid Eid is one of the most celebrated holiday in Indonesia. It also […]

13 Family Traditions in Indonesia – Characteristics

Every family in the world has special rituals that they carry out during a specific time of the week, month or year. These small rituals or celebrations are turned into family traditions that could be passed down to the next generation. In Indonesia, there are family traditions that are common among the different Types of Family […]

10 Unique Celebrations in Indonesia – Traditions

Indonesia is the country with a lot of cultures. Each culture will conduct some unique events to show its existence.  However, the event is also aimed to get a lot of visitors from other regions of Indonesia. In some big day celebrations, each region in Indonesia usually has their own way to conduct some events. […]

Chinese New Year in Indonesia – Celebrations – Traditions

Hi guys! Maybe Chinese New Year already being prevalent to you. Chinese New Year is the first day of the New Year in the Chinese Calender, which predates the Gregorian calendar. On the past January 28th 2017, this ethnic already celebrated this New Year as a sign of Lunar New Year’s Day. Chinese ethnic known […]