10 Examples of Traditional Games in Indonesia – Nearly Extinct

Indonesia is a country with thousands of cultural diversity. In addition to dance, music, and singing, Indonesia also has many traditional games. This game is usually played by children. Although not infrequently some adults also play this game. Unfortunately, the existence of this traditional game has started many abandoned by children in Indonesia. The game […]

25 Facts About Bullying in Indonesia

It’s clear indeed,  to see the bullying level that occurred lately, Indonesia itself into the level of no. 2 cases of bullying, largest after Vietnam and Cambodia. Of course very heartbreaking is not it?. Many facts that have occurred from the school, home environment up to street children. All experienced cases of violence among people, […]

13 Family Activities in Bali Indonesia

Bali is an adventurous land in Indonesia. The food and the beaches are always great, but there are also so many other things to discover. If you are taking your family on a vacation in Bali, consider these 13 Family Activities in Bali Indonesia. These activities will make both children and parents happy. Also read: […]

10 How to Adopt a Child in Indonesia

Having the cute baby or kid is the dream for all parents. There are some ways of having a kid in family. When it is possible, adopting a child is one of them. Adopting a child is not a new thing in Indonesia. However, almost people don’t know the procedure of adopting a child. They […]

Children Labour in Indonesia – Solutions

Children labour is the act of employing children in a certain work environment or industry. The place where the children works may cause physical and mental distress. Other than that, the work environment might be harmful to the children. It is a morally wrong act to employ children because they are often underaged. Children labour […]