The Growth of Technology in Indonesia (Opportunity and Challenge)

The world has now entered the era of industrial technology 4.0. Everyone in the world now lives virtually and digitally in so-called internet. Most of every aspect in the world now is connected to computer and data base. It’s no wonder now that people rely too much on internet connection nowadays than 10 years ago. […]

History of Nursing in Indonesia

Nursing is a form of healthcare professional that is an integral part of health services based on the science and ethics of nursing. Nursing as an integral part of health services, also determine determine the quality of health services. The total nursing force dominates existing health personnel, where nursing provides a unique contribution to the […]

History of Migration in Indonesia

Migration seems to have been a part of human tradition since antiquity. If a nation comes the arrival of another stronger nation they are urged, become extinct, or go seek new homes. So a nation that inhabits a region is a nation that urges other nations ahead of them. The former nation first urged the […]

History of Textile in Indonesia

Clothing is one of the basic human needs. Once the importance of clothing in human life so that its function continues to grow in harmony with human life itself. From just protecting the body then shifted along with the influence of culture, function and fashion. See also how to dress in Lombok The evolution of […]

History of Technology in Indonesia

The development of communications technology is now widespread and can not be limited. Along with these developments more and more people are forgetting the old history. How is the communication process in our beloved country is long ago before any phone or SMS. Of course we imagine how busy and duration they have to communicate […]

History of Capital Market in Indonesia

Capital market is a financial market or instrument which securities such as long-term debt, stocks, bonds and equities are bought and sold. In the capital market exchange, the brokers that represent investors meet each other. The money is provided for more than one year in capital markets. There are two kinds of capital markets, which […]

Top 17 Historical Buildings in Indonesia Must Know

Indonesia has so many heritage which is impossible to resist to not take a look if you visit to Indonesia. There are so many histories left around all over archipelago. Not only in art and culture section, but also there are so many places which contain so many history that we can learn about then […]