The 15 Things Not to Do When Celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia : Things You Should Always Remember

In the previous article, we mainly talked about how people in Indonesia celebrate the day of Eid Al Fitr. Almost all areas in Indonesia have their own ways to welcome the day, to make it merrier in order to be a farewell party to Ramadhan, which is pretty sad actually. But of course, the day […]

The 17 Memorable History in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Beautiful Things That Make You Miss It

The Ramadhan month is indeed very fun. Not only for the Muslims, but also for the others as well. We share interesting moments and experiences this month. Bringing happiness to all. Even though the month is part of Muslims life, but the ones who are having fun are all people in Indonesia, no matter what […]

15 Things You Must Know When in Indonesia During Ramadhan : What You Can Expect

Still in the month of Ramadhan, now we’re gonna enter the third week, only a week left to the victory day of Eid Fitri. For the people of Indonesia, this moment is really exciting, because all the prayers and their activities to be a better person, like fasting for example, finally will be paid off. […]

The 17 Things You Must Not Do in Indonesia During Ramadhan

Ramadhan vibe is still on the air. Now, we’re entering the third week of this special month of the year. Like usual, people of Indonesia always do what they’re always doing during Ramadhan, like hunting takjil, waking people up for sahur, and many other traditions that we included in the previous article. Related topics: Unique […]

15 Mosques Must Visit in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Islamic Religious Places

So, on the previous articles, we mainly talked about the religious places that you can find around Indonesia. With so many religions that we can find in our country, we can also witness so many heritages in the form of temples, churches, heritages from the ancient Kingdoms, and also the building structure for Muslims. Related […]

The List of 14 Spiritual Places Must Visit in Bandung During Ramadhan

Still related to the holy month of Ramadhan, we want to give you another article related to Bandung city. As mentioned earlier on the previous articles, both the city and the month is actually a good combination. People can visit the malls and have some discounts for themselves. We can’t blame them, because discount is […]

The List of 13 Things You Must Not Do in East Java during Ramadhan

Still related to the month of Ramadhan, we want to give you another article about this special month. You know, during these three days fasting time, the Muslims are devoting to the God Almighty with ways that they believe. Aside from the fasting, they also do the other religious activities such as reciting Quran, I’tikaf, […]

13 Spiritual Activities in Bandung During Ramadhan : The Devotion in the Holy Month

So, entering the third week of Ramadhan, what have you done all this time? As a Muslim, did you do as you’re told? To do better things for yourself and around you, especially in this very special month of the year. The month comes in order to bring changes for your life, better and meaningful […]

13 Things to Know Before Visiting Bali during Ramadhan

Like mostly known by many tourists, Bali island is indeed a wonderful tourist location. Every single year, the statistic shows that even more people coming from other countries in order to have a great time vacationing on Bali island. However, things might change a bit during Ramadhan. Related topics: Things to do in Yogyakarta during […]

Things to Do in Yogyakarta During Ramadhan : The Definitive Guide

Ramadhan is a beautiful month. The month is not meant only for Muslims who are doing their obligation for fasting all day long, but also for other people. They can enjoy the Markets that can sell them delicious Ramadhan snacks or Takjil. And also sometimes, some places are having a pretty discount during Ramadhan. Related […]