The List of 14 Spiritual Places Must Visit in Bandung During Ramadhan

Still related to the holy month of Ramadhan, we want to give you another article related to Bandung city. As mentioned earlier on the previous articles, both the city and the month is actually a good combination. People can visit the malls and have some discounts for themselves. We can’t blame them, because discount is always interesting in anyone’s eyes.

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However, if you want to do even more positive activities to spend your time in the special and holy moment of Ramadhan, you can also visit the spiritual places that, of course, related to religion of Islam. There are some spiritual places must visit in Bandung during Ramadhan that you can see, such as :

1 – Al-Imtizaj Mosque

The first one in the spiritual places must visit in Bandung during Ramadhan is a mosque called Al-Imtizaj. You know, in Bandung, you can find so many mosques. Most of them have the usual architecture of a mosque, while the others have a combination of a culture between Islam and Chinese.

However, one of the mosques that has Chinese architecture is this mosque. This mosque that also called as Ronghe, is also a central place for Muallaf for learning about Islam. Like all the Chinese buildings, this mosque is also decorated with red color. Even though looks really contrasts, but it makes the mosque more beautiful.

Location: ABC st. 8

2 – Lautze 2 Mosque

As mentioned above, there are mosques that have the Chinese touch on them. One of them is the Lautze 2 Mosque. Just like the Al-Imtizaz mosque above, this mosque is also be used by Muallaf for learning more about Islam. Most of them are Chinese who start to enter the Islam religion.

However, even though Lautze 2 Mosque seems to be a very tight place, the religious activity in this place is actually pretty active. Because, more and more people are coming to this place with the will of entering Islam religion, especially in this holy month of Ramadhan. It’s such a humbling moment to see them.

Location: Tamblong st. 27

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3 – Trans Studio Bandung Mosque

Aside from having fun in such an entertaining tourism location, Trans Studio Bandung, the visitors, especially the Muslims, can also do their daily prayer at one of the greatest mosques in Bandung called Trans Studio Bandung Mosques. Adopting an architecture style from Nabawi, this mosque looks grand and beautiful, especially during the night.

Aside from visually captivating looks, this mosque is actually really comfortable, thanks to its complete services for all the Muslims. Because of that, this Trans Studio Bandung is considered to be one of the most active mosques in the city of Bandung, even in the province of West Java.

Location: Jend. Gatot Subroto st. 289

4 – Al-Ukhuwwah

Another in the spiritual places must visit in Bandung during Ramadhan is also considered as a religious place to visit during not only during the month of Ramadhan but also in every day. Al –Ukhuwwah is a beautiful mosque located in the street of Wastukancana number 7 of Bandung city. To be specific, it’s just behind the Bandung governmental complex.

However, if you look at this mosque for the first time, you can realize how unique this building actually is. This mosque has this kind of pointy triangle from above it, which is not used by usual mosques. Also, this mosque is actually quite popular because it’s located around the shopping and culinary center of Bandung.

Location: Wastukanccana st. 7

5 – Pusdai Mosque

As mentioned on the previous point, there are mosques that have such a unique and different kind of architecture. This mosque called Pusdai is one of them. If Al-Ukhuwwah has this kind of triangle shape, this mosque has the cubes architecture that can be seen everywhere, including the gates and main building.

A nice thing about this mosque aside from its unique looks is how wide the area is. Because of that, sometimes there are a religious even that held on this mosque. It’s a wide lot also making it easy to park your vehicle everywhere. Sometimes on Friday, you can also buy some things on the nearest Pasar Kaget.

Location: Diponegoro st. 63

6 – Cipaganti Mosque

If you read our previous article, the wonderful church you can see in Indonesia, you should know the name of Schoemaker. He was a talented architect who was responsible for so many iconic buildings in Indonesia, including the cathedrals. But he didn’t implement his skill for churches only, but also for the mosques like this Cipaganti mosque.

He was the one who created the design of Cipaganti Mosque many years ago. That’s why this mosque is considered as the old of the oldest mosques in Bandung, even in Indonesia. You can also see the combination between European and Javanese style of a building, which is really interesting to see.

Location: Cipaganti st. 85

7 – Bandung Great Mosque

As a popular and iconic mosque on the list, this Bandung Great Mosque or Masjid Raya Bandung is a must to include. The area of this mosque is also entering the Bandung Plaza’s area, which is known for its interesting dark and light green stripes grass. During Ramadhan, this mosque is always crowded.

Also if you want, you can go to the towers of the mosque. With a height of 81 meters, you can see the overall city of Bandung from above.

Location: Dalem Kaum st. 14

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8 – Al-Multazam Mosque

The next mosque in the spiritual places must visit in Bandung during Ramadhan is this one called Al-Multazam mosque. You know the one that had the idea for building this mosque and was owning the overall idea of Al-Multazam mosque design is actually the mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil.

You can see his handfull skills that shown on the architecture of this cubic mosque. Aside from the small lake, the visitors can also see the Hamdalah words on the walls.

Location: Ciganitri st., Cipagalo

9 – Al-Irsyad Mosque

Ridwan Kamil is not the creator of a mosque above only. But, he also designed the Al-Irsyad mosque located in Parahyangan st., Parahyangan of West Bandung area. From the outside, the mosque looks like a big giant cube, which is an original idea that Indonesia hasn’t seen before.

Inside, you can see more like this advanced-technology theme of a building, or maybe a bit futuristic. But it’s really modern and also beautiful.

Location: Parahyangan, West Bandung

10 – Istiqamah Mosque

And the 10th mosque on the list is Istiqamah Mosque. This mosque is highly related to the Muslims back during the colonials era. Back then, the colonials restricted people to do their religious activity, especially a different one from theirs. That’s why learning about Islam was way harder back then.

But, back in1926, one corporal from KNIL, Ronodikromo, use the colonials-free are in Northern Bandung to build one mosque called Istiqamah Cihapit so people can do their prayer freely.

Location: Cihapit, Bandung

11 – Mungsolkanas Mosque

The name of this mosque is none other than usual mosques, who mostly have Arabic words that mean something. Mungsolkanas is actually an acronym from Mangga Urang Solawat ka Nabi SAW, or “Let’s say shalawat to our prophet Muhammad SAW”. It was given by Mama Aden, which still related to Lantenas family.

The mosque has a long history of its existence, starting from the start of colonial to the days when Mama Aden built it from scratch.

Location: Cihampelas, Bandung

12 – Pajagalan Mosque

As one of the oldest mosques in Bandung city, the name of Pajagalan mosque is still really familiar for the people of Bandung. This mosque is about 79 years now, but it still able to stand firmly all these years. Pajagalan is also a house for Pesantren or schools for Koranic students of Pesantren Persatuan Islam (Persis).

The Pesantren consists of Pesantren Besar and Pesantren Kecil, and built in order to create great mubalighs.

Location: Karang anyar

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13 – Buah Batu Great Mosque

The Bandung great mosque is not only the one Masjid Besar in Bandung city. There’s another one called Buah Batu Great Mosque. The mosque was built back in 10 November of 1938, which is pretty old. The procession of putting the first material or the first stone was done by Padoeka Kandjeng Dalem Raden Wiranatakoesoema.

He was the  regent of Bandung back then. However, this mosque is really comfortable for taking a prayer.

Location: Buah Batu

14 – Salman Mosque in ITB

And the last one in the spiritual places must visit in Bandung during Ramadhan is Salman Mosque. This mosque is still located inside the ITB area so you can expect to see a lot of students there. But, not only them who visit the mosque every day, but also the locals who live nearby.

However, as a popular mosque in Bandung, the mosque is sometimes used for many Islamic events such as talk show, book fair, or Islamic community gathering.

Location: ITB