The 17 Things You Must Not Do in Indonesia During Ramadhan

Ramadhan vibe is still on the air. Now, we’re entering the third week of this special month of the year. Like usual, people of Indonesia always do what they’re always doing during Ramadhan, like hunting takjil, waking people up for sahur, and many other traditions that we included in the previous article.

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However, there are some things that you should always remember, especially if you’re a Muslim. Now, we divide our article into two sections. The first section is the tips for Muslims, and the others are the tips for foreign tourists who visit Indonesia during this holy month of Ramadhan in the article of things you must not do in Indonesia during Ramadhan. So let’s get into it.

1 – Don’t Eat

The first one in the things you must not do in Indonesia during Ramadhan, which is the important message to all Muslims out there, don’t eat while fasting. Of course, you know this, especially if you’re Muslim. Even though it really simple thing to do, just not eat anything from dawn to dusk, but some people intend to break their fast.

Yes, most of them are adults but don’t have enough patience to hold their lust to eat and drinks, or any of those. Of course, as a true Muslim, you shouldn’t do it.

2 – Don’t Say Bad Words

Fasting in Ramadhan is not just about to hold your patience to eat or drink, but also for doing anything bad. This Holy Month is the month of change, where you can get better if you really want to. For example, the most simple thing of all, is to hold your tongue for saying bad words or even curse words.

Because your fast will mean nothing if you don’t have any change in you. It’ so shame if you don’t get the meaning of Ramadhan.

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3 – You Shouldn’t Release Your Emotion

Yes, some things make our emotion bubbling, and then exploded. In this month, people are doing their normal activities. Working, schooling, or anything related to their daily routine. During some occasions, there will always be problems that may worsen your day, make you stress out and depressed.

Even though it really sucks at that time, you need to calm yourself down. Take a deep breath and solve the problem with a cold head.

4 – Don’t Look at Those Delicious Traditional Foods

You know, when traveling around Indonesia, you can have chances to face to face with the traditional delicacy of Indonesia. When you walk around the market, you can see a person selling Pecel. When you want to go home, you see a restaurant selling Rawon. When you want to go somewhere, you see Padang restaurants.

All those things are surely good and delicious. But, you should able to hold yourself to consume them all during your fast. Just wait a little longer for breaking fast time.

5 – Don’t Look at the Bars

The next one in things you must not do in Indonesia during Ramadhan is not to visit or even look at bars. This maybe can happen when you’re in Bali island, which basically an open entertainment island for everybody. No wonder, things like bars and clubs are the things that commonly be found in there.

Because of that, you need to be careful not to visit those locations, not only during the Ramadhan month, but also for others as well.

6 – Don’t Forget to Pray Regularly

As mentioned before, the month of Ramadhan is the most perfect time to repent. Many Muslims use this opportunity to increase their prayer and do more positive things like religious activities rather than not beneficial routine. You can also use this opportunity as well to get as many merits as you can.

If you didn’t do full 5 times prayer a day before, then maybe it’s the time for you to improve it and get better.

7 – Don’t Disrespect People Around You

If you happen to be a Non-Muslims, during this month of Ramadhan, you can just do the activities that you do regularly. Things like eating, going out, or any other thing that you have to do, you can do it also in this month. But, because of this month’s is special than others, it’s better to also respect the other Muslims.

You can keep far away from mockery or insulting others. With that, Indonesia can be better with tolerance for people.

8 – Don’t be afraid to interact with people

The thing that most tourists don’t know about people in Indonesia is the willingness of our people to interact with others, including those who are from other countries far away. Indonesia people also are known as a humble community, friendly, and also really talkative, even though sometimes we may confuse you with our way of talking.

The thing that you may do is to get rid of the invisible border between tourists and the locals. With that, you can freely interact with all people.

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9 – Don’t Tease Them

Another thing, which may seem simple yet impactful in things you must not do in Indonesia during Ramadhan is teasing others. We should understand that not all people have the same level of patience. Some can hold their anger, others can not. If you’re teasing the wrong type of a person or even a group of people, well, you basically ruined.

If you just tease someone, which is your friend, eating or drinking in front of him for joke purpose, then maybe it’s okay.

10 – Don’t forget to book your room early

Then we’re entering the tips for the tourists who have a plan to come to Indonesia, but during this month of Ramadhan. The thing that is important for anyone is a place to rest. In order to get rid of booking problems, the best way you can do is to find the best hotel and book a room right away before it’s too late.

As mentioned in previous article, booking not in the right time can cause various problems, like all rooms are already booked, so you should look for an alternative instead.

11 – Don’t forget to book your flight early

Not only for booking the hotel, you also need to do a reservation to the flight that you want to have days or maybe weeks before your departure in Indonesia. If your schedule is to visit Indonesia that also happens during the time of Ramadhan. If that is your case, you better do a bit of planning for your flight. Choose the most comfortable one and suitable for your budget.

12 – Don’t be surpised about tranportation during Eid Fitri

If you happen to stay in Indonesia during the month of Ramadhan up to Eid Fitri day, there’s one thing you should remember, transportation. During the victory day of Eid Fitri, most transportations are off. The streets will be empty with only a few vehicles passing by. The online transportations are also not as many as in the usual days.

13 – Don’t be shy to visit the Night Markets

You know, in Indonesia there are always the night markets that held occasionally. If you’re lucky, you can find near you. They do not only exist in the village areas but the cities as well. Even though in the big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya, you can still find some of them during the month of Ramadhan.

14 – Don’t hold yourself for visiting Takjil Markets

Besides the night markets that held only some times in a month, there are also the Takjil markets that always present in the full month of Ramadhan. There are some points in the city, where the markets always located. You should remember them and also use this opportunity to get the delicious yet affordable meals.

15 – Don’t forget about your clothing

Indonesia is a country that really appreciates the amount of respect that given to the people. It’s good if you can show them in the simplest way possible like wearing nonrevealing clothing, especially in this month of Ramadhan. Aside from respecting the people, you can also respect the culture of Indonesia as well.

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16 – Don’t involved in radical groups

Another one in things you must not do in Indonesia during Ramadhan is to not joining any radical movement. Indonesia is known to be a country of diversity. But, Islam is majority in this country. Thus, some people have an idea to make themselves legitimate by building this kind of radical Islamic group, which is clearly not good for all.

17 – Don’t forget to visit Indonesia again

The last one on the list is don’t forget Indonesia. This country is actually really beautiful, having those exotic attractions, friendly people that can give you a memorable experience of vacation. With those supporting aspects, don’t be afraid to come to Indonesia again. Because we’ll be waiting for you.