The History of Madura Language

Madura is an island located in the northeastern coast of Java. It is part of the East Java Province even though it is separated from Java by the narrow strait of Madura. The Madura people are the third largest group in Indonesia, the majority still lives on the island and also the eastern part of […]

17 Common Phrases in Indonesian Language You Have to Know

Bahasa Indonesia is one of the easiest languages in the world. Most of people that have mastered Bahasa Indonesia say that it is the quickest language that they learn. How it comes? It is because Bahasa Indonesia has the simple structure. The vocabularies are also not so difficult. However, for the pronunciation in Bahasa Indonesia […]

13 Most Useful Phrases In Bali

Besides Bali, there are many beautiful places such as tourist attractions, amazing temples, delicious food, interesting culture, and customs and others. In Bali the majority of the population uses native Balinese, there are several forms of language that can be learned if you are interested in knowing more about Bali. The example of the effects […]

10 Examples of Regional Dialect in Indonesia

Indonesia has 652 regional languages. Of the total number of regional languages in Indonesia, there are at most Papua Province, about 400 languages. The local language in Papua is very large because one community with other communities has their own language, which among them does not understand each other. From some of the languages of […]

13 Reasons Why English is Important in Indonesia

English is an internationally used language worldwide. Almost all countries use English as a global language used to communicate on a world level. English is the world’s most used language. There are 400 million native speakers and 2 billion people study it as a second language. This means that there are about 2.4 billion people […]

The Brief History of Javanese Language

Javanese is the first language of Javanese people who lives in Central Java Province, Special Region of Yogyakarta, East Java, Banten, Lampung, around Medan. Even it is also spoken in transmigration areas in Indonesia, such as Riau, Jambi, Central Kalimantan, and some places overseas, they are Suriname, the Netherlands, New Caledonia, and the West Coast […]

12 Reasons Why Indonesian Language is Popular

Indonesian language step by step becomes popular in the world. It’s not just in Indonesia that applies Indonesian language lesson. It might unbelievable, but the truth is now the Indonesian language has been studied in more than 45 countries in the world. Some countries are Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, and Italy. This makes Indonesian language […]

13 Most Spoken Languages In Indonesia

Language is a reflection of a nation as a cultural and cultured benchmark, many languages are spoken both verbally and orally. In this case, Indonesia as a pluralistic nation, consisting of thousands of islands and languages rich in its characteristics and uniqueness.  Each island and region that has different characteristics, a daily language used is also […]

30 Importance of English for Students in Indonesia

English is becoming more important in this age. People all over the world are striving to learn the language as it is able to give more opportunities in life. The English language is also important to Indonesian students. School expects the students to speak language fluently and most of them are eager to learn it. […]

10 Interesting Facts about Indonesian Language

You know that Indonesia is a country with thousands island. That is why it is needed a lingua franca in Indonesia. It is called Bahasa Indonesia. At the global level, Indonesian Language has not yet become an international language used in official world forums as like English, Spanish or French. Nevertheless, foreigners’ interest in learning […]