13 Reasons Why English is Important in Indonesia

English is an internationally used language worldwide. Almost all countries use English as a global language used to communicate on a world level. English is the world’s most used language. There are 400 million native speakers and 2 billion people study it as a second language. This means that there are about 2.4 billion people in the world who use English. Although Indonesia is not a country that uses English as the main language, English is still important for Indonesia. Here are the reasons of why English is important in Indonesia.

  1. International language

English is an International language that must be used by all people in the world. So, when you master English, of course you will be able to adapt and talk to anyone easily when we move from one country to another. By mastering the language that literally becomes the most common language in the world, it certainly becomes our main capital to expand our association to the corners of the world.

  1. Getting a better job

By mastering English, the opportunity to get a decent job is wide open. By having the ability to speak in two languages, of course it will be an added value to you. In addition, you will be able to earn a career in international level if our English language skills are very good.

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  1. Enjoying box office movies

Sometimes, you have to watch a movie using a subtitle because in fact, a quality film and circulating internationally is an English-language film. Although there are quality Japanese films and circulating internationally, it must be English that became the main subtitle in the film. The more you master English, the more you understand with what message is contained in a movie that you watch because we really focus on the movie, without going back and forth confused and think what the meaning of the film.

  1. Understanding international economy

Currently the development of technical innovation as well as economic development in the world today is held by two countries, namely China and America. The two countries are of course the main elements to stabilize the world economy. Thus, this is the reason for the importance of using English. By using English, of course you can follow and understand the economic upheaval and development of technical innovations that exist in these two countries. The reason, these two countries are using this English in each field that is indeed a complete holder in the development of the world.

  1. Learning technology

Almost all the latest technological tools or gadgets out there always use English in their use. Book tutorial as a guide in the use of these technological tools are also not uncommon also always use the English language. Therefore, this is the reason why learning English is important. By learning English, of course it will help you in understanding the technology properly and correctly. The view you are going to the more advanced technology even more advanced will be opened wide.

  1. Adding knowledge

Adding knowledge is one of the important reasons for learning English. By learning English, you can earn a lot of knowledge without having to think twice about the source of a book or internet that uses English. The reason is, now it is English is a global language and will always be used.

  1. The safe language to be used while going abroad

This is an important reason for learning English. By learning English, of course you will never feel inferior when we will vacation to a country that does not use the Indonesian language. As a global language, English is certainly a very common language spoken in various countries. Therefore, by mastering English, it will make you feel safe in vacation and recreation in the country people.

  1. Scientific language

English is the scientific language that became the world’s largest academic association. As a scientific language, of course this English is very often used by renowned scientists in writing some articles and books from the results of studies they have tested. Although the scientist is from Indonesia, English is still the main language used to write the articles so that the article can be globalized and understood by other scientists or other searchers around the world.

  1. Continuing education in university

Whenever there is university entrance test from various levels, there must be an English test that you must do. By mastering the English language, surely you will not be overwhelmed in following the English tests that some people may find very burdensome. In another sense, by learning English means it has been very helpful to us in setting one foot to the level of higher education again.

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  1. Improving carrier

Having knowledge in English is one of the greatest assets in the professional-level world in developing our careers. That is one important reason why you should learn English. Because the progress of the world economy is getting more and more global and interaction with people from various corners of the world becomes one of the important things is very valuable to do. To improve careers, of course we must be able to establish relationships with other companies. Your ability in mastering English will certainly lead you to communicate and establish relationships with companies from various fields.

  1. Competing in digital world

The Internet is a digital world that can connect us anywhere and can open our horizons in various ways. However, who would have thought that 80% of electronic information on the internet was only available in English?

So this is an important reason for learning English. By learning English, then that means we can conquer the internet world which is almost dominated by English only. By conquering the internet, it means it gives us positive things which will further increase our insight in various things without any partition.

  1. Good parenting

By mastering English, you can teach and train your child’s communication in English. So your child can know English early on. Thus, your child will master a better language in adulthood. This means that you become a successful parent to educate children.

  1. Acceptable in all of the part of the world

In the United States, speaking English opens opportunities to escape social discrimination such as ethnic differences, colors, and background. Therefore, when you want to study abroad, especially in the US, then you will be well received there.

All in all, learning English in mandatory for US. It is really important not only for a country, but also for Indonesians as individuals. No matter what, English could keep you survive while you can pass it.