15 Mosques Must Visit in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Islamic Religious Places

So, on the previous articles, we mainly talked about the religious places that you can find around Indonesia. With so many religions that we can find in our country, we can also witness so many heritages in the form of temples, churches, heritages from the ancient Kingdoms, and also the building structure for Muslims. Related […]

8 Famous Religious Places in Indonesia You don’t Want to Miss

It’s not satisfied to visit abroad, if the tourist attractions in the country alone have not been traced. It’s never endless when talking about tourism potential in Indonesia. Ethnic, cultural and religious diversity is a factor that makes Indonesia rich in tourist attractions. Indonesia is a country inhabited by various religions and beliefs. Besides being […]

15 Historical Relics in Indonesia – Cultural Sites

Indonesia is categorized as the fourth most populated country in the world. Indonesia is an archipelagic country composed of approximately 17 thousand islands from Sabang until Merauke therefore Indonesia is well-know for its cultural heritages. Indonesia has many historical relics which are getting acknowledged by the global world. Those heritage sites are perfect for the […]

Top 11 Largest Mosque in Indonesia – Fascinating

The mosque is a worship place for Muslim all over the world. That’s why mosque assumed as sacred place and people can not be entered.  As well as the construction of mosque quite longer. It include the magnificent manufacture with precision and intricate architecture. On the other hand, the founder of mosque absorb the culture and […]