Best Places to See Sunrise in Indonesia : Hills, Temples, and Gems of Indonesia

Well, nature can always make us happier and somewhat calmer. Watching natural phenomenons can make somebody realizes how beautiful the world they live in. And a simple thing like sunrise, maybe the thing that people are always waiting for. Even they want to come especially for this purpose only, to an area that is a […]

14 Hang-Out Places That Offer Free WiFi in Bali

You are on vacation in Bali, besides you want to enjoy the charm of nature, you also want to get other facilities such as WiFi, easy transportation, and so on. This is not surprising, because WiFi is currently growing rapidly, wherever you are in a hotel, in a park, an entertainment center, you will definitely […]

The 15 Natural Places in Jakarta Indonesia

After telling you about the beauty of Bali island, now we’re going back to the Java island to tell you about some stuff that still not very familiar for you. Now we’ll see the capital city of Indonesia, in the Jakarta city. Jakarta is indeed a busy and very crowded area. Some foreign tourists even […]

Anything You Can Find in These Best Snorkeling in Flores Indonesia

Hello everyone, meeting you all again in this special occasion to talk some more about the Indonesian best attractions at Fact of Indonesia. In the islands that contained in the area of Indonesia country, there’s some unique diving spots that everyone can explore if they are brave enough to challenge themself to get there. As […]

15 Hidden Paradise in West Java You Must See

It can be frustrating to go somewhere that is too crowded with people. They distract you from enjoying the full scenery of your surrounding. Or maybe you’re just bored of going to the same old place for every holiday. Would you like to know some getaway destinations that are still under the radar? Well then, […]

10 Stunning Places to Healing Mind in Indonesia

Once in a life, there would be the time you get distressed of something. Doing the same things every day could make you get bored anyway. Getting stress and boredom sometimes need some treatments to make it better. While you start to get bored of your daily activity, going to somewhere is the best choice. […]

13 Most Spoken Languages In Indonesia

Language is a reflection of a nation as a cultural and cultured benchmark, many languages are spoken both verbally and orally. In this case, Indonesia as a pluralistic nation, consisting of thousands of islands and languages rich in its characteristics and uniqueness.  Each island and region that has different characteristics, a daily language used is also […]

20 Strange Customs In Indonesia

Beside to having a diverse culture, Indonesia is also famous for its unique customs of Indonesia and interesting to learn. Some of the Indonesian customs that make the icon of the famous Ngaben ceremony of the island of Bali. The custom is still very thick and sacred for the people of Indonesia, customs that have been upheld […]

40 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Indonesia

When living inside a particular country, there is always a certain set of rules and laws that you must obey. Indonesia is no exception to this. There are some basic etiquettes and behaviour that everyone have to follow through. Read these 40 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Indonesia to ensure blending in with the public […]

15 Weekend Activities in Jakarta For Pleasure Seekers

Before the weekend comes around, people are already planning on the best way to spend their time. In Jakarta, there are many places to go to and a lot of activities that you can do. In this article, we give you the 15 Weekend Activities in Jakarta. You can always choose to spend your weekend […]