13 Foreign Investment Rules in Indonesia

You might be interested in having foreign investment in Indonesia due to its current economic growth. It may also because of other business opportunities. However, to start investing in Indonesia is not an easy task especially if you are inexperienced. There are many rules and laws to obey while you are investing in the country. […]

10 Deportation Rules in Indonesia

Some people going to abroad for the various purposes. If you do so, make sure to bring the complete administrative document of yourself. Each country has the different immigration rule. Before going abroad, read well the immigration rules in the country you are going to visit. For Indonesia Immigration rules, you could read them on […]

13 Rules for Getting Married in Bali

Due to the huge amount of attention that Bali is receiving from the world, many people would like to make it into a part of their special moment in life. The island is surrounded by wonderful people, unique culture, beautiful locations and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder that there are couples all over the world who […]

13 Smoking Rules in Bali You Must Obey

Bali is famously known as the Land of the Gods. It has attracted many tourists to every inch of its area. This means that there are more and more people in coming into Bali. These visitors and tourists come into Bali with their own specific habit which could be in the form of smoking. That […]

13 Ways How to Start A Business in Bali

There is a large number of tourists coming into Bali each year. Annually, Bali receives more than 5 million tourists. These people are always in Bali to have a good time and enjoy the best service that Bali has to offer. If you are someone who is looking for a good business opportunity then Bali […]

10 What to Avoid in Bali You Must Know

For some people, visiting Bali is just like an addiction. It means, when you have visited Bali, you would like missing to come back there. Bali has a lot of exotics place in every side you see. You could visit a lot of destinations with the short distance from one to another. Its beautiful nature […]

13 Business Rules in Indonesia You Must Know

When attending to business matters in Indonesia, there are several things that are extremely tied to the Cultural Habits in Indonesia. Moreover, social norms also a crucial aspect as well. Carrying out business projects is no laughing matter. The way you dress, behave and talk to your business partners can either make you or break you. […]

13 Rules for Tipping in Bali You Must Know

Tipping is a great way of appreciating a person’s service. It helps the person earn more money which can add up to their salary. In Bali, there are so many services that people carry out and you can help them with their livelihood by giving tip. The tip may not be a lot to you […]

35 Rules for Tourists in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of country in South East Asia that have so many destinations for holiday beside others country such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Myanmar and etc. The variation destination makes many people from other country interesting to visit Indonesia. the tourists can choose many tourism places. However, you as the tourists also have […]

13 Advertising Rules in Indonesia You Must Know

Advertising is the act of promoting a product to the public through printed materials or digital technology. In Indonesia, advertising have to be friendly so there are some rules to follow in order to get approval for the release of the advertisement. This article contains the 13 Advertising Rules in Indonesia. Here are some of […]