13 Smoking Rules in Bali You Must Obey

Bali is famously known as the Land of the Gods. It has attracted many tourists to every inch of its area. This means that there are more and more people in coming into Bali. These visitors and tourists come into Bali with their own specific habit which could be in the form of smoking. That would add up to the number of people who are already smokers in the island.

Smoking is seen as a bad habit to some people as the smoke it emits may disturb people. Moreover, it may also cause health concern when it is done in public places. To limit disturbances from cigarette smoke, the government has declared some rules of smoking in Bali. Here are the 13 Smoking Rules in Bali that you should know about while you are on the island.

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1. No Smoking Inside Medical Facilities

In Bali, it is highly prohibited to smoke inside the medical facilities. These facilities include hospitals, laboratories, maternity centres, polyclinics and private medical practices. The act of smoking may cause the people in these facilities to become even sicker. Other than that, these areas are meant to be sterile at all cost since they are used to treat ill people.

2. No Smoking Around Educational Institutions

It is also not allowed for people to smoke around educational institutions. This means that smoking is prohibited around schools, tutoring centres, private course centres and other educational building. The amount of children in these educational institutions is very high. If they happen to see someone smoking then it would set a bad example.

3. No Smoking Around Children’s Recreational Areas

Never smoke around children’s recreational areas. Examples of these areas are playgrounds, childcare centres and kindergartens. There are many young children in these areas. They should never get openly exposed to the dangerous smoke from cigarettes. The smoke may cause a health hazard to these children as they are not fully developed yet.

4. No Smoking in Places for Worship

In Bali, places for worshipping are extremely sacred. Smoking in places for worshipping is highly rude and inappropriate. Avoid smoking in places such as the temples, mosques, and churches. Temples are highly sacred for Balinese. Other than smoking, here are more Rules When Visiting Temples in Bali. Respect the Balinese and their lifestyle. The smell and the sight of smoke from cigarette will cause distractions to people who are trying to pray.

5. No Smoking Inside Public Transportations

It is not allowed to smoke inside public transportations in Bali. These public transportations are buses or taxis. When you smoke inside a bus, your smoking activity will cause discomfort to the people around you. Understand that not everyone in Bali likes the smell of cigarette. Some people may also dislike the sight of people smoking. The smoke may also cause lingering smells inside the public transportations.

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6. No Smoking in Places for Working

Never smoke in areas such as the government offices, police stations, private companies, work shops or even industrial sites. These Balinese government have declared places for working as no smoking zones. Smoking could cause potential fire in these places. Besides that, it may also cause disturbance to the productivity of the workers.

7. No Smoking in Public Places

The law in Bali states that smoking is prohibited in public places. These public places include variations of malls, traditional markets, hotels, restaurants, tourism attractions, entertainment areas, airports, public transport terminals and also the seaports. There are many people of different ages in these public places. It is rude and also unhealthy to spread the smoke from cigarettes among these people. Moreover, there might even be people with a serious health background that are vulnerable to smoke from cigarettes.

8. Setting Up Smoking Zones

The Balinese government have stated a law of setting smoking zones. These zones are the only places where smokers can freely smoke in public places. So, owners of restaurants or hotels can build a smoking zone area in their business place. This will give smokers the freedom to smoke whenever they want without disrupting other people.

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9. Special Smoking Areas

Smokers are only allowed to smoke in the special smoking areas. These smoking areas are always set up in the spaces that are outside the main building. However, it can be placed inside the building but very tightly enclosed. Special smoking areas for smokers must not be placed near public entrances or the sidewalks.

10. No Placing Ashtrays in Public Spaces

It is against the law to give out ashtrays in public spaces. What it does is encourage the smokers to freely smoke within the public area. Smokers can find their way to the special smoking areas to do their smoking.

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11. Putting Up Signs Banning Smoking

To enforce a stronger rule for banning smoking in public places, business owners must place signs in their buildings. These signs tell the customers that the area is a no smoking area.

12. Prohibited to Sell Tobacco

To discourage smokers from actively smoking in Bali, the government has set up a rule that prohibits selling cigarette. Additionally, the rule states that nobody is allowed to sell products containing tobacco in smoke-free zones in Bali.

13. Reporting Smoking Violations

This last smoking rule in Bali should put the smokers into a caution mode. Any smoker caught in the act of smoking in smoke-free zones can be reported to the authority since the act is against the law. Breaking the law would also mean potential 3 months jail time and a fine of Rp. 50.000 ($5).

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If you are a smoker, be considerate of the people around by holding back on the smoking in public places. Also, there are already some special zones where smokers are free to smoke without running the risk of going against the law in Bali.