13 Rules for Tipping in Bali You Must Know

Tipping is a great way of appreciating a person’s service. It helps the person earn more money which can add up to their salary. In Bali, there are so many services that people carry out and you can help them with their livelihood by giving tip. The tip may not be a lot to you but it means a lot to them. Here are 13 Rules for Tipping in Bali. Make sure that you also read Tipping Etiquette in Bali to guide you when you want to tip in Bali. Following these rules can tell you the different ways you can give tip to a person.

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1. Give Tip in Confidential Manner

When you want to give tip in Bali, try to give it in a confidential manner. Giving a tip discreetly would save someone from being embarrassed for different reasons. Openly giving a tip in Bali would cause a chance of someone having the wrong impression. Some people who see it might think that you are bribing the person.

2. Tip the Minimum Amount

The minimum amount of tip that you can give in Bali is around Rp. 5000. From that amount, you can increase it for as much as you want. Never give tip less than that amount because it would not really be helpful to the person.

3. Use Change Money as Tip

You can use your change money as tip in Bali. For example, when you are out eating at a restaurant. As you pay for your total bill, there could be some money change returned to you. You can give that money change as tip to the waiter or waitress that have provided you with good service.

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4. Give Cash Tip

Always give tip in the form of cash when you’re in Bali. Giving cash tip is an instant money that a person can immediately use to buy for whatever it is that he or she needs. Never give out tips through cards because that would seem rude as it could be hard to receive it in an instant.

5. Tip in Rupiah

It would be wise and thoughtful to give out your tip in Rupiah as it is the official money currency in Indonesia. You can give dollars if you want to. However, giving tip in Rupiah would save the person time to exchange the money. It would also save them from any money charges for when they convert the money currency. Learn How to Exchange Money in Bali to help you out.

6. Leave Tip on Table

In a Bali restaurant, if you do not know where to place your tip you can always leave it on the table. The waiter or waitress who have been serving you will come to clean your table as well as take the tip.

7. Put Tip Money in Check Holder

If you are eating out or simply hanging out at a fancier place, your total bill would usually come inside a check holder. You can put in your tip inside the check holder as you give it back the person who handed it to you. You can also leave the check holder at your table or seat since someone will come and collect it.

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8. Give Tip in Jar

When you see a tipping jar at a place in Bali then it would be better for you to leave in your tip there. The jar is already placed strategically for you so you can tip them. It is also easy to just put in your tip in the jar then leave. You won’t have to worry of having someone else taking the tip unjustly.

9. Tip Accordingly

In Bali, tip according to the quality of the service that you have received. When someone has exceptionally given you a good service, then it would be great for you to tip at a higher rate than the usual. However, when you think that you have received an unsatisfactory service then you can tip only the minimal amount. It is also okay to not tip if the service is really, really bad. Additionally, report the bad service to the manager or supervisor. Make sure that you are not scammed by reading Scams to Avoid in Bali.

10. Tipping Several Times

You can tip someone for several times in Bali. It’s a good way of showing appreciation. Workers in Bali are also happy to do things for you when you give them several tips. The money tremendously help them live. However, if you don’t want to tip someone multiple times then you can total the amount of tip that you want to give. Give the tip at the very end of the service.

11. Generously Tip Tour Guide

If you hire a tour guide in Bali, give a generous amount of tip if you think the guide has done an amazing job. You can give around Rp. 50.000 up to Rp. 100.000. You can also give out more than that amount if you think the person deserves more money.

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12. Tipping not Bribing

Always remind yourself that tipping is not the same thing as bribing. Tipping is done when a service has ended. Meanwhile bribing is paying upfront to ensure a good service. Bribing in Bali could be seen as a shameful act so it is better to avoid bribing for a service. Tipping is always done to show how grateful you are for the service that you have received.

13. Slip in Tip During Handshake

A great way to give tip is when you shake hands with the person who have given you the service. You carefully shake hands while also slipping in some money. Smile and thank the person for the service. The person will highly appreciate you giving him or her the tip.

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Hopefully these rules will make it easier for you to tip in Bali. Tipping is a form of showing some appreciation for someone’s hard work by helping them afford things that they need in order to live.