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13 Social Activities in Indonesia

by Fifi Fitriani

Indonesians are highly social people. As a result, they are always involved in social activities. These social activities are often focused around the neighbourhood. But they may spread out into helping a certain community within a certain region. Below are the 13 Social Activities in Indonesia that you should know. These activities show how much Indonesians care for each other.

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1. Communal Sanitation (Kerja Bakti)

In Indonesia, there is a social activity that people call as kerja bakti. It is a form of communal sanitation. The communal sanitation usually takes place around the neighbourhood. During this sanitation, the people in the neighbourhood clean up their surroundings. They clean up wild weed or the sewage system. Other than making the environment cleaner, this communal sanitation helps the neighbour to connect with each other. Furthermore, it is a part of social life in Indonesia as they are able to know each other better.

2. Participation in Local Security System (Siskamling)

Another social activity goes by the name of siskamling. It is a local security system. Moreover, it is a system that is similar to a neighbourhood watch. Some people in the neighbourhood will participate in this activity. Most of the time, it is the young and old men. At night, they have a special post where they can gather and keep an eye out for suspicious activity in the neighbourhood. The women usually provide food and coffee for these men.

3. Visit the Ill

In Indonesia, visiting the ill is a social activity too. It is a highly regarded social activity because caring for each other is important in Indonesia. When you show up to visit a sick person, it shows that you care. In Indonesia, sometimes people would give money to the ill person. Some may even give fruits or other kinds of food. But it is okay to not bring anything at all because they are already thankful for your good intention.

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4. Help the Ones in Need

Helping the ones in need is a very noble social activity in Indonesia. It strengthen the bonds between people. A social bond is very crucial in the country as many Indonesians believe that nobody can live only by themselves. They need to rely on other people too. Indonesians believe that humans are social creatures and it is their job to help each other.

5. Attend Funeral in Neighbourhood

When someone has passed away in the neighbourhood, the neighbours immediately come to pay a visit. In the village, it is a common practice to bring some rice with you to give to the grieving family. Moreover, they also offer their condolences to the grieving family members. They help the family to carry on with the funeral. Most importantly, they also pray for the deceased together.

6. Giving Donation to Orphanage

There are many Indonesians who give donation to orphanage. Also, some may even hold an eating together event. Indonesians know the importance of taking care for those who may have less. They share what they have with the less fortunate ones.

7. Donating Blood

In Indonesia, sometimes there are organisations such as the Indonesian Red Cross Society  that will hold blood donation event. The event can happen in malls, schools, universities or other public places. This is to encourage Indonesians to donate their blood for those in need. Also, many Indonesians are excited to participate in the blood donation activity because they know that their blood will save someone’s life.

8. Social Care to Street Children

People often care for street children. Hence, they would donate money, offer food or job. Moreover, some people would teach them creative skills. With all those, they may find their way out of their poverty and find a better life opportunity.

9. Food Donation

Some people would often donate their food to those in need. For example, there are beggars on the street who have nothing. They have no money to afford any kinds of food. People will share and donate food to the beggars. They also give their food to others who are in poor condition. Moreover, people will sometimes donate other things along with their food too.

10. Funding for Flood Victims

Flood is a common natural disaster in Indonesia. Thousands of people are affected by the flood. The natural disaster takes away their homes and their belongings. Their income sources are gone too. Thus, they end up with nothing. People would often set up a funding for the flood victims. They encourage others to donate blanket, money or food. The materials will ease the difficulties the victims are facing.

11. Providing Free Vaccines

Free vaccination is a social activity that encourage parents to vaccine their kids. It helps children to avoid deadly illnesses. The free vaccination often happens in school life in Indonesia where there are many young children.

12. Mobile Library

A mobile library is a very interesting and useful social activity in Indonesia. In remote places, children lack the education they need. Moreover, they do not have books to help them gain the knowledge or entertainment that they need. In order to solve this problem, people come up with the mobile library. This involves using a van that carries a lot of books to the remote areas. The children in the area may read the book there or borrow it for some time. As a result, it is a great way to promote good reading habits in Indonesia.

13. Fixing Village Buildings

Fixing village buildings is another common social activity. There are people who are dedicated on fixing school building due to the lack of attention from the government. Therefore, they will find sponsors or funds to help fix the buildings.

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So those are the common social activities in Indonesia. Indonesians are very welcoming to anyone who wants to participate. Furthermore, what matters most is the people they are helping. The main goal from these activities is to make the society better.

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