20 What to Eat in Jakarta Indonesia – Traditional Food

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a really big city. You will find a lot of skyscrapers, popular building, even the best airport there. This is an urban city where many people live and move there for earning money. The most densely populated city in Indonesia is Jakarta. Imagine that almost 30% […]

13 Traditional Food Of Minang Kabau

Indonesia is rich in ethnic, cultural, arts, as well as traditional and interesting foods and beverages to enjoy. One example is the type of traditional food of Minang Kabau that is not foreign because the taste is rich in spices and taste that tempting taste. Minang area is famous for its cuisine with spices – […]

10 Common Menus of Indonesian Traditional Breakfast

Breakfast is required people to fill the energy to undergo daily activities. Everyone has their own menu taste. The breakfast menu can also be different based on culture and even country. In Indonesia, breakfast menu can vary. Sometimes tailored to the needs of everyday activities, but there are also because there is no longer ideas […]

12 Special Kinds of Food Served in Bali

Apart from being a culinary, in Hindu-Balinese religion, food plays an important role in ritual and worship. The food dedicated to the gods is called “Prasada” which in Sanskrit means “mercy,” or God’s Divine Mercy. For Hindu-Balinese people, preparing food, offering food to the gods and gods, and eating the food they offer to be […]

10 Typical Meals in Indonesia (#3 is Savory)

Indonesia is a country with so many island that lived by so many people from various tribes. Each tribe has their own tradition and culture which they’re inheriting from their ancestors. They keep doing rituals, appreciating their Majesty and nature, making and using traditional clothes, and also cooking deliciously peculiar meals of their own. Supported […]

15 Delicious Things to Eat in Bali

Bali is a heaven for travelers and it will be such a shame if you went to Bali without tasting Bali’s signature foods. Bali is well-known to have strong and spicy foods which will satisfy the foodies who come to Bali. See also : Things to Learn in Bali Family Activities in Bali 1. Ayam […]

15 Appetizing Traditional Foods From Sumatera

Indonesia is a country which is rich with cultural heritage such as traditional dance, custom, foods, etc. Traditional food is a soft diplomacy tool to introduce Indonesian culture to the world. Rendang is nominated as the number 1 world’s most delicious food in the world in 2011. Amazing, right? Rendang is one of the traditional […]

Top 25 Traditional Food of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city that is always praised for its culture and fine arts. However there is another aspect to Yogyakarta that should not be left out. Yogyakarta offers a wide array of culinary delicacy. There are so many traditional food that the city has created. Below are 25 Traditional Food of Yogyakarta. Read on […]

10 Famous Sundanese Food in Bandung

When you visit West Java, where is your most favorit place to visit? I guess it is Bandung. Bandung is also well known as Paris Van Java. The center of clothings in Indonesia is in Bandung. When you visit Bandung, don’t forget to buy a lot of clothings as the souvenirs with affordable price. However, […]

25 Indonesian Vegetarian Food with Authentic Taste

When it comes to food, Indonesia has a lot to offer. Many kinds of food all over the regions are made with various ingredients. There is always a meal to try for any kind of person out there, even for the vegetarians. Here are 25 Indonesian Vegetarian Food made with the best vegetable-based elements that […]