The 13 Causes of Low Vision and Blindness in Rural Indonesia : Social and Medical Approaches

As humans, we are blessed with so many things God gives to us. Aside from giving us wealth, He also gives us the more important things, our senses. We have five main senses, touch, hearing, sight, taste, and also smell. All of them are, of course, really important to our life, especially the eyes. Related […]

The 15 Things Not to Do When Celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Indonesia : Things You Should Always Remember

In the previous article, we mainly talked about how people in Indonesia celebrate the day of Eid Al Fitr. Almost all areas in Indonesia have their own ways to welcome the day, to make it merrier in order to be a farewell party to Ramadhan, which is pretty sad actually. But of course, the day […]

10 Facts about Education in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is well known of the great number of natural resources. Its beautiful nature and archipelago seems like become the invitation for a people abroad to visit Indonesia. However, the question about how the human resources in Indonesia could be a point too. That is why the government will never be […]

History of National Exam in Indonesia

Creating an education system is not that easy for a country. A country will  always do an effort to improve the quality of their education. Changing curriculum, upgrading learning system, even having some evaluation is normally happen in a country.  In a developed country, the problem of education could be well solved. However, it seems difficult […]

15 Exotic Fruits of Indonesia (#5 is Sweet)

Fruit is a kind of plantation which human and also animal used for one of the food resources. Beside the vitamins, you can also get the nutrition from it. That’s why the fruit also have many benefit for human metabolism. Meanwhile, for people who don’t like fruits, don’t hate this topic yet. Now, we’re got to […]

Top 15 Common Diseases in Indonesia – Solutions

Of course all of us know what disease is. It can’t be separated from our life. And beware, some of them maybe just a little or not have a risk to take our life, but some other don’t. We must know about kind of disease around us, and lets start with discussing the diseases that […]

Top 15 Traditional Sports in Indonesia

Many people are hoping that Indonesia’s traditional sport will go mainstream worldwide. It’d make every Indonesian proud if one day their original game of the country is regularly contested in world stages like soccer or basketball. Thus, it can become the momentum to introduce Indonesian sport while also trying to preserve it. below is the […]

Farming in Indonesia – Areas – Cultivation Systems

Before learning about farming in Indonesia. Its a good thing to know about what is farming means first. Farming is an activity of exploiting biological resources by human to produce food, industrial raw material, or energy source, and to manage its environment.(Read also : Flag of Indonesia – Indonesia Military Power). Biodiversity utilization activities included in agriculture are […]

Top 7 Culture of Toraja – Social Life – Society

Toraja name was originally given by Bugis Sidendereng tribe and from luwu. The Sidendreng named the people of this area with a Riaja which means “People who dwell in the land above or mountains”, while the people of Luwu to Riajang is “the person who dwells in the west” There is also another version of the […]

Piracy in Indonesia – Reasons – Solutions

Piracy…piracy..piracy. Indonesia is full of them. In Indonesia, copyright issues are governed by the Copyright Act, that is, currently applicable in the law Number 28 of 2014. In the law, the definition of copyright is “an exclusive right of the author or the recipient of the right to announce or Reproduce its creation or grant […]