12 Most Popular Indonesian Cuisine You can Taste

Indonesia is a country with priceless wealth. Millions of local and foreign tourists fall in love not only with the beauty of Indonesian nature, but also Indonesian cuisine that has a distinctive taste. Indonesian cuisine is indeed one of Indonesia’s riches that never goes out. Many people who come all the way from outside the continent just to taste the pleasure of famous Indonesian cuisines which are full of strong flavors.

Each region has their own typical dishes that obviously have good taste. Of the many dishes, we have made a list of the most famous Indonesian cuisines, not only by Indonesian residents, but also to various countries.

  1. Rendang

rendangRendang is a typical Indonesian food originating from Padang, West Sumatra. Rendang is made from spicy flavored meat, the marinade uses a mixture of various native Indonesian spices and spices. This dish is produced from a cooking process that is heated and repeats using coconut milk. Rendang is known for its long cooking process. It takes hours to produce solid black and soft meat.

However, don’t worry since it will pay off when you enjoy the taste. The delicacy of rendang makes it in the top position of the 50 most delicious foods in the world version of “CNN International chosen in 2011”. Rendang even becomes a favorite food menu in a hotel in Germany in the context of a culinary festival of authentic Indonesian cuisine. This event was held to commemorate 60 years of Indonesian German friendship. This Rendang has been named as one of the world-famous Indonesian specialties.

  1. Chicken satay

The next famous Indonesian cuisine is chicken satay. This roasted food is favored of mostly people in Indonesia. Famous for the typical Madura satay, it turns out chicken satay is able to hypnotize foreign society. An international bazaar held in China in 2013 was a proof of chicken satay also favored by visitors to the bazaar. This activity was not only organized Indonesian culinary but also culinary from several countries. Surprisingly, this Indonesian food menu became the most favorite and best seller.

Not only in the bazaar, an authentic Indonesian cuisine restaurant is able to compete in the middle of the most expensive restaurants in New York, USA. With its mainstay menu of chicken satay, a restaurant called “Satay junction” can surprisingly attract Americans. Although fairly small, this restaurant is always packed with Americans who love Asian cuisine, especially Indonesian cuisine. besides being able to survive, the number of visitors continues to grow up year by year.

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  1. Gado-Gado

gado gadoGado-gado is a Javanese food in the form of vegetables that are boiled and mixed into one. This food has a special flavor of peanuts which is pureed. Do not miss the egg slices and a sprinkling of fried onions on top. This unique and delicious presentation will be more complete if added with fried chips or crackers.

Gado-gado which is eaten almost like a salad is indeed quite simple. The international cooking competition at Napoli in 2010, proved proof of gado-gado not just any food. In this event, gado-gado became the first winner in the aesthetic presentation display category. For that reason, gado-gado became one of the typical Indonesian foods that go international.

  1. Indonesian Fried Rice

Fried Rice has officially become the Icon of Indonesia. The name of Indonesian fried rice is increasingly widespread in foreign countries, after the ex-president of the United States, Barack Obama mentioned the name of fried rice food as a famous Indonesian food in the world and several times he acknowledged the delicacy of this one food.

At the event “World Expo Shanghai China 2010” fried rice dishes became an interesting treat. This international standard cooking competition was able to bring the name of fried rice increasingly known in the world. This event received a positive response from exhibition visitors from various countries. In fact, in a day, at least fried rice served with chest eggs and chicken satay is able to sell up to 700 servings. Thus, it starts to be popular in the world.

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  1. Soto

soto ayamNot only famous for its delicious taste, Soto also has a beautiful appearance. This typical Indonesian cuisine that is easily made is the most delicious when eaten during the rainy season or winter. The combination of cold air and hot sauce is the right blend. Not only in Indonesia, Soto Ayam is also available at a food festival in Japan.

Apparently Soto Ayam food has become their subscription at this event. this event was held by Indonesian students who are members of PPIJ-Komsat Ibaraki. Evidently, in a big event like this, Soto Ayam can be a food that is well received by Japanese people and Soto is a world-famous Indonesian specialty.

  1. Tempeh

A Korean cook Eduard Quad is one of thousands of people who fall in love with tempeh. The Jakarta culinary festival which was held in October 2012 became a gathering of chefs from various countries. They came to enjoy Indonesian specialties and the origin of the region. One of Indonesian specialties is Tempe Goreng.

Apparently, from the various foods that Eduard tasted, he made tempeh as his idol. Secondly, an Indonesian citizen, Rustomo is a tempeh businessman in Japan. Not only can it be processed into delicious food, tempeh also produces a purse of money. Mr. Rustomo’s name is known in several regions in Japan. His business of selling tempeh has succeeded in capturing Japanese people, thus it is appropriate that this tempeh becomes a global Indonesian food.

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  1. Sop Buntut (Indonesian oxtail soup)

The next Indonesian food that is famous in the world is oxtail soup. First there was an event introduced Indonesian specialties organized by the Indonesian embassy in Madrid, Spain. One of the menus is oxtail soup. It turned out that this event received a positive response. Indonesian chefs serve Indonesian specialties here.

There are at least 300 people who enjoy the Menu presented by Indonesian Chef and fall in love with oxtail soup. Oxtail Soup is finally considered as a typical Indonesian culinary world.

  1. Gudeg

gudegThese typical cuisines usually found in Yogyakarta, Solo, and East Java. It is a processed of young jackfruit that cooked with palm sugar and coconut milk. As one of Indonesia’s global cuisines, quite a number of countries want to import it in the form of canned food. Interestingly, in Melbourne, Australia, it turns out that there is one restaurant that provides authentic Indonesian warm atmosphere, precisely on the Clayton Road area.

Some canned gudeg producers in Indonesia have started to enter the international market by exporting canned rice to several countries. If it feels like it is not so well liked, exports will not last long, but in fact it is indeed acceptable abroad because of its delicacy.

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  1. Bakso (Indonesian meatball)

Bakso or commonly known in English as meatball is very popular in some countries. This food made from beef or chicken with a mixture of flour and broth with rich local spices is one of the favorites of foreign tourists while traveling in Indonesia.

One proof that Bakso is a famous food, that ex – USA president, Barack Obama is very fond of this food. Despite the fact that President Obama lived in Indonesia, and left Indonesia and grew up in USA but the taste of Bakso is still a favorite of President Obama.

  1. Rawon

The next famous cuisine is rawon. This cuisine looks unique because the gravy is black with a special taste. It uses papaya which gives natural black color and adds a distinctive flavor not found in other culinary. Moreover, it is filled with the addition of shallots, garlic, lemongrass, and many more. It makes rawon has a delicious aroma and flavor.

It usually served with slices of beef and boiled egg pieces. Don’t forget to eat with warm rice. That is why rawon becomes one of the favorite foods of foreign tourists visiting in Indonesia.

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  1. Indonesian instant noodle

Processed fried noodles or boiled noodles in Indonesia are very easy to find, even becoming one of the favorite foods of the Indonesian people, as evidenced by the many variants of instant noodles that can be bought at the nearest supermarket.

However, instant noodles with a distinctive taste of Indonesian dishes are not only famous in Indonesia, but have also been well known in various countries because one of the producers of instant noodles has exported their products to several supermarkets in several countries such as Britain, America, Australia and several other countries

  1. Nasi Padang

This is the most popular Indonesian cuisine for local and foreign tourists. As if not wanting to miss the pleasures of authentic cuisine from West Sumatra, those who visit Indonesia also never want to miss it.

Lately there has also been a tourist from Norway named Audun who tasted the Padang Rice and because of his love for this world-famous Indonesian specialty the tourist even made a song entitled “Nasi Padang”. Besides that, Padang Rice also turned out to be in the list of the 50 most delicious foods in the world by CNN. Because the spices are rich in spices, almost no one can reject it.

Many people say Indonesian cuisine is tasty due to its unique seasoning. Most of Indonesian cuisines are typically spicy, for those who don’t like spicy food could request the non-spicy one.