14 Things You Didn’t Know About Indonesia Cuisine

You who like culinary and Indonesian specialties certainly know a lot of variety and taste that is served. From traditional cuisine to modern cuisine, all are offered with flavors that are of high quality and guaranteed pleasure. Indonesian cuisine is famous for its diversity as well as the delicious taste to be enjoyed. The list of […]

12 Most Popular Indonesian Cuisine You can Taste

Indonesia is a country with priceless wealth. Millions of local and foreign tourists fall in love not only with the beauty of Indonesian nature, but also Indonesian cuisine that has a distinctive taste. Indonesian cuisine is indeed one of Indonesia’s riches that never goes out. Many people who come all the way from outside the […]

Top 8 Famous Delicious Food in Bali Indonesia

Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. the development of the tourism there grows rapidly. It is not such a strange thing that Bali becomes more popular than Indonesia, as the country itself. The development of the city, nature, and some of the facilities was done massively. Not only that, Bali is also known […]

10 Most Common Side Dish in Indonesia

Indonesia is not only rich about its natural biodiversity, but also on its food culinary. The typical of Indonesian cuisine has the different taste that you will never taste in the country anywhere else. Indonesian food is always complemented by natural spices that make Indonesian specialties taste very good and have a unique taste. In […]

15 Most Common Ingredients in Indonesian Cuisine

Since a long time ago, Indonesia was already famous for the richness of its spices used in cooking ingredients. Even the traders from various countries flocked to the archipelago in order to be able to obtain various spices in Indonesia. Nowadays there have been many types of ingredients that are very varied. This type of […]

13 Most Common Food in Bali with Authentic Taste

When visiting Bali, it’s not complete if you don’t taste the local cuisine. Some people even fall in love with Bali not because of the beach, but with some very special Balinese food menus. Bali is a paradise for foodies, where you can find very unique foods that you will not find anywhere in the […]

13 Popular Food in Yogyakarta You Must Try

Yogyakarta is a city in the province of DIY located in Java. Besides dubbed as a student city, Yogyakarta is also dubbed as a cultural city. This is because the city of Yogyakarta has a palace that is so thick with Javanese custom. In addition, in Yogyakarta also called the City of Students because many […]

15 Traditional Food in Central Java You Must Try

Central Java is a province located right in the centre of the Java Island. Its culture is heavily influenced by its surrounding regions namely Yogyakarta and Solo. It can be seen through their traditional food. Central Java also has their own kind of cuisine that is very distinct to their region. The most notable feature […]

12 Special Kinds of Food Served in Bali

Apart from being a culinary, in Hindu-Balinese religion, food plays an important role in ritual and worship. The food dedicated to the gods is called “Prasada” which in Sanskrit means “mercy,” or God’s Divine Mercy. For Hindu-Balinese people, preparing food, offering food to the gods and gods, and eating the food they offer to be […]

17 Importance of Rice in Indonesia (#4 is Important!)

Indonesia is one of the largest rice producers in the world. In a past survey, Indonesia is among China and other Asian countries as the greatest rice producers. Indonesia has thousands hectares of paddy field across the land. There are 5 main provinces where rice is most produced: East Java, Central Java, West Java, South […]