15 Things You May Concern When You Live in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Wherever you live, whether in the village or the city, there is certainly a risk where you will feel at home or vice versa. For example, why many people choose Yogyakarta as their place to stay. There are many interesting things that people choose to settle there. The souvenirs that you must buy in Yogyakarta.

Of course, anyone knows Yogyakarta as one of the most interesting places. Whether it’s for a vacation or to stay for a long time. There are some interesting facts why many people choose Yogyakarta, here are the things you may concern when you live in Yogyakarta Indonesia that you should know:

1. Food prices are quite cheap

Maybe some people who live in big cities like in Jakarta while in Yogyakarta will be surprised because of the price of the types of food, dishes, and snacks that are fairly cheap. Besides being cheap, the portion is also quite a lot. This is the reason why many people choose Yogyakarta as a place to settle down. There are many types of delicious Yogyakarta specialties. Of course, it is very uploading your appetite, everything has been found in Yogyakarta. Ranging from market snacks to authentic processed foods there. Hence the best nightlife in Yogyakarta you can try.

2. Free traffic area

What makes it comfortable and convenient to stay in Yogyakarta is free traffic. It’s different if you live in a big city like Jakarta. You will feel at ease while driving a rental car. In Yogyakarta, it’s so comfortable. Besides the friendliness of local people there, local people often ride on traditional transportation such as bicycles, horse carts, pedicabs or walking. The comfort of being on the road makes a lot of people feel at home so that there makes the environment free of pollution and smoke.

3. There are many interesting and beautiful places

Other things you might know when you live in Yogyakarta Indonesia is that there are still many interesting and fun places. So when you feel you need some kind of entertainment, you can simply enjoy some interesting places like Malioboro, beaches, mountains or places that have amazing historical buildings. In addition, there are also many ancient Dutch heritage buildings that you can visit to just take pictures or look for new insights. Yogyakarta is also known as the center of exotic tourism and its beautiful natural scenery. The following are the famous things in Yogyakarta.

4. The surrounding environment is friendly and pleasant

If you choose Yogyakarta as a place to live, it is the right choice. Because Yogyakarta is a fun city and  it has comfortable surrounding environment which is also safe. In addition, there also has a well-preserved atmosphere, traditional culture that is still held today. The atmosphere of the local people is still friendly and fun to work together with. Tolerance of religion, ethnicity, and race is high, so it can accept anyone who is different from even the population of Yogyakarta. Differences are common and are still well received for living in Yogyakarta.

5. The climate is cool and right

Furthermore, things you may concern when you live in Yogyakarta Indonesia, the climate and air are quite cool and right. The air is still clean because of minimal air pollution and factory fumes. So that it is safe and comfortable, the climate there is also good for children. It is still said that there is still rainfall, besides that, environmental conditions are far from factories and industries. You will feel a good aura and feel at home in Yogyakarta. In fact, you will never move to another city. Finding the best hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia you must know.

6. Friendly and pleasant residents

Besides that, it will make you feel at home living in Yogyakarta, where the people there are friendly and also want to help each other. So that the family atmosphere will feel compact, this right will make everyone comfortable and feel at home. It’s easy for you to find friends and community, they are very welcomed with new people and don’t hesitate to help others. The population also has associations, this is what will make you feel at home and feel attached and concerned with Jogjakarta.

7. The city is neatly arranged and full of beautiful artwork

Yogyakarta is indeed very creative when it comes to culture and art. So there are so many places there that are artsy. Even in Yogyakarta, there is a well- known slogan says 4 Healthy 5 Artistry. Because life must be complemented by art. Lots of interesting and beautiful evidence like lots of nice and well-maintained graffiti. There are also art events in Yogyakarta that contain elements of modern and traditional art, so they are unique and interesting. Every year there will be performances, both performances of modern and traditional art, global works of art such as puppets, ketoprak, Yogyakarta palace activities and many others. The popular food in Yogyakarta you must try.

8.  Quality education center

Things you may concern when you live in Yogyakarta Indonesia is the quality and good education center. So you don’t have to be worry if you want to attend the school in Yogyakarta, there are also many top quality schools and educational institutions that can be used as a place to gain knowledge. In addition, the price is quite affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it. In fact, there are many student exchanges in Yogyakarta if the academic value is proven to achieve the best and highest scores.

9. Close distance if you want to go anywhere

Who says if you settle in Yogyakarta, it seems far away. On the contrary, there wherever you want to go will feel close. With the exception of the beach, there are many markets, education centers, hospitals, hotels and many more. Yogyakarta is still fairly easily accessible wherever the destination is. In a day, you can go to several places without having to feel tired on the streets. Although there are several roads that have been put into effect one way, but still close enough to take the route. Hence the traditional Spa in Yogyakarta you can try.

10.  Beautiful and interesting city corner

There are many corners of the city in Yogyakarta that are beautiful yet romantic. You can enjoy its beauty at night with your loved ones. Besides that, it is also increasingly eating in the city of Yogyakarta to become a crowd center and gathering place to enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere in Yogyakarta. There are many corners of Yogyakarta that incised romance to always be remembered.

Besides that, to know about the things you may concern when you live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is like this:

  • As a culinary center that offers delicious delicacies and food. Besides, many souvenirs are available to buy so that you can send those to friends, relatives, and family outside the city.
  • The tradition is still thick and maintained until now. Unique and interesting traditional culture to know, besides that, it is also the life in the Yogyakarta palace which is still entrenched and respected by every citizen of Yogyakarta.
  • An interesting traditional menu and the price is quite cheap. Known as the city of Gudeg, in this place, there are also many fun street foods, worth a try. An amazing history of Malioboro Yogyakarta.
  • A bustling and fun city, an attractive nightlife and a beautiful natural beauty. You can enjoy the peace and calm when you are in a quiet place that is often found in Yogyakarta.
  • Far from being a criminal city, Yogyakarta makes you feel at home and it’s always safe to live there. A city that brings a positive impression and becomes a dream city for anyone who wants to settle down.

A lot of explanation about things you may concern when you live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Hopefully, it becomes a good recommendation and knowledge for those of you who want to live there.