22 Tourist Attractions in Kudus as the City of Islamic Students

When we talk about the various destinations of tourist attraction in Indonesia, we can show the various kinds of attractive places and vehicles which certainly are very popular. Moreover, it can be stated every province that exists in Indonesia has interesting tourist destinations for us to visit. “Run out of the tourist destinations” are not […]

37 Charming Tourist Attractions in Batang, Central Java

Indonesia is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. This matter because there are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that can be called never deserted by the visitors. People who visit those tourist locations originate from any region. Not only domestic tourists who can visit but also, there are not few international […]

Visit 20 Tourist Attractions in Grobogan, Central Java

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17 Exotic and Instagrammable Beaches in Central Java

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Things to Do Around Borobudur Temple : The Icon of Magelang

You know, in Indonesia, there are some places that included inside the Seven Wonders of the World. Those places are the Komodo Island and a temple, a great one located in Magelang, Central Java called Borobudur Temple. This iconic temple of Java island is known from many years ago, even today. Related topics: Facts about […]

10 Things to Do for Nightlife in Solo Indonesia

Fit with its motto, Solo or sometimes called Surakarta is the spirit of Java. Although, not as popular as Yogyakarta, Solo is not just an ordinary city. It is a unique place with a passion, lots of cultural heritage and hospitality. In addition, Solo is an exciting city for shopping, tasting Javanese culinary, and enjoying […]

15 Traditional Food in Central Java You Must Try

Central Java is a province located right in the centre of the Java Island. Its culture is heavily influenced by its surrounding regions namely Yogyakarta and Solo. It can be seen through their traditional food. Central Java also has their own kind of cuisine that is very distinct to their region. The most notable feature […]

10 Highest Mountain in East Java Must Know

Indonesia is an archipelago country that has approximately 13,446 islands in total. Tourists around the world know that this country has too much to offer including number of mountains to hike. According to research done by experts, Indonesia has hundreds of mountains from Sabang (the northernmost part of Indonesia) to Marauke (the southernmost part of […]