22 Tourist Attractions in Kudus as the City of Islamic Students

When we talk about the various destinations of tourist attraction in Indonesia, we can show the various kinds of attractive places and vehicles which certainly are very popular. Moreover, it can be stated every province that exists in Indonesia has interesting tourist destinations for us to visit. “Run out of the tourist destinations” are not […]

37 Charming Tourist Attractions in Batang, Central Java

Indonesia is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. This matter because there are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that can be called never deserted by the visitors. People who visit those tourist locations originate from any region. Not only domestic tourists who can visit but also, there are not few international […]

Beautiful Places to See Sunset in Indonesia – Romantic and Memorable Things

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Find The New Experience in These Popular Villages in Indonesia

Not only known for its exotic places like the island of Bali, Lombok, and even Java island which is the busiest island in the country, Indonesia also known for having the traditional villages which look very unique and special. Each of them like having their own unique features and background that very interesting to discover. […]

50 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Indonesia

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17 Dazzling Natural Treasure in Indonesia

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Seeking The Mysterious Death Valley in Java Indonesia

Once again, Indonesia is the home for many exoctic places. Some of them even notice by some famous artists in Hollywood. And some of them, are hidden beneath the mountains, or the high grounds of Indonesia. If you happen to be the casual tourist that who want to visit the already famous places in Indonesia […]