7 Traditional Festival in Bandung Indonesia

Bandung is the metropolis city in West Java. The city is also popular with ‘Kota Kembang’ of Indonesia. It was because there were a lot of flowers and trees grew in Bandung. Nowadays Bandung has developed into modern city in West Java. There were built a lot of buildings and tourism places. Bandung which is called Paris van Java also becomes the center of fashion shopping in Indonesia.

However, Bandung is well known of its Sundanese culture. Bandung continuously conducts many festivals every year. If you plan for visiting Bandung, here are the 7 Traditional Festival in Bandung:

  1. The Festive of Bandung Lautan Api

The festive of Bandung Lautan Api is usually conducted on 23 March every year. If you plan to join or see the festive, you will see some parades, such as Torch parade and carnivals.  The torch parade starts from Tegallega untill Bandung city hall. The participants of the festive is various in every year. It is usually 7000 participants from the students of Bandung. Each school in Bandung has to sent their students as the representative of their school. The participant would compete to sing their yells, songs, and some performances that would mesmerize the visitor of Bandung. The purpose of this festive is to commemorate Bandung Lautan Api moment in 1946.

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  1. Bandung Clothing Expo

Bandung clothing expo is an annual festive in Bandung. It is also called Bandcloth. The event is usually conducted in Monument Perjuangan Bandung, Jalan Dipati Ukur Bandung.  In Bandcloth, you would see a lot of  popular band in Indonesia. The theme of band cloth would be different year by year.

Meanwhile, Bandung Clothing Expo usually introduce the local brand clothing of Bandung. So, you could shop a lot of local clothings and see the performance of band performance.

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  1. Braga Festival

Braga festival is also an annual festive in Bandung. It is usually held in September every year. The location is along the Braga city walk. The stages would be stood there. Braga Festival is actually the combination of art, talent exhibition, and food festival. You will find a lot of community in Bandung.

Furthermore, as the example are: photography community, reptile lover community, and painter community. There would be also the music performance of local band in Bandung.

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  1. The Festive of Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate festival is an event to celebrate Bandung birthday in September. The location of the festive is beside Gedung Sate building on Diponegoro street. The festive will show some various traditional things in Bandung, such as: music, cultures, and tourism.

Moreover, there are also the unique traditions, such as: Ngopi saraosna (drinking coffee as much as you want) and Jabar Ngaboseh sareng Gubernur (Riding bicycle with the governor). In this festive there would be also wayang golek performance and some dances by the Senior High School students in Bandung. Gedung sate festival is always crowded of the visitor every year.

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  1. Bandung Traditional Art and Cultural festival

This is the annual festive in Bandung. The cultural festival is aimed to show the extinction of traditional art and culture in Bandung. It is usually held in Ujungberung Public Square. The participants of the festive is hundreds of traditional artist and actor.  They would perform some traditional dances, modern dances and traditional songs.

Furthermore, the enthusiasm of the Bandung citizen is amazing. They usually make a crowd in Bandung public since the morning before the event.

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  1. Asian Africa Carnival

The Asian Africa Carnival is conducted on along Asia Africa street. The carnival is aimed to commemorate Asian Africa Conference. The procession of the carnival is begun by ‘napak tilas  ‘ to the King from the kingdom from all of Indonesia. Napak tilas means commemorating what they did on the Asia Africa conference some years ago. The next procession is the marching band from the army of Indonesia.

Then, the troops from the kingdoms in Indonesia will show their self-defense skill and the kingdom weapons. There is also the clothing and fashion parade of the kingdom.

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  1. The Festive of Sunda

The festive of Sunda is held in Trans Studio Bandung. This festive is aimed to maintain Sundanese culture and introduce the culture to the children. There is also the competition among the students of Bandung. The participants are the students of elementary school until the students of senior high school.

In this festival, They will perform Sundanese traditional show like Angklung, Degung, Pupuh, Kawih, Tari Kreasi Sunda, Rampak Sekar, and Sundanese tale. Trans Studio Bandung in collaboration with the government of Bandung are the main supporters for this festive.

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Almost of the 7 festivals above is aimed to introduce Sundanese culture. It could be concluded that Bandung is the city of culture. When you want to visit Bandung, make sure to see one of the festivals above or you could try one of Famous Sundanese Food in Bandung.