3 Reasons Why Bandung Called Paris in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java in Indonesia, it is 180 kilometers away from Indonesian capital city, Jakarta.This is the fourth most populous city in Indonesia, after Jakarta, Bekasi and Surabaya. Bandung is populer for its cooler climate and surrounding natural beauty, also it is a place for the weekend getaway to do some […]

The List of 14 Spiritual Places Must Visit in Bandung During Ramadhan

Still related to the holy month of Ramadhan, we want to give you another article related to Bandung city. As mentioned earlier on the previous articles, both the city and the month is actually a good combination. People can visit the malls and have some discounts for themselves. We can’t blame them, because discount is […]

13 Spiritual Activities in Bandung During Ramadhan : The Devotion in the Holy Month

So, entering the third week of Ramadhan, what have you done all this time? As a Muslim, did you do as you’re told? To do better things for yourself and around you, especially in this very special month of the year. The month comes in order to bring changes for your life, better and meaningful […]

14 Useful Tips When You Spend One Month in Bandung Indonesia

Having fun while enjoying your vacation in Bandung, there are many tourist attractions that can make you feel at home and satisfied in all things. In Bandung, it is indeed a favorite destination for Indonesians on vacation. Many vacation spots, unique, interesting, plus food and snacks that vary widely. The cool climate, as well as […]

Top 10 Best Five Star Hotel in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java with many stunning natural attractions. If you are familiar with Bandung, you are definitely no stranger to a cool city and friendly locals. Not only that, Bandung is also famous for some very tasty traditional Sundanese food. If you want to vacation in Bandung for a few days, […]

The Top 15 Natural Attractions in Bandung – Eye Opening Spots

Now, after exploring the capital city of Indonesia in some posts we made before like the best cafes with 24 opening hours, the must visit places in the city on weekend, and the last one, which is the unique themed restaurants, now it’s time to explore the neighbor city, Bandung. You do know the city […]

The Must Visit Cafes in Bandung West Java

So, as you can see on our articles earlier, the must try restaurants in Bandung West Java, you can understand that the city was improved to fit the lifestyle of Bandung people. With the modernization flow, many lands were changed into restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment places. With many buildings that exist now, the government […]

The List of Must Try Restaurants in Bandung West Java

So, after exploring wonderful places in Bali island such as the pools, the natural attractions, and even the types of accomomdation, we want to take you back to Java island, to an area name Bandung city. For some of you who already visited Indonesia, have you visited this city before? Or maybe this is your […]

13 Interesting Facts about Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java Province. Bandung is the largest metropolitan city in West Java province, as well as being the capital of the province. The city is located 140 km southeast of Jakarta, and is the largest city in the southern part of Java Island. Then the area of Bandung Raya (Metropolitan […]

10 Family Activities in Bandung You Must Try

Family time is important in maintaining a healthy and strong bond between your loved ones. What better way to do it than having a good time in a fun place? Make sure you’re picking out the right destination to get the best kind of experience. Here are 10 Family Activities in Bandung you should consider. […]